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  1. Can we have smaller backpacks next?
  2. Yeah, having never played the original (born in 1990), Elite: Dangerous/ Erectile: Dysfunction did this for me a hundred times. Did the tutorials and was like ok, this is a game where you fly a spaceship, and then starting the game and just fucking appearing in a sidewinder on Baker’s Prospect blew my mind. Off you go! Go and have a look! Then my mind was blown pulling away from the planet and using the camera suite to watch it disappear behind me until it was a bright speck. Then I opened the galaxy map and zoomed out and saw the whole Milky Way and zoomed in on random well-known constellations and was like good fucking grief I can go anywhere I want! Then I made my first hyperspace jump
  3. I haven’t seen a single win yet. I have to play with randoms due to my schedule and they are all potatos and I’m not much better
  4. We’ll see - next time we have to do some Armed and Dangerous, because I haven’t come close to a win with randoms. You did a good job when we got ambushed by the river. I just had had a good chuckle about the fact that we got the win while I was in mid-air jumping off Watchtower to escape the ring and enemy gunfire. They must have got caught in it
  5. Yeah the level underground is a huge fistfight in my experience. I kicked a caustic to death and then got stuck with an arc star from behind. Also, find myself grabbing two longbows and then getting popped to death with the g7. It’s very tough. I need, need, need some PS4 players to join me and give me a hand.
  6. Maybe this is insensitive as far as Alec’s family goes, but in the immortal words of Mance Rayder: he was my enemy and I’m glad he’s dead.
  7. That’s too bad, I love a cheeky finger now and then
  8. Same, it’s a (literal) goldmine. Did you find any “metal fingers” (3 yellow bars on the visor scanner), because those contain high levels of rare resources like gold and uranium. One evening of mining has kept my ship fueled for weeks. If it’s called Golden Skans it’s mine Chances are pretty low you stumbled across my starting system though.
  9. Any chance someone can record that for us? I’m about to go out into the sticks
  10. Yeah I was harvesting some plant when it came after me. Terrifying. I dug an underwater tunnel to safety after putting three useless Boltcaster clips into it
  11. This game is comprised entirely of shopping lists. Here’s an upgrade! You just need a superoxide crystal but you’re 10 hours in so fuck you
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