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  1. I played for two hours tonight and got 3 kills. Every squad we encountered wiped us almost immediately, even if they were in the middle of another gunfight. Unreal Compare with earlier in the day where I won my first ranked match of the day with 6 kills, and killed another 6 people in two minutes dropping hot in Estates with a fucking Mozambique Must be John Wick cloned himself and got on the PlayStation at 11.30pm
  2. Tbh I’ve never really cared for any of the battle pass stuff in any season. There are occasionally cool skins but like who cares, you rarely see your character anyway. I just play the game because I like it. I bought a Wraith skin with money once
  3. it’s a skin where she has shorts braids over to one side and a creepy white face mask on. Looks cool as shit i kind of like the pixie cut one with the wings but I’m loathe to spend $20 on a 3rd choice character
  4. Yeah it’s lame. There’s a sick lifeline skin I want but it’s part of some pack that you have to pay SIXTY DOLLARS for
  5. yeah man it’s a ground weapon that can do 128 damage if you get a headshot and can fire a million times faster than a sentinel i got a win last night with randoms in ranked - 5 kills I think, I shield swapped in the penultimate circle where I found a Kraber and then just started cracking fools. It’s amazing how even if it doesn’t knock them, cracking their shield with one shot will make most players panic and either do something stupid or run away to heal. The dismay of realizing you were at full strength and with one shot you’re now extremely vulnerable. god I hate world
  6. You could say the same about Octane, Horizon, Pathfinder. The number of times I’ve broken a shield only for evasive maneuvers to allow them to disappear like Batman onto a rooftop and out of sight. The main difference with Valkyrie seems to be that her Queue is quite rubbish
  7. Ah. I just reset all my right stick sensitivity shit to default and now I’m melting people. I had my response curve set to linear, I reset it to classic and adjusted my ADS sensitivity a little bit and now I can more or less comfortably one-mag someone from mid range. I used to have to see the whites of their eyeballs. I downed a blue-shield Valkyrie while she was jet packing across my screen with one clip, which is something I could never have done before. And then we won the game! Yay! My recoil control used to be so shoddy and all I had to do was use the settings the game comes
  8. easier than you think depending on your skill/ experience level. I was super nervous about making my wolf pelts out of green stuff but they came out really well. I used a cylindrical pencil and lots of water to roll it out flat, used a scalpel to cut it roughly to shape before agitating the texture. Just don’t do the last bit! The nice thing is if you fuck it up you can always start again, as long as you’ve gone easy on the hardener
  9. Young Rogue is off the chain, man. Crazy. She’s so well aged-up as well. I can’t quite believe it. That’s a massive advantage of videogames over movies. Did anyone see Gemini Man? I found it almost unwatchable, such was the uncanny valley.
  10. Aw man. Ps5. Not quite bill gates enough to afford both
  11. Fact. At least it’s better than Red Dead terrible
  12. Does anyone remember Black and how good it was
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