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  1. There's a weapons vendor who sells a crafting spec for a revolver called the Overture, if you can nail headshots with it and spec your character correctly you can delete people with it even while using a silencer. Or you can just chuck a knife at the back of their head. You can skip most of the mechanics unless you're playing on Very Hard. On VH you need every edge you can get. I'm constantly crafting and upgrading things - there are perks that mean crafted items are % better than purchased or found items, which is very helpful. It's in my top 5 games ever. If you play it like GTA, you might be disappointed. If you allow yourself to get lost in the city on foot, and treat the major quests as suggestions, you'll have a much better time. Also, it's at its most atmospheric after dark in-game. Personal thoughts on 1.6 - Transmog is great but it's unreasonable they don't have a transmog option for weapon skins or vehicles - Ability to further customize your character at a ripperdoc is a godsend, because the lighting in the Creator is a bit misleading - New quests are good, inc. the one you find at the entrance to the quarantined Megabuilding 4 (many fans suspect the DLC will involve the megabuilding, although I think that’s one of the canceled DLCs personally) - Don’t really care for the new weapons, but I get very attached to my loadout in almost every game I play - Enemies seem like they *might* be a bit tougher but I am in Heywood so it’s hard to tell - The post-1.5 timeskip mechanic is still worse than the launch one - Feels more stable - Kind of a non-update
  2. Finally got around to assembling the rest of the Grey Knights squad my mate got me for Christmas. The fucking mold lines, man. Mold lines everywhere.
  3. Yes, it was fucking shit. Completely unwatchable. Much like 99% of what's on Netflix. In fact, most of the Netflix catalog is so bad I don't think it's worth keeping a subscription outside of the two days it will take me to destroy Witcher S3.
  4. Thanks for this. I read the last line and promptly laughed myself breathless at my desk for several minutes, hyperventilating, shoulders shaking, rictus grin on my face, tears streaming down and a little snot leaking from my nose. My coworker thinks ive lost it
  5. Paging @Haribokart to the thread I have too many to share and not enough time, but one that has always stood out to me was when I was walking through the store past some fucking gammony dude as I was saying something to Haribo and the gammony dude coughed, open mouthed, and a large piece of phlegm flew up and out of his lungs and into the back of my throat Might actually still be my most traumatic memory to date
  6. Do the mission to get wrex’s family armor at least though. before you go to virmire
  7. A lot of it is skippable garbage, but there are a few things off the beaten path that are worth investigating, e.g. if you chose a Sole Survivor psychological profile then you can discover that Cerberus was responsible, and you should at the very least help Hackett out with the rogue VI on Luna because it will be relevant near the end of ME3 although it does feel like a retcon.
  8. It's just Nerd Culture man, you see it everywhere and it sucks and is cringe. A lot of IPs have entitled, vocal members of their fanbases and it's super annoying. I see it with videogame franchises all the time, most recently people kicking off on Reddit because they reduced the size of Miranda Lawson's ass for the Mass Effect Proper Ledge Edition.
  9. Its easy! You just need over 7800 War Asset points, which means you have to do every side quest in the game as there are only (iirc) 8000 total War Asset points. And lots of them are missable, because their associated quests will disappear if you do certain story missions before they are complete. Also to achieve this you must ally the geth with the quarians, which is only possible if you destroy the heretics in ME2 and both Legion and Tali survive. In fact, you need almost 100% crew member survival from ME2 because most of the surviving crew have associated missions/ quests in ME3 that give you War Assets. If you have any access to a cheap copy of the Legendary Edition I highly recommend it. It's not revolutionary, but I do feel it's the best way to play them because there have been some QOL updates and graphics/ performance is better. IMO ME2 is the weakest one, so you're in for a treat.
  10. Nah. The tech is too powerful to trust anyone with it, even Shepard. Destroy, collect every shred of Reaper tech, fire into sun. Then fire sun into black hole.
  11. The nightmare is finally over. Convinced TIM to blow his entire brain out, and then killed all the Reapers. Shame about EDI & the Geth, but I wanted to see my friends again. A short gasp of breath concludes the story.
  12. Ok I have literally every quest/ fetch quest wrapped up including all the Armax Arsenal Arena quests. Fuck me the party DLC is cheesy. At least you get an pre-heat-sink-retrofit Lancer out of it. And also Miranda dancing I guess. I can't believe it's almost over. Now I just have to go give Kai Leng a righteous fisting and we can kick out these stupid robots for good. Sad times Then I'll obviously NG+
  13. Look I'll concede that it's a cheesy caricature now leave me alone Successfully brokered peace between the Geth and the Quarians. Hackett was like 😮 RIP Legion
  14. well she’s played by kym hoy, an Asian-American VA so I’m willing to take her word for it omg what am I talking about, I’m such a neckbeard when it comes to mass effect
  15. yeah man, how many o’driscolls could there possibly be.
  16. Kasumi Goto is Japanese and therefore is not a weeb He is missable - you have to walk up to him in the hospital and talk to him. Same with Ashley in the hospital - if you don't visit her all three available times while she's at Huerta then it affects the outcome of the unsuccessful Cerberus coup. That happened in my playthrough from years ago. And the Salarian councillor died in my previous play, as Thane was not there to protect him. I fucked up and had Wrex accompany me to the casino - I wanted to bring Ashley so I could see her in a tight dress but accidentally selected Wrex, which turned out to be the best choice ever because I now have a clip of him dancing.
  17. I had an evil clone???? I guess that must have been DLC. I really did just cane the priority missions last time around. Never bumped into Jacob or Jack before either. Or Miranda. Or thane. Bad Floshen
  18. I agree with you on all points of this sentence, but I can see why people were upset. I think some people certainly overreacted.
  19. there's no big conspiracy but it was a disaster of a launch and for many people the bugs were not merely superficial. The launch was such a disaster it made national news
  20. Thanks. Will do. I've read a few non-spoiler advice threads about what to do soon and what to leave until later. So far I haven't been accepting any Priority missions until I've done literally everything else that's available. The Omega DLC is pretty awesome, I have to say. I didn't really enjoy Aria "I am very badass" T'Loak in ME2 - she felt a bit on-the-nose and derivative - but ME3 brought me around. The Eezo mines were a fantastic set-piece. Loved every second of it. And who could possibly forget the finale on Tuchanka, with Wrex yelling at you to hurry while you scream back "There's a REAPER IN THE WAY!" His advice at the beginning of that section, before you're attacked by SIX BRUTES at once: "Don't get hit by the big red laser!" In the words of John McClane: "Thanks for the advice."
  21. This is undoubtedly the best game in the series. Oh my god. Also I appear to have completely broken the game with this build - I'm playing as an infiltrator as usual and I bought the Widow as soon as I could and almost always run Squad Cryo ammo for it and bring Garrus and Liara with me everywhere. Liara's Singularity now essentially has no cooldown whatsoever so you I just spam it on groups of unshielded enemies and then detonate it with Flare, blowing everyone to bits. Garrus and Liara use their cryo ammo to snap-freeze everyone I haven't managed to one-shot with my Widow, and then Garrus blows them into frozen bits with his Concussive Blast. My Widow one-shots anything with a headshot, which with cryo ammo is hysterical because their heads freeze and shatter like glass. I don't even carry a sidearm anymore. Shields, Barriers, Armor are all completely covered with this setup, we're untouchable. And this is on Hardcore. I might have to up the difficulty to Insanity tbh. Last night a Cerberus shuttled pulled up overhead and we had the whole unit inside dead before the shuttle door had finished opening - Garrus overloaded their shields at the same time Liara hit them with a singularity, then Garrus froze them with a quick burst from his N7 assault rifle while they were floating and I blew them all to bits with Flare. So empowering, and so good to have The Gang back together after the hiatus in ME2.
  22. Look I suck this game off harder than almost anyone, with the exception perhaps of Thor, but there was definitely at least some stuff teased in the trailers that was cut from the finished game, e.g. dynamic Flathead gameplay, monorail, and some other stuff I can't remember. It was ages ago. The whole "multiple approaches to every mission" promise was also hollow - they suggested that for many missions you'd be able to either shoot your way through, sneak your way through, talk your way through, there'd be different access points to each "dungeon" etc and other than AllFoods and the Finale it just really wasn't the case. The most freedom you were ever given on a mission was to shoot your way through a linear level design or sneak your way through a linear level design. The fact remains that yes, while it was a world-class game on PC with some minor cosmetic issues, it played like fermented dog diarrhea on console until it was patched properly - persistent CTD, audio bugs, visual bugs, game-breaking bugs (i.e. some quests became unfinishable), the draw distance was about nine millimeters, the roads would disappear, textures wouldn't load, certain non-critical textures (i.e. the scrolling holo adverts in the sky) were pre-PS1 resolution, the Police AI was worthless ... It wasn't all T-poses and accidental nudity.
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