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  1. There's one vendor that sells all the components you need, and they're out in the desert so you don't need to leave the store to skip 24 hours. You can just stand there buying, selling, and skipping time. It's in Jackson Plains south of the solar farm, east of the Biotechnica hydroponic farms. Bit of a grind though.
  2. No offense folks but this just isn't true. I made 3 million eddies in a few hours (current patch version) by crafting and selling Yukimuras. Your profit at lower rarities will be poorer, but you just have to do it for longer. As others have said, it totally is. It's actually one of the more broken playstyles (taking second place to netrunning) because with the right perks invested in Ninjutsu and Cold Blood you can eliminate an entire building's worth of enemies quicker than an orbital strike. You can pair this with the cyberware that blinds people when they spot you, and the cyberware that slows time when someone starts to spot you. If you pair all this with optical camo, you may as well just watch a playthrough online for all the lack of challenge you'll face. In Ninjutsu, you want any perk that increases damage/ crit from outside combat, you want the perk that boosts your movement speed after a takedown, increased movement speed while sneaking, silenced weapon perks. In Cold Blood you want the perks that buff your movement speed and crit, and the perks that give you extra stacks and duration of Cold Blood. Also useful for shotgun builds, because the quicker you kill people the quicker you can kill people. I seem to recall hitting someone for a 30,000 damage critical headshot with a throwing knife the other day. Overkill, to be sure.
  3. re: crafting iconic. If you have an epic and want to craft a legendary, the epic will be automatically destroyed when you craft the legendary. If you destroy the epic first, you’ll never see it again. So don’t do that. That’s a great sword, you might also enjoy Byakko, the hiltless katana you get from Wakako upon completing all her gigs. It has a unique property where it will make you pounce on a far away enemy (like w mantis blades) if you aim a strong attack at them. Makes closing ground easier and fun. Also good for crowds because you can pounce, dodge back out, pounce back in, etc.
  4. They're all hand-built and customized to your measurements and preferences. Edit: 2343cc, absolutely disgraceful
  5. no … he has a bike company, in real life, that he owns with his friend. it’s called Arch, and the Nazare bikes + Jackie’s Arch are designed after one of their product lines
  6. you can buy the real thing from Keanu if you have like $80,000 spare
  7. I got used to it accidentally after turning it on for photo mode. For what it's worth I have all the graphical options turned off except for Depth of Field, and have my TV in game mode. It's still a bit discombobulating on occasion but having switched back to 60FPS the other day I found it unplayable and switched it off after 5 minutes. The city felt flat and soulless comparatively
  8. I prefer to render assassination targets unconscious and put them in the trunk of my fixer's car to be (presumably) tortured horribly at a later date. Some of them really deserve it
  9. Did you know there's a button by a bridge downtown that turns all the lights in the street off? Take that, Valentine house-builders
  10. The level of detail in Night City is above and beyond anything Rockstar has achieved so far.
  11. - hold L1 while targeting an enemy, select reboot optics. If you don’t have that, go inventory > cyberware > cyberdeck > equip reboot optics. It’s a default starting hack - up on d-pad for health, sometimes the game doesn’t register face button presses the first time so I always double tap to heal or reload - health consumables like you would find in the menu screen aren’t USABLE during combat. You equip Bounce Backs or MaxDocs from the inventory screen and use them in game using ^ - maelstrom are known for netrunner attacks. While you’re getting hacked there should be a subtle orange threat indicator. If you have the Ping quickhack, netrunner outlines will be orange on-screen as opposed to reg enemies who are red. It’s a good idea to take them out first as they can hack you whenever a camera or enemy has line of sight - if they do manage to hack you, spam up on d-pad to heal until the damage over time stops. MaxDocs are better for this than bounce backs
  12. well yeah but not everyone is as cool as us. although I skip that perk because it makes it hard to level up Athletics. Level cap is 50 but you can still accumulate XP once you hit it, to develop the skills you don't use and get more perk points.
  13. Conversely I prefer a Cool and Reflex-focused build, using throwing knives at this point. Formerly I was a revolver guy but honestly the noise was doing my head in. The Overture is the loudest thing in the world. If you do go the blades or katana route, Cold Blood has a lot of perks that stack movement speed and crit chance and damage reduction, so the faster and quicker you kill people the faster you're able to move around and kill people. So I have Body 12, Reflexes 18, Tech 18, Cool 16, Int 5, and I have a couple attribute points I have left to allocate. Now when I throw a knife into someone's head it either instantly kills them but if it doesn't then it blinds them, staggers them, and applies bleeding and poison. So they stand there clutching their head for a little bit and then just die horribly. A lot of people use Sandevistan in these types of build but it feels like cheating and I like hacking cameras and devices etc so I have a Legendary deck and some legendary and epic quickhacks. Even at level 5 my short circuit knocks most enemies out in one go. I tend to only use hacks if I'm reloading or all my knives are on cooldown. There are a lot of ways to play though - I reallocated all my perks into Annihilation last night so I could grind shotgun XP having maxed out my handgun and blade skills. Shotgun builds are hilarious, it turns out. Once I've maxed that out I'll do Assault. It's good to max out levels in skill trees you don't even use because you get more perk points, but that is more of an endgame thing. Also do not forget that you get a flat +20% XP buff if you sleep at your apartment, but it disappears if you fast travel. So if you're about to go do some side quests or main quests it's a good idea to take a nap before you head out.
  14. i have never even read something on there as far as I can remember, it’s the principle
  15. Fucking livid. Kotaku just ran a lazy piece about a Phantom Liberty fan theory based off of a reddit post from a few days ago, and they credited the redditor. I made the exact same post 39 days ago, and I saw the other guy's post a few days ago and called him out on it. He admitted he saw my post in PM but went ahead and posted his own because mine got no engagement. Cunts. It was my fucking idea, and now I get no meaningless internet points.
  16. Having recently replayed the launch PS4 version on PS5 I can indeed confirm that it was shit. Everything that makes the game delightful was still in it, but it was almost unplayable. I think we have some rose colored glasses in here. That said it is still my GOAT, the kind of game I dreamed of playing as a kid, and the next-gen updated versions are incredible. Can not wait for (paid) DLC
  17. Throwing knives are basically cheating once you have Apply Blinding on Headshot, poison, and the perk that instantly puts the knife back in your hand if you get a Crit or a headshot. Can’t believe I never invested in Cool before
  18. You do go to a penthouse where a Soviet diplomat is living in a late Regina gig, although there's no guarantee it's the same building. The fact that the real Bryce Mosley's (please stand up) corpse is tucked away in a part of the city where you have no reason to go to, ever, is enough for me never to be surprised by the random easter eggs in this game. That in itself is a fun game - Easter Egg or Cut Content?
  19. Hey I just discovered a thing for any throwing knife enjoyers on here - the kunai (iirc) mod that improves weapon attack speed, and the associated perks, reduce the cooldown on thrown knives. This is especially useful for Blue Fang, which has a 10sec cooldown
  20. night (city) and day cheers now I just need a quantum computer
  21. I'll live without that mod, because I'd only ever be able to do anything that needed doing between the hours of 10pm-1am. I'm desperate for a 1:1 time/clock/day-night cycle however. Gets frustrating to set out at 9pm to throw knives at Scavs for several hours, only for day to break before you get really stuck in.
  22. Hell yeah brother. The other day I was going to the gun store in Heywood that's hidden among all the storage lockers and I overheard this long conversation between two guys that worked there, talking about a scam they had going auctioning off the contents of abandoned storage lockers after they've already taken the good shit out, but how they have to make sure to leave something good in now and then so people are still inspired to participate.
  23. Some really great posts in this thread. I got GoW (2018) for free and was excited because everyone raves about it. Then I spent a hundred years being depressed with my son in the woods and I just gave up. Would be nice if the opening hour of an action game contained some action, rather than arduous bathetic world-building. For what it's worth, I don't mind it when it's done well. The opening hour of TLOU is kind of similar, but for some reason I was utterly gripped throughout. @Lochenvar's post there really resonates with me also. I frequently get the impression while playing a game that the set-piece I'm playing was conceptualized first and then the story, motivation, and dialog were confected later to justify it, which given what you said, seems likely to be the case. It does seem obvious that a non-interactive medium would use a different type of storytelling than an interactive one and that perhaps fiction/ screenwriting skills/ experience don't translate very well to an interactive medium like videogames.
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