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  1. You can do business stuff in invite only sessions now? Maybe I'll come back
  2. While playing the colossal missed opportunity that is Mass Effect 1 in the Legendary Edition, I couldn't help thinking how successful ME1 would be as a dimly-lit, shadowy sci-fi horror game, particularly Feros and Noveria. Done properly, those levels could be terrifying. As it stands, they're just a bit creepy. Just realized all 5 planets you visit in the campaign have at least one R in their name.
  3. I appreciate that I'm just talking to myself at this point but ME3 actually turns out to be my favorite in the series so far. It's full of plot/ character inconsistencies, but there is so much content. I've done so many fun little quests and missions and I haven't even attended the Summit yet. I still don't like the way Shepard controls, like she's floating above the ground while her legs move underneath her, but there is so much more variety and challenge in the combat with the new enemy types and combat mechanics and game mechanics and weapons and heavy melee. A major advantage of this playthrough is that I was so fucking stoned in 2014 when I played it that I'm actually playing it for the first time, really. I don't remember a single thing I've seen so far, with the exception of chasing the Dr on Mars.
  4. lol my dog wouldn't stop growling
  5. This is one of my top 5 favorite ever games. I like that you are literally a cat, and not some talking magic Disney anthropomorphized cat. I enjoy drinking from puddles and meowing in echoey spaces. When I went to buy it it told me I got it free with the subscription but I decided to pay for it anyway. Cat behavior is 10/10:
  6. Missed a purrfectly good pun opportunity there Downloaded and ready for this evening when I can see the fucking screen
  7. It's out tomorrow??? That's my day off sorted.
  8. You can't hit the touchpad like in the other games? I booted it up for a half hour and for some reason the motion capture, specifically faces, is really creepy and fucked up. I think they tried too hard with the facial expressions - whenever I use a renegade option or Shepard is slightly impassioned her face screws up like the Chuckie doll. Also it appears that Ashley Williams has had an astonishing amount of filler/ plastic surgery. Also for some reason despite being the galaxy's most fearsome warrior Shepard has Kate Moss' fragile body under all that power armor. Ok, got in, got everyone out. Mission accomplished. All DLC completed. Now I just have to do Legion's loyalty mission, the Firewalker guff, scan every planet, tie up all the assignments ... again. Then, and only then, will I start ME3 with my fucking perfect run. The only thing I did differently this time was destroying instead of rewriting the Heretics because supposedly it allows you to reconcile the Geth & Quarians in 3, provided I also fulfill about 99 other criteria.
  9. it was actually a lie - 100% of gameplay involves knocking breakable items off surfaces.
  10. Its apparently a detective story I'm more of a dog person myself but I literally have never played a game as a cat before so I'm in
  11. What about when your character has just single-handedly slaughtered several platoons of heavily armed and armored elite enemies but then you go around a corner and there's a cut scene where two amateurs holding water pistols are like "AHA! Drop your weapon!" and your character complies like, "Well, I guess I better do what these delicate morsels want me to do or I'll get a black eye or something." Happens all the time, drives me crazy.
  12. one of the reasons it took me a million years to complete FFVII back in the day. I stuck with Red & Barrett the entire time so the rest of my party was woefully underpowered for the final battle so I had to load an earlier save and grind mooks in the wilderness forever
  13. i don’t - the cover in ME2/3 is too sticky so they play more like shooting galleries and you all have like 2 abilities. But I feel you thane’s recruitment mission + soundtrack is spot on.
  14. Lair of the Shadow broker blew my mind the other day, lol.
  15. What's this? I rinsed ME1&2 but only played ME3 once due to life circumstances. I didn't have internet at the time so didn't do any of the DLC.
  16. Famous last words. I forgot that you can't do *any* missions after the Reaper IFF if you don't want your crew to get liquified. Poor Kelly Chambers. So I guess I will be hitting that level cap after all. heck
  17. Overlord is *ok* but it’s simply a series of combat arenas, some of which look very good, with lots of Found Footage storytelling. I didn’t even know I was doing Overlord until the AI thing became apparent. I was pretty stoned, I think I thought it was another brief N7 mission. Same with Arrival - I went to rescue this woman because Hackett asked me to, thinking it would be another N7 jaunt and all of a sudden I’m getting betrayed and locked in a hospital room. Something I’m finding during this replay is that the combat is really *boring*. It’s not bad it’s just predictable and slow, even as a Vanguard
  18. Getting rather close to the point of no return in ME2 (Reaper IFF). So far I have recruited everyone except Legion & Samara, done everyone else’s loyalty mission, done all 19 N7 missions found by scanning planets, scanned the whole galaxy, have every upgrade not locked behind Samara/ Legion & beyond, have 45,000 eezo and about 150,000 of every other resource, and have all the armor and weapons and have done every side quest in every hub except Ilium. I think that’s all there is to do in the entire game. I never did Arrival back in the day … the final set piece is very cool but the whole thing’s not very … good, is it. Overlord was terrible. This has been great but I will not be doing NG+
  19. a very specific one for me: the mechanic in The Lasts of Us where the enemies only really seem to drop ammo in any meaningful quantity if you have shot them with a gun. Kind of puts the kibosh to artfully dismantling arenas full of enemies and stocking up on ammo to go on a killing spree later - I suspect I’ll need bullets later so do I expend what little I have now and hope that RNJesus gives me more, or do I save them and scrounge, hoping that what meager crumbs I gather will be sufficient?
  20. Avoid death? That's a bloody good tip, I wish I'd thought of that.
  21. Plus you're stuck with the default aiming settings, which are inexplicably poor. If you're struggling to hit people, @Vimster, just remember that it's really hard to miss people if your barrel is in their mouth rollsafe.jpg
  22. jack is embarrassingly underclothed. Embarrassing for the developers, embarrassing for the project managers, embarrassing for me.
  23. You have nailed pretty much every gripe i have with the inventory system, most specifically having to use a cursor rather than selecting options via d-pad, and having an information tile always pop up whenever your cursor moves over something. There's also no way to mark items as junk so you can sell them in bulk, which is maddening.
  24. I have seen “infinite sprint” and “skip hacking mini games” recommended, as sprint is way too short and the mini games add nothing Photo Mode in this is extremely meh but I did make a Shepard that looks passable and not like a startled mannequin
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