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  1. I have to say, I love the Dreadbound. Short-to-medium range it shreds enemies, just a non-stop barrage of punishment. Encourages high-risk gameplay but the payoff is fantastic
  2. HIT ME WITH THOSE LASER BEAMS https://youtu.be/QLo8dPVSVvo
  3. youre making a terrible mistake. With Portal, Serrated Blades, and Retarget, it slaps. Vanilla it’s quite poor. Amazing for crowd control retarget allows you to sit behind walls and fire round the corner
  4. just realized I missed the herringbone wood flooring. Having seen it, I am rock hard i make no apologies
  5. because it’s beautiful. I helped break it down, and then I ate 1/3rd of it. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of a great day in the woods with a pair of binoculars (Skilled) hunting is probably the most ethical form of meat consumption
  6. Cute speakers, are they good? What are they
  7. This is a fun pic showing what they look like when you get them vs what some patient sanding and oiling can do. Forgot to vacuum the grain between grits so there is some dust staining on the blonde grain but that’s life
  8. Over a year later … we moved into this house in august 2020 and I’ve had my desk, books etc in here but the room was an awful yellow, the skirting boards were all satin white painted with a trowel, and I just had a flat-pack piece of rubbish shoved in this book for my TV which I shall shortly be upgrading - I bought in January 2014, lol. anyway I hate store-bought identikit furniture because I’m Tyler durden or something, and all the charity shops round here are not so good. I don’t have the money for anything custom but I do have decent very rusty woodworking experience so I have vowed to make it all myself. First step was redecorating, 2nd step was wall-mounting my tv and putting up these shelves I made from some old boards I got locally. some of my books from boxes in the basement, some bits and bobs I keep to mess around with while I wait on loading screens, and what gaming corner would be complete without cannabis paraphernalia? My future FIL killed the buck with an arrow in the mountains. it’s not much but I haven’t *made* anything in years - having projects had put a spring in my step my tv stand is currently clamped, drying in the basement. Poor image quality, it’s dark out and the lights are crap
  9. it also bumps up each time you enter a biome - I died in biome 2 thinking “well at least biome 1 will be a breeze comparatively”. No. Twice as fucking hard. I love the fuck yous the game throws at you
  10. I used my jewelry saw for the first time. The Grey Knight squad I got has these awesome two-handed spears but I wanted one to be held only by a left hand. So I cut up two different spears, got the pieces I need, and then attached the bits by drilling into the staff pieces, through the hand, and using green stuff and a straightened staple to provide stability. Turned out really well, rather chuffed.
  11. @Fallows your comprehensive and articulate brief made me bookmark this page, cheers. MVP
  12. @Fallows FUCK I'd just decided not to buy a PC after all and here I am, unchanging my mind. I'm not a great photographer but here are some that came out ok.
  13. Absolutely this. I played Halo after mainlining Returnal for several days and it was like maneuvering a marionette made of lead through wet concrete. Terrible experience. It's an astonishing technical achievement, and I'm sure the tight design and purposefully limited scope and lack of extraneous features helped this. I have yet to have a single CTD, bug, freeze, slowdown, glitch, annoying thing happen. Well actually plenty of annoying things have happened, but they were all user error. Masterpiece
  14. yes, the craziest example of this is in a late-game mission where you're standing in the middle of the 4-lane highway that heads east into the desert, waiting on a vehicle coming towards you. If you zoom in with your Kiroshis you can see it coming amongst a throng of traffic, which disappears suddenly and the car is alone. is traffic density any higher on PC? I can't help but assume this is a PS/ Xbox feature they removed due to hardware issues. I almost never see traffic, unless I'm crossing the street without looking
  15. Always hated the PS controllers until the PS5 one. The pegs that your palms go on are just too fucking short. It's the whole reason I got an Xbox 360 back in the day over the PS3. I got the PS4 because my mates all had one, but the controller still sucked. The PS5 controller is best controller.
  16. B1 doesn’t let you do it. B2 has a teleporter at the entrance when you go inside the main structure. B3 you can just go find the bridge. B4 doesn’t let you do it, B5 the door is in the main area, B6 I haven’t done
  17. Yes. In Biome 2 you can use the datacube processor without facing the boss, on the condition that you have defeated it once already. In Biome 4 you can use the processor without facing the boss at all, which is very nice. This is extremely true. Night and day difference. Although let it be said that just because you're not making progress doesn't mean you're not making progress: every artifact you scan, every weapon trait you unlock is another arrow in your quiver. My advice to anyone running through this for the first time is to make a beeline for the main objectives in each Biome and not to focus too heavily on "clearing" the Biome. There are some objectives that, once completed, do not need to be completed again. For instance, once you've opened the door to, or faced (and lost) to a boss, there will be an option to teleport straight there. What I did in Biomes 2, 3, 4, and 5 is to basically leg it in the direction of the objective marker to try and complete it, even if the run was doomed. Minimizing progress loss, essentially. Then once I unlocked the boss or whatever I would focus on clearing the Biome to level up so future runs would be made easier. This is one of those games that I'm happy to play just for playing's sake, because the core gameplay is so well-executed that I don't even need an objective or any kind of real progress to enjoy it. It reminds me of Grunt's loyalty mission in ME:2 where you face off against the Thresher Maw, and the objective is simply: "Survive."
  18. Sum of all Fears Derivative, predictable Tom Clancy thriller. Edge of my seat the whole time 5/5
  19. according to the wiki he used to work for petrochem and was named wade bleecker, but he changed his face after they put a price on his head. It’s a nice story but I’m not buying it
  20. hollowseeker is better for earlier biomes, I’m finding, especially in rooms where you get swarmed by lots of fliers - a lot of them cancel their attack warm-ups if you hit them so it does do crowd control quite well. I personally find that in harder biomes and rooms it feels under powered because it has a higher time to kill, so in a room where you have a handful of bullet spongey, hard-hitting enemies it fails to kill quick enough to thin the herd and give you space to breathe. In those situations I like the rotgland lobber (it often staggers and does DOR) but it’s up to RNGesus what you get also worth looking at what perks a weapon has, and also what alt-fire the weapon has. In my experience anything that has to charge is worthless, like shock stream et al
  21. maybe you’ll run into her again afaik you can meet all of the fixers with the exception of Mr Hands.
  22. yeah as average I am at this game it’s gotten under my skin in a way that most similar games haven’t. The level design is *chef’s kiss*, as is the sound design, the haptics, the storytelling, the mystery, the anxiety, the dread, the fear, the sudden ice water in your veins when you are in -the zone- murdering hostile aliens at adrenaline level 5 and making it rain sweet obolites. Then when I die I say “oh for fuck’s sake” and either have another go or switch it off and try again tomorrow. It’s like listening to my favorite album, kind of like Rez
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