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  1. Yeah two Large lasers is obviously the way to go
  2. Hot dropping in pubs is always a good laugh, but i dont get why people do it in ranked. theres a whole other game mode for that
  3. Cyberpunk 2077 (60% PS4 - eugh - 40% PS5 ) the end edit: somehow I forgot Control, which is in the top 5 of best games I've ever played (PS5)
  4. im firmly in the bubble, I think the FDL is up on bricks in some engineer’s workshop though. Could always just splash for a Vulture for a bit of fun
  5. Dying Light Dark Cloud (turns out it was actually terrible) Crackdown day 1 Plenty, tbh, but not for a few years.
  6. Mate you are such a masochist. Every time I see this thread bumped I hope it’s you with a fresh tale of woe
  7. Do we have a release date?
  8. came here to post this, too slow! since January I have made my company over $400,000 in profit but could still get fired at any time with no notice. That has been the case for every job I’ve had so far in the US. But I have to give them 2 weeks notice if I quit. hence why people are forced to put up with atrocious workplace conditions because of anti-union groups and rhetoric, lack of job security, etc. I know some people in fucking terrible jobs that only work them because they get healthcare included so it sucks that people didn’t speak out sooner but also they’d be blacklisted and become industry pariahs edit: didn’t mean to derail the thread and make it about my experience. Obviously these revelations are egregious, as is the Act/Bliz response. They have a designated rape room for the love of Christ
  9. Yeah any time I see a job advertisement with “enthusiastic”, “passionate”, “above and beyond”, “team player” in the blurb I’m like “oh, these people want me to extra work and not pay me for it, all because I love it so much”
  10. I'm in the clan. Go ahead and add me old boy. Don't expect anything spectacular, although I have been known to pull off the odd miracle now and then.
  11. yeah I missed the whole AoS thing on my hiatus. I tried to go find some cool pointyheads online and was like wtf is all this stuff
  12. definitely needs Everglades and stilt city
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