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  1. STEALTH Such a festering shit heap that it's really enjoyable to watch. Jessica's Biel's bottom is excellent in this film, by far the best role. It's strange that the only good bit in the film has nothing to do with planes, but her being shot down in North Korea. Such bad dialogue. So this plane EDI is intelligent like humans and can scan the iris of a human from miles away, even though at the altitude they were flying the curvature of the earth would have prevented this. It has a super powerful microphone and can hear over really long distances. So when two cast members are "bitching" about EDI all they do to stop him hearing is pull a shower curtain across. So full of inconsitencies it's perfect. Like how destroying a refuelling zeppelin (which don't even exist) makes an explosion visible from space, about the size of France, even though the zeppelin was about half the size of the Hindenberg and the fuel is ordinary aviation fuel. And what is the obsession with apples in the film?
  2. This is terrifyingly familiar of my own irrational paranoia I think I'm going to get on it.
  3. I bought that yesterday for my N64 for £3! Pancor Jackhammer from Max Payne 1 HOLY FUCK http://www.rps.net/QS/GUNS/jackhammer.jpg Also, turns out that it was the Heckler and Koch G11: http://www.rps.net/QS/GUNS/G11.jpg Mmm
  4. The SBP5000 in Timesplitters: FP The MP5 in Max Payne 2 The M1911A1 in MGS3 The H11 in Syphon Filters 2 and Dark Mirror- no recoil, no round casings, fitted with an internal suppressor, with 50 bullets per clip. FUCK YES!
  5. Pre-owned you can get a Slimline for £49.99 from GS or a fatty for £39.99
  6. I can tell the difference too, on my sexy B&O earphones which I regret buying I think we can ignore him until evidence arrives
  7. I have thought about this all too often and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, I have yet to play it because of this undeniable truth Brilliance. I personally want to play a detective game with a gripping plot, interesting and well-implemented forensics, well-fleshed out, charismatic and believable characters with whom I can empathise, car chases where the cars actually handle like cars, and gunplay that has been thought through properly and doesn't just feel tacked on. Also, I would like my character to be able to sprint indoors, unlike Niko Bellic.
  8. No, it they were the cheaper prices a whole year ago. I kept meaning to buy them for about 8 months but never had enough spare money. So they were "half price" for a whole year?
  9. About 4 months ago, I bought seasons 1,2,3,4 and 5 of CSI and seasons 1 and 2 of CSI New York, each for £30 (split into half seasons of £15) in HMV Went in yesterday to pick up season 3 of CSI:NY and it was priced at £32 per half season, or £64 per season. So were all the others. WHY WHY WHY HAVE THEY DOUBLED IN PRICE? Oh yeah and LOL at still charging £40 for Hitman Blood Money
  10. What? It gives so much away. The art of making an appetising trailer has been lost.
  11. Stranglehold I accidentally went through the game first time on Hard mode and it was almost physically impossible to kill Wong. Fuck you Midway
  12. I think the first one is best enjoyed if you approach it more as a thriller than a racing movie
  13. This game can fuck off. We were promised a gripping cinematic narrative and a next-gen sandbox experience but unfortunately you can't have these two things in the same game and not compromise either. The story can fuck off. Niko comes to LC to find out who betrayed his unit 20 years ago. So what has he been doing for the last 20 years if it pissed him off so much? Playing with his dick? So he arrives and starts helping out his cousin and then starts taking jobs to try and find Cravic and Brevic. By about halfway through story mode I had about half a million dollars and STILL Niko is taking jobs from every schmuck available because he "needs the money to settle Roman's debts". What a load of bullshit. The story goes from revenge quest to generic mobster story and it's so cheap and predictable. San Andreas on the other hand offered a fantastic story which closely parodied the Rampart precinct CRASH scandal with a nice insight into black culture, caricatured and inaccurate as it may have been and I found it gripping and entertaining. CJ's character makes a noticeable if small journey, and it is concluded in my opinion really well. Niko on the other hand goes from murdering cunt to murdering cunt. I laugh at the idea that we were promised a fleshed-out and interesting character, a character who finds it acceptable to run over 50 civilians but then umms and ahhs over wasting a drug addict who killed his mates.
  14. Maybe you misunderstood me, I'm not talking about 3-leaf Clover. If you aren't speedy then street police will follow you down whichever mission you're doing.
  15. Can we get more of Dr Hunter please Been in love with her since MGS *swoon*
  16. I did 3-leaf Clover on one try with about 2/3 life left And the police CAN follow you into the subway. They don't go onto the tracks though. But, sometimes there are subway guards with M4s which are guaranteed to spoil the party
  17. This happened to me once, and it meant that I had to find another 15 cars for Stevie. Would have been easier if they weren't random.
  18. I made a really nice, succinct post about storytelling in The Darkness but my internet went down and it was lost. Basically I thought the way it was told in 1st person with the cut-scenes either being non-existent or so gripping that it didn't matter that they weren't interactional because I didn't care. The story was thrilling and by about halfway through I didn't care about the action, which was excellent, because I just wanted to get to the next bit of story and by the end I was desperate to find out what happened. And the ending was tragic and I waited and waited to see if you could avoid killing Paulie because I knew that if I did then I would be consumed by the Darkness and I would be lost. Never before has a game done that to me, not even GTA IV with it's laughable "agonising choices" through which you are so hand-held by characters giving advice that there isn't really a choice at all. Most video games concentrate on using a story as an excuse to deliver action whereas this one seemed to use action as an device to deliver the cracking story. So yes, I think video games can be an art form and are as valid a method of telling a story as any other. These are however very rare and I find it difficult to get into a game unless I'm captivated by it, for example Condemned: CO, which is why I tend to look upon titles like Guns and Killing 6: Death Revisited (satirical fictional title) with such disdain.
  19. Even though playing as a side that beat your country may be more interesting and original, most people want to play it. I don't understand this idea of "That depicts my country in a bad light, it must be shit/ wrong", I personally would love to see the cliché turned on its head with you taking over the world with acts of terrorism and genocide, I think it would be refreshing and interesting. I don't think that's any more controversial than 12 year olds being able to suffocate people with plastic bags in Manhunt and drunk-driving on GTA IV resulting in you ploughing down the pavement killing 50 people. BTW Chase I love your review, I think it is succinctly written and the points are well structured, thought-out and relevant. The only thing I thought you could have included was that the cover system is a festering heap of wank. Oh, and I have found loads of building interiors in Northwood, practically one on every street!
  20. I thought the plot in COD4 was intriguing and interesting and while obviously the good guys win it left me in doubt a couple of times like when I died of radiation poisoning and tore down some general rules of videogame storytelling. WWII just leaves me thinking that I've SEEN IT ALREADY
  21. As Zero Punctuation once pointed out, the combined efforts of MOH and COD have kept WWII alive for longer than the war actually was. I swear, every single avenue of WWII has been explored time and time and time including the Japanese/Pacific setting. COD4 was a step forwards in that it was modern warfare and taking a step back to generic WWII is in my opinion a huge mistake. What would be interesting is if someone did an alternate future where you played as the AXIS forces and actually won the war and ruled the world.
  22. Corrected At this point, I wished to die. But the trailer makes the film look very, very cool.
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