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  1. I am not watching any of those videos you cunts. I am going to do the thing I hate and ignore this game until it’s all patched and sexy on PS5
  2. aka the R* approach. Want to use your PC in GTA? First you must sit down at your chair which takes ages. Then you must lean forwards and tap at the keyboard, which takes ages. Want to open your safe? Strap in, it takes a million years. Red dead: four hours to kneel down by a fire and cook a single piece of meat. You have to make split point bullets ONE AT A TIME. Want to use that gun emplacement? Ok, wait for your hair to go grey while you watch an animation you can’t cancel if someone is shooting at you. Want to leave that gun emplacement? Ok, wait for your hair to go grey while you watch an animation you speed up if someone is shooting at you. Did you start reloading while someone started shooting at you? You can no longer dodge - you have to leap in the air until the animation is complete. Fucking kill yourself R* edit: while I’m here, the UI of R* games is a fucking shambles. I would say that whoever is responsible needs to be fired into the sun, but that would suggest that it’s been built by an actual team, rather than piecemeal by various people responsible for wildly different thinks, resulting in this schizophrenic Frankenstein’s monster we have. There’s no excuse for it. There’s no consistency whatsoever. For example, I have 30+ treasure maps on RD: O that I haven’t opened. I haven’t opened them because it’s super inefficient - the map is large and traveling takes forever so it stands to reason you would want to start with one that describes a treasure nearby. You can’t. You have to open the satchel, navigate to documents tab, open treasure maps, and then click on one with a name that sounds familiar. You cannot look at the world map while you do that, as it exits the satchel interface. So you click on a map, usefully titled something like Woodsman’s Sigh, and watch a video of your character opening the map. Then if you’ve fucked up and the location is down in Louisiana while you’re in New Mexico, you have to watch a video of your character putting their map away. Then you have to open the satchel menu and do it all over again. Unacceptable. There’s no “return to menu” button while you’re looking at the treasure map also every button does something slightly different depending on how long you hold it or what other buttons your currently holding or whether you’re near a horse or an officer of the law or a shoe or a campfire or a piece of rope. for example, triangle is “mount horse” unless your horse is near a policeman, at which point triangle is “tackle policeman to the ground, get off him, mount your horse, flee through the streets of New Orleans frantically whilst pursued by every gunman in Christendom, and then clippings a bollard and being projected from your horse into a streetcar. Fuck off also you automatically stop galloping or sprinting when you’re near a campfire for some reason, which is beyond maddening if you’re being shot at inexcusable. The budget for this game was staggering inexcusable
  3. QTEs Always online GaaS single-player shit, like The Division, although I loved those games Open-world Ubisoft, excluding The Division Millions of hours of cutscenes upon starting a game. For fuck’s sake, gaming surely should have moved on. This is the clunky expositional dialogue of video games. Why can’t you tell a story through actions you fucking cunt. “Here is all the backstory and character motivation.” Just tease it to is organically you bloated turds. Maybe spend more money making the game than making the movies about the game.
  4. Deafening. Constant roar of cheering and applause, which while justified, is distracting enough that I’ve put on subtitles.
  5. I’m buying a CMMG Banshee because I loved using it in the Division. So it works!
  6. Or spin her around in the Med screen and watch her tits jiggle, and then she throws up from dizziness when you unpause
  7. I’m playing Wildlands off and on right now and my enthusiasm is petering out. Yeah, cartels do some heinous shit but most of the people you’re wasting with sniper rifles, mortar fire, and hand grenades are poverty-stricken and desperate, living in a country where education and infrastructure are quite poor. Most of the people who work for and with the cartels do so out of necessity and/ or threat of execution of them and their families so Uncle Sam raining death on a cartel camp is really rubbing me the wrong way, especially given the CIA and DEA’s sordid history in S and C America.
  8. Fair enough man, having worked there I would describe the latter half of your post to be 100% accurate.
  9. Waitrose is pretty good, no? 3 different kinds of quail eggs!
  10. My regional grocery store, Wegmans, is legendary in the NE. It’s like a foodie’s Disneyland inside. All manner of fabulous quality produce, hand-baked bread, deli counters etc, and excellent sushi chefs and butchers etc. You can get anything from sushi grade tuna to live lobster, from a rack of lamb to a slab of pork belly to duck confit. You could buy a whole half cow if you had the cash. And it’s not overpriced and staffed by crusties, unlike Whole Foods. Their international food sections are bangin’, they sell Lion bars and Yorkies in addition to Marmite and Tate & Lyle golden syrup. Best vegan and gluten free sections I’ve ever seen.
  11. You’re not a very horrible man are you Here are some short rib tacos I made the other night with another sexy salsa and some bits and bobs. Short ribs disintegrated when I took them out the pan, flavor was astonishing. Shit picture sorry. I snapped it while loading the Westworld finale. Yes, I mainly cook Mexican or tex mex dishes. I did a ceviche the other day but forgot to take a picture.
  12. Jett looked good, as did the anime-looking Zelda ripoff. Generally thought it was pretty meh. I find it hard to get excited these days. Godfall looked fucking terrible. “Breathtaking Weapons!” Yeah I’m sure they are
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