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  1. I'm not buying this game because: - ew - I was sick of Harry Potter 10+ years ago and absence has not made the heart grow fonder. "It's like the Sopranos - it's over. Get a new show." I couldn't care less if people buy and enjoy it. But then again I can only speak for myself.
  2. Played the original for a couple hours with mates when it first came out, on the highest difficulty setting where spamming the trigger makes your gun jam and you can't shoot while moving. Terrifying. Anyway, this is a bit good isn't it? I had to stop playing the other night after an hour because my hands were slick with sweat and I shrieked at a jump scare and woke my wife and set my dog off growling for five minutes.
  3. I would be my pleasure, and my honor, to lose alongside you again
  4. Will do, when does the gang usually get together for a race night? I just need to make sure my wife knows it's a recurring arrangement.
  5. I wish Freyr's armor made of dog barks was available in-game
  6. @McSpeed yeah man that’s sort of why I asked for it. I haven’t had a multiplayer game in years
  7. I got this for my birthday and almost didn’t play it because I was so tired but I decided to be polite and play it for my wife’s sake. I’m glad I did because some people called Sarah and Luca gave me a cake and a liveried Lancer for my birthday. All I had was a 2014 Fit Hybrid, which as a Honda salesman was kind of fun but it’s a shit race car
  8. The Archangel songs almost do it for me, but the vocals/ lyrics let them down. I do unreservedly enjoy Black Dog however
  9. After 3 nights of wringing every drip of content out of The Crater, which I was expecting to be somewhere else, I’ve moved onto the Musphelheim trials. I really struggled with them the other week and didn’t complete any, and then tonight I nailed them all first time. However, I now have to redo them I certain combinations and do 6 mega battles to finish? Give me strength
  10. the commonly held opinion about trans people is a life and death matter for a few hundred million people. So yes it’s quite valid that people are upset and angry about transphobia.
  11. I only noticed last night that as you hit enemies you build up a status effect bar, and when its full you can L1 + Triangle to activate Inferno or whatever and do like 100x more damage. I completed the whole last game and half of this one without noticing, and suddenly the combat is trivial. Does it do extra damage if you apply burn and then frost?
  12. Agreed. I'm bored of this now, tbh, and I only just It honestly feels like an MCEU ensemble-cast movie - there are too many characters, and every single character has their own plotline. It's like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - YOU get a plotline, YOU get a plotline! I did kill 3 Berserkers yesterday - one in Svarteltheim (someone The Callous) and the 2 in Alfheim, one of which is actually 3 Berserkers. Evidently I have a shit build or am underleveled for the fights because they all one-hit-killed me with even their most basic attacks. But I laughed it off every time I died horribly and just kept learning the attacks. I advise starting off with the Callous guy tbh as it's the first Berserker opportunity that the game presents you with. You have to stay close and maintain pressure, and your parries have to be perfect or he'll stagger you and you'll get decapitated, but if you don't make a single mistake for the entire fucking fight then you too will be rewarded with ... some inconsequential shit I didn't even pay attention to as I picked it up.
  13. Ok so one of the main characters has gone to a particular place and now it feels like a soap opera. There are too many characters.
  14. I think I prefer the first cold GoW, but this is still brilliant
  15. Yes my brother in law is playing a poison build right now, he said it’s great for bosses and lieutenants etc but dogshit for crowd control, obviously
  16. I don’t want to put together a build, personally. I want to dive into a big crowd of people, dodge and parry every attack, and hit things really hard with my big axe. You don’t need to put a build together if you don’t let them hit you. Speaking of which, Wulvers can eat shit - finally figured out their attack pattern so I can deal with several of them at once and not be worried about it.
  17. Picked up where I left off last night after taking a week to play GoW 2018. What a fucking rush. I took a brief pause before starting the finale, to go complete some Dwarven favors and other labors, and probably have 25 hours of playtime left - I still have the last Musphelheim enemy, haven't even visited the cold version yet, have only killed one Valkyrie, haven't closed all the rifts for instance. I think I was quite stoned when I played the first ten hours of Ragnarok, so I think I'm going to start over tonight. I loaded into a beautiful desert and freed a jellyfish, and then had no idea what had happened so far in the plot or what I was supposed to do next or why. I'll tell you one thing though, it's fucking beautiful, a joy to play and like the first one it really gets going once you've unlocked some moves. I finally got to grips with switching combat stances in Musphelheim, can't wait to unlock it again There are games with better combat, there are games with better exploration. But there's something so magical about this game - so much effort went into dialogue, lore, continuity. The general banter is delightful and surprising. Brok and Sindri have this almost pantomimic comedy act going on, and I live for it. Completely out of place in this bizarre grimdark world full of miserable pricks, and exactly the right things to lighten the mood. Like, I started resentfully playing Ragnarok having played an hour of GoW and thought "well, here goes many hours of depressing bleakness" and then those guys showed up out of nowhere.
  18. Don't forget you can spend money to reset your perks down in the bottom left of the screen when you're looking at your Attribute points overview, so you can play around with different perk setups and builds. And there are perks in some parts of the skill tree that are super helpful for builds that prioritize other skill trees. I've mentioned my throwing knife build which instantly returns the knife to my hand if I get a crit or headshot, which is always. I don't do much stealth combat - if I'm sneaking it's to invisibly complete the objective before going back in quite visibly - but I leveled Cool up to 16 just to get it.
  19. I do the same thing; sleeping gives you a 60-minute +20% XP boost. Perfect for leveling up skills you never use for those juicy perk points.
  20. I swear to god, Wulvers are the fucking worst. I killed a Valkyrie last night without taking a hit but Wulvers wipe the floor with me
  21. 3 new gigs, a few weapons and clothes, some references and Easter eggs, and the rest is mostly QOL such as transmog for clothing. It was transformative, tbh, but didn’t add a ton of “content”
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