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  1. Borrowed this yesterday. I want to play it more but I'll be in Corfu in 12 hours so no luck there. I only got as far as making a hooker with an English man's voice wearing mime's makeup who walks with a crazy jittery bounce, has an anguished look on her face and who vomits when she taunts. WICKED. Seems like the game that Rockstar should have made if they actually listened to consumers at all, ever.
  2. This is easily the best show I've ever watched. I bought all the books and the soundtrack and have been obsessing over this for weeks now.
  3. I got Rolled Over by parking side-on to the Swings of Death and crashed into the side of the Broker Bridge
  4. So my best game is Crackdown with 1,940 followed by Hitman: Blood Money with 1,811 which is the maximum you can get on it... My GS is 14,710 and my TAS is 20,354 and my ratio is 1.38. Hooray! Best achievement was Street Racer Elite for Crackdown but tbh I thought it would be one of the Blood Money ones. Damn I love that game.
  5. He's superb in The Departed. I would have thought that such dark, stylish, psychological and lustful subject matter would have been better suited to a director who'd made at least one good similar film but then, what do I know.
  6. Twilight Princess is my favourite game in the world but why in fuck's name couldn't they have orchestrated the music, instead of using MIDI? It's so unnecessary, the music is beautiful but an orchestra would have made it perfect.
  7. I love this Scandinavian Death Metal band called Insomnium. Their album "Above the Weeping World" is IMO their best, the opening of "The Gale" builds up to this cataclysmic track called "Mortal Share". The lyrics are sheer poetry and the "singing" is so raw and full of energy and despair. Beautiful.
  8. Tomb Raider: Underworld (I think the new Tomb Raider games are brilliant) Mercs 2. I don't like the Mercs 1 engine much and I think they're using the same one. Even so, it looks like a riot.
  9. Not on cunt multiplayer you can't. Oh, you shot me in the back of the head from 100m while I was leaping through the air did you? How skillful of you, using auto-aim. Go onto the apartment roof north of it and leap across, you can nick it without any real trouble. EDIT: Oh whoops you already said
  10. I did that UN building 1st time, just make sure you don't stop to shoot anyone until you get up the stairs. Worked for me! And Auto-aim allowed games can fuck off. Where's the skill in having your console aim for you?
  11. If anyone saw how bad the graphics and draw distance was on Driver: Parallel Lines on Wii they'd understand that the Wii isn't up to anywhere near the standard of graphics we've gotten used to over the series. This is opinion, of course. is just a matter of time
  12. That's my only gripe with it, aside from its overextended ending. Very few films make use of a lack of music in scenes it seems at the minute, and this was true of The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, and quite a lot of the films Hans Zimmer has scored for. Other than that, it's one of my favourite films. I saw it last night in Southampton. Did anyone notice that when the following exchange takes place: Batman's voice is startlingly British when he says hockey? Just really glared at me when I was watching.
  13. This is not hard Mind you, I'm also an obsessive Hitman fan and I'm not sure which offends me more: a shit Hitman film or a shit Max Payne film. Oh wait, yes I do. Max Payne, because it's gritty and visceral and intense and dramatic and immersive and atmospheric and perfect.
  14. Entirely new. And I'm doing a bit of a sex wee right now thinking about it
  15. Why is nobody commenting on the OP's terrible grammar and spelling? The idea of using Raiden was to see Snake from a different perspective and further his development as a character. I think it was very effective
  16. Floshenbarnical


    That YouTube review is piss. Chase your review is brilliant. If anything, not quite negative enough but I agree with what you've said and it was quite eloquently written.
  17. Nationwide No Ha yeah I know, some people genuinely have no idea that it wasn't going to work but you can tell the people who broke it and thought "Shit I'll trade it in for something else".
  18. I saw this and almost retched a few months ago. Bravura is an Irish-Italian white man with a bad heart, not a young, hip, happening black man. I liked Bravura's character!!!!!111eleven Yeah and BB is a bent cop, not an ex-cop or whatever they've made him. Hitman could have been so great... I think this will suffer the same fate. Smitty we need to get married or something, we seem to agree on nearly everything
  19. [sarcasm]But what about "My Horse and Me" and "Dogz 2"? [/sarcasm].
  20. Ha just use all your points and move over, that's what I did. I got MGS2 on PS2, after like 3 years of shopping there :disgusted face: Brilliant
  21. And how does she impress her? Not by her astounding and natural archaeological ability, but by singing. Singing.
  22. Erm. He is putting on a gruff voice, and it sounds shit. He should just use his actual voice. Who said that Max Payne's voice had to be that gravelly? Just because it was in the game doesn't mean it has to be in the film.
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