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  1. The two very words that I was about to use. Thank you for summarising what I've been trying to for months now. Twilight seems to be all people talk about at the minute and I don't know why. The film was shit- poor acting, poorly directed, just poor- and the books are worse. I seriously haven't seen such bad writing since the Harry Potter books. It's also a shame that Harry Potter became really enjoyable for me in books 5&6 because I felt it really came together but then book 7 was indeed the most indulgent book I have ever read. Terribly written, it really was written to keep the fans happy rather than to be a decent story (and what was with the ALL CAPS conversations in the end "battle"?) with the shittest ending like everrr. On the one hand, books like this get kids and adults reading but on the other hand they often stop them reading as soon as they've finished the series because they form an incredibly distorted opinion of what a decent book actually is. Hopefully I'll finish the fantasy I've been writing for the last 3 years some day soon and make a killing. But then, probably not because by the time I have, Mark Nesbitt the young hot-air ballooning cat-whisperer will have come along and ruined it for me
  2. Decided to reread the Sabriel/Lirael/Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix because they are really well-written, original, scary fantasy books.
  3. Ultimate classic, I forget what the 1st main town was but I was walking along near the garage with the jeep with a diamond in it, when I heard a huge banging sound. I walked over to get closer to the noise and when I approached the large open garage entrance I saw a man whose head and shoulders were stuck through the window of the jeep with his body hammering the side of the jeep repeatedly, his feet not touching the ground. This happened again in the south, but with a truck in a garage. Wtf.
  4. Like someone said, you'll be paying them. Just cough up. They tried to ring us in India as well which would have cost us £1+ a minute, a good thing we ignored it. Fuckers!
  5. My girlfriend and I went to India for two months and after a month (we forgot about eBay fees) they hired a debt collection company. Cue arriving in England to a huge stack of mail from the debt collection company threatening court and stuff, over £40. You're right, it's extortion, it's not really worth selling with any more for things like games, DVDs and CDs. Fuckers!
  6. Hateful little machine which made Twilight Princess look shitter than the Gamecube version and made me waggle around like a cretin just to do a spin attack. Why is every game on the Wii seemingly designed to "make the most" of the dreadful waggle, instead of focusing on making it a good game first and then seeing if there any little minigames to add. It's almost like the DS, which admittedly I like, which forces you to draw a sea-lion or the star of David or something when you're just trying to steal a car on GTA.
  7. This happened when I was selling all my DVDs to make money for travelling back in January. If you put it through as not a DVD but an "other video" or something and put £2 P&P on it, and then after you've completed the listing go back and edit it to a DVD or video game the P&P sticks and this is how I made £400 from DVDs. What a fucking hassle though.
  8. Yes, but as it was the only PS2 game I had for about 3 years I completed it in under 5 hours with no alerts, no continues and only 3 saves- earning me the stealth camouflage. And I completed it on Euro Ex, too. But that was when I had the patience of Sniper Wolf and as much life as a 14 year-old obsessed with videogames can have. Face it, you just want to fuck Ada Wong, don't you? I have to admit, I'm a bit partial.
  9. Never have I liked or empathised about or wanted to know more about a character. Big Boss, not Snake. Amazing sense of humour as well, I love the humour in MGS3 That, and the fact that he is described as a "combat genius".
  10. This cunt. He's not even in the sodding game!
  11. Definitely picking up a copy of this. LOL kidding, wtf they didn't even attempt to make it look good in any way whatsoever. It's not the Wii graphics, although they certainly don't help, it's just the stupid awful clips used and the vehicle gameplay which is shat on by the Arwing bits from Starfox Adventures. "Switch from vehicle to robot". Really? Who'd have guessed, in a game based on a movie about robots that change to and from vehicles.
  12. Mine's just within the 3 years warranty, and it just RRoDed. I turned it off and then on again and it worked fine but fuck me I nearly did a little poo. Back to MS I think. In all fairness it had been on for 8 hours, chipping away at Oblivion. How did you convince them to not take £90 off you?
  13. True Crime: NYC made me find The Bravery, Bobby Womack. GTA: SA showed me Rage Against The Machine, and Max Payne 2 gave me Poets of the Fall.
  14. What's wrong with the sound? Apart from the stupid combat conga music starting as soon as you fire a weapon even if there's no one nearby
  15. Headshots are so difficult, mainly because there's the same problem that there was in Max Payne 2. If you line up a headshot sometimes and fire they respond and move quicker than a human would be able to which is very annoying and poor programming.
  16. I just read that review and I have to agree, it does feel like the country is pretty much at peace with everyone apart from you. Another problem I had is the fact that there is no feeling of continuity- for example enemies not actually inhabiting said "stronghold" until you start the mission relating to it at which point they just appear which makes the game just feel really false and silly. However I forgave this because of the fact that you can literally approach any task given to you with huge freedom and complete it differently time and again. My favourite missions so far: the huge pipeline complex on the shore in the southern area, and the one where you have to assassinate the guy on the barge under the bridge. The first time I just blew the bridge up with a friend but the second time I took the IEDs, silenced MP5 and the dart rifle and dropped off the bridge into the water at midnight thus avoiding the lengthy journey down the heavily guarded river and silently killed everyone on the barge. Then I planted some IEDs around the place and swam off a bit and then detonated them to cover my escape and I revelled in my cunning.
  17. Damn, I was thinking that RB Unplugged was a crazy awesome acoustic Rock Band but apparently it's just RB PSP. Booooooooo!
  18. Sorry, Rock Band Unplugged? Want. I had a good session on this tonight although after getting good enough to consistently be 4-5 starring songs each time I got a message saying that I was too good for Hard mode and to get any decent money or fans from now on I'd need to be Expert. Sorry, but fuck off. I can do like 5 songs on Expert. The rest make my brain spin and my hand ache.
  19. My GOTY. IEDs + MP5SD + Dart Rifle got me through this again and again and again.
  20. I found this to be more of the same. Rockstar went in for the big movie moments again which I didn't really go for in IV anyway, and the lead character is even less likeable than Niko. Instead of waiting ages for an additional story, the good features of which don't even apply in the main game, I would have preferred just the extra weapons and vehicles transplanted directly into IV. Or even the simple ability to buy a silencer for one or more of your weapons at a time- this is something I've always wanted and would majorly change how you play the game. A mon avis. Also, I think it would be ace if in multiplayer you could buy a parachute and tie it to a friend's car or boat. Also zipwire guns or grappeling hooks would be sick.
  21. Borrowed this yesterday. I want to play it more but I'll be in Corfu in 12 hours so no luck there. I only got as far as making a hooker with an English man's voice wearing mime's makeup who walks with a crazy jittery bounce, has an anguished look on her face and who vomits when she taunts. WICKED. Seems like the game that Rockstar should have made if they actually listened to consumers at all, ever.
  22. This is easily the best show I've ever watched. I bought all the books and the soundtrack and have been obsessing over this for weeks now.
  23. I got Rolled Over by parking side-on to the Swings of Death and crashed into the side of the Broker Bridge
  24. So my best game is Crackdown with 1,940 followed by Hitman: Blood Money with 1,811 which is the maximum you can get on it... My GS is 14,710 and my TAS is 20,354 and my ratio is 1.38. Hooray! Best achievement was Street Racer Elite for Crackdown but tbh I thought it would be one of the Blood Money ones. Damn I love that game.
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