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  1. Hey I just discovered a thing for any throwing knife enjoyers on here - the kunai (iirc) mod that improves weapon attack speed, and the associated perks, reduce the cooldown on thrown knives. This is especially useful for Blue Fang, which has a 10sec cooldown
  2. night (city) and day cheers now I just need a quantum computer
  3. I'll live without that mod, because I'd only ever be able to do anything that needed doing between the hours of 10pm-1am. I'm desperate for a 1:1 time/clock/day-night cycle however. Gets frustrating to set out at 9pm to throw knives at Scavs for several hours, only for day to break before you get really stuck in.
  4. Hell yeah brother. The other day I was going to the gun store in Heywood that's hidden among all the storage lockers and I overheard this long conversation between two guys that worked there, talking about a scam they had going auctioning off the contents of abandoned storage lockers after they've already taken the good shit out, but how they have to make sure to leave something good in now and then so people are still inspired to participate.
  5. Some really great posts in this thread. I got GoW (2018) for free and was excited because everyone raves about it. Then I spent a hundred years being depressed with my son in the woods and I just gave up. Would be nice if the opening hour of an action game contained some action, rather than arduous bathetic world-building. For what it's worth, I don't mind it when it's done well. The opening hour of TLOU is kind of similar, but for some reason I was utterly gripped throughout. @Lochenvar's post there really resonates with me also. I frequently get the impression while playing a game that the set-piece I'm playing was conceptualized first and then the story, motivation, and dialog were confected later to justify it, which given what you said, seems likely to be the case. It does seem obvious that a non-interactive medium would use a different type of storytelling than an interactive one and that perhaps fiction/ screenwriting skills/ experience don't translate very well to an interactive medium like videogames.
  6. If anyone is up for a nice drive, the huge elevated freeway that cuts south from Japantown through Santo Domingo and out towards Biotechnica Flats is a gorgeous cruise at sunset, night, or sunrise. It’s serviceable in the daytime but the world looks a little washed out when it’s super bright.
  7. 100%, on both the graphics point and the needing to get back into it point Most console players should notice a huge buff to pedestrian and traffic density, to the extent that I almost exclusively use bikes now.
  8. Unless sneaking is suggested I kick in the front door, throw in a flashbang and give ‘em the good news with the old six shooter
  9. I used a Sandevistan to get the sharpshooting achievements but found it a bit dull otherwise. It removes a lot of fun gameplay elements, like hacking a toaster to distract someone. I understand that with Sandevistan you can simply run around and kill a building full of people with the monowire before your first victim's head hits the floor, but still. I'm not really worried about money on this run. I tried out the junk item dupe glitch and had over 2 million eddies before the heist. I sort of regret it because a lot of the gameplay loops focus on making money in order to improve your build, but I am going for a minimal-cyberware build this time around for RP purposes so I'm just spending the money on cars. I also have over 10,000 epic MaxDocs as a result ...
  10. I'm with you and I think it's a time thing. Used to be I was delighted to ingest lengthy, self-indulgent cutscenes and world-building. I used to exhaust every dialog option in every conversation with every character etc. More recently I tried getting back into Ghost of Tsushima and by the time I had started "the game" part it was time to go to bed. There are some quests in Cyberpunk that I dread doing because they're great but they're also 30-60 mins of walking around talking about stuff. I'm usually jumping on for 45 min to shoot something in the face, not listen to someone waffle on about his missing nephew or some bullshit. That's why I loved Returnal so much. The game says, "here you go, try not to die" and sporadically throws in bites of exposition to give you a break from all the carnage (often, when you psychologically need it most).
  11. Couldn’t find the fucking jacket after the heist on the unpatched version so I started a new game AGAIN on PS5 - found it the first time I went into the first shop. Hooray I guess
  12. The desert junk guy is a better crafting station because you don’t have to leave or walk away to skip time @Thor I will cry and deal with it. Oh no! More Cyberpunk!
  13. Explanation is literally on the previous page lol. They patched my favorite jacket out in 1.6 so I'm playing the unpatched version to see if I can find it. You can only get it in Act 2 however so other than making enough money to pay Vik up front I'm just steaming through the campaign for the time being because it is rough as hell although the terrible filters they used to hide the ropey graphics give the game an 80s noir edge that the glossier versions lack.
  14. That's so funny - I'm doing a zero cyberware run other than what you are obligated to get from Vik. I'll upgrade my deck and eyes, obviously, but other than maybe jumpy legs that'll be it. Inventory system in the unpatched version is fucked up - half the clothing items don't have "names" or thumbnails and are listed in your inventory as the file name, half of them don't equip visually, some of them make body parts disappear. I found a hat with good stats so I put it on - it didn't visually in inventory but when I got on my bike my head had disappeared This game is a night-and-day improvement in late 2022.
  15. I hated ME3 back in the day but having rinsed the LE 3x in a row this year ME3 is my favorite so far, in terms of a game that you play. In terms of ambience and feelings I like the first one the most, but Mass Effect the 3rd is the best game in the series for me. Shame there's no "holster your gun" button but what are you gonna do.
  16. Having put a solid 10-hours into the base version of the game it is fair to say that the immense criticism of the console version was almost entirely well-founded. Should never have been released in this state obviously. Crashes every 30 mins, more frequently during missions, constant bugs that require reloading such as doors not opening when they should, dialog options not loading during conversations, randomly dying from fall damage when walking off a curb. Also forgot how bad the inventory and crafting system was.
  17. Wraiths Trilayer Edgerunner. It’s unobtainable post 1.6. It’s an all-black jacket and it’s my second favorite
  18. So I uninstalled and reinstalled without updates. I’m playing the day 1 PS4 unpatched version on a PS5 and it’s rough as hell. No real bugs to speak of other than lighting glitches, plot NPCs eg jackie talking with their mouths firmly closed, road disappearing, torso disappearing on motorcycle. Theres a lot about it to like. Sure the game systems and balancing are shoddy, the crafting system is terrible, some clothing items don’t appear on your body, the vehicles are almost undriveable. But there is a charm about it. Whatever graphical trickery they used to make a fairly rough-looking low resolution game look moody and artistic is somewhat lacking in the higher fidelity versions and I honestly think the atmosphere benefits from it. It looks like an 80s action VHS played on a CRT Cant wait to find this jacket they patched out so I can update though
  19. is that what people wanted? Following the bright and sparkling world of Windwaker? WW cured my seasonal depression when I played it I swear
  20. I remember eagerly awaiting Twilight Princess for the longest time and then being dismayed when I discovered that it was shit
  21. Just realized I’ve been playing in RT mode for probably 40 hours. Switched it back to Performance and hated it. I think I changed it to RT for Photo Mode ages ago and forgot to change it back, guess I’m used to it now. So for all my talk about the blurrovision being unplayable it turns out you can indeed get used to it, grow to prefer it, and complete the game with it being turned on
  22. They've also increased traffic density and behavior in some sort of sneak update. And they've ruined the clothing stores. They've taken some items out of vendor rotation and added them to the loot pool, and vice versa, although there is ONE jacket I've been looking for for 120 hours and still have not found.
  23. you just have to be more selective with your neighborhoods as you level up. Corpo Plaza and Heywood should be off limits until you’re sufficiently deadly, but if memory serves Japantown and Pacifica should be doable for you. When you do explore Corpo Plaza, have fun getting underneath the skyscrapers by the water. It’s all rendered properly but it’s clear they didn’t expect you to explore down there - every photo I took looks like a weird fever dream:
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