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  1. Cheers, i haven't really paid much attention to cars/mechanics/insurance apart from modding them for races, normally just steal a car if i want to drive about.
  2. Oh, I tend not to use free mode much, just jump straight into missions or races. So if say my current car is impounded or blown up in the free mode I cant use it for missions until I get it back?
  3. How do you use your own cars in missions? Everyone else seems to start in their car.
  4. Not seen one single 'retro' game the last two weeks since it started started . My local wont let you in for a good half hour once its filled up with cars, unless you pay a tenner, so the traders get there first. Main thing I'm looking for now are SNES and N64 games, hardly seen any over the years, so got quite a few i want to play still.
  5. markftmuk

    Rock Band!

    Noticed Anamanaguchi RBN track is out now, dont think its been mentioned on here. Will be having a go tonight.
  6. markftmuk

    Rock Band!

    Was also £12 in Tesco (360), damaged my RB2 disc so this will do til RB3, or i find a cheap RB2.
  7. Ive got an s360, just seems like normal dvd loading. Guessing its related to the disc itself, as ive only had a few discs that take a while, and its mainly older titles.
  8. Going to my local indie to see it on Friday, however i did see a 'coming soon' trailer at the chain cinema tonight before 2012, which is strange.
  9. went on a first date to see this i never saw her again
  10. markftmuk

    Rock Band!

    i gave up waiting for it to come down in price and bought it last week. its for sale online at the usual places, but couldnt find it in any proper stores.
  11. Got my tickets/train/hotels booked Is it me or does he fella look a bit like rik mayall in his bottom days?
  12. They were nice at first, but then they went and changed them. They were the same as Ruffles which ive seen in most other countries.
  13. Supposed to be similar though isint it? or is that sarsaparilla? Remember reading it as i didnt have a clue what root beer was till recently. Ah, read it on wikipedia if true- Root beer Ingredients may include allspice, birch bark, coriander, juniper, ginger, wintergreen, hops, burdock root, dandelion root, spikenard, pipsissewa, guaiacum, yellow dock, honey, clover, cinnamon, prickly ash bark, quillaia, and yucca. Due to the wide variety of ingredients possible the flavor of root beer is widely variable between brands. This is especially true of local brands. Root beer is very similar in taste to sarsaparilla, which may also be called root beer. In Britain, there are several differentiated root beers, which rose to prominence with the temperance movement in the 20th century. These include sarsaparilla, dandelion and burdock, and ginger beer.
  14. Never actually known what the ingredients were to this, wikipedia to the rescue, and it similar to root beer apparently.
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