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  1. @Davros sock drawer a million points to your house
  2. Wow I thought I had done all the content the game has to offer but
  3. It took me nearly a year to start FF7R after downloading it and I gave up after a couple of hours, I genuinely think it’s terrible.
  4. that's actually the worst part of any videogame, and the best part about Ghost of Tsushima. If you're following them, they match your speed ahead of you even if you start sprinting.
  5. i still remember my first Skyrim one-shot. It was at that tomb on the mountain (Bleak Falls Barrow) outside of Riverwood, and I was walking up and saw a bandit walking to the end of that suspended walkway that goes far out towards the cliff. He was just a few pixels tall. I fired a sneak shot, and the camera followed the arrow all the way up the mountain into the side of his head, at which point he fell off the walkway and disappeared from view. Truly amazing
  6. its certainly doable - there’s a PC mod that entirely reworks the balancing, and the modding community reports that it’s awesome.
  7. You can max out your Crit chance to 86%. You can reach 81% chance through perks, and a further 5% through mods. Some weapons have Crit chance already, so if you’re rolling with a weapon that has a high Crit chance you can spend those perks elsewhere, as equipping the weapon will boost you to 86% if you already have a base Crit chance of 36% (easy to do). Crit Damage stacks up to maximum 225%, which will mostly come from your perks because mods that give you CC or CD do not stack - if you equip one, the others don’t do anything. Bully is a great mod, as is Fortuna, but like I said equipping more than one of each is a waste. So your remaining mod slots should be taken up by things like Armadillo, Crunch etc. There is also a mod that gives you + 20% headshot damage, and a piece of cyberware that gives you +50% headshot damage. Also worth finding and equipping the mod that allows you to land silently. My build is not super tanky - my armor rating is great but not bananas; I prefer the mods that give you +19 movement speed because I like to move and flank a lot. Crouching behind desks is boring. Crit builds work with almost any weapon, because you’re doubling your damage output on 80% of your shots. However I think they really come into their own with rapid-fire weapons, because your DPS output will be way higher. I still use my revolver quite a lot because the alpha damage is disgusting regardless of critical hits, but it makes that even harder-hitting too. Utterly broken
  8. It’s a good tune although the lyrics are a bit contrived. RTJ isn’t really my thing but I love Killer Mike’s solo stuff I’ve finally finished all the side stuff and am going to ploughing through a couple of endings today. I’ve perfected my Crit build, and will post a video of me absolutely deleting crowds of people for your enjoyment. For anyone who wants a fun SMG that tears through people, Problem Solver is an Iconic Saratoga that delivers 1000rpm with an 85-round mag (Legendary version). It fires so rapidly that it almost sounds bugged. It needs the anti-recoil mod to be effective but it’s unbelievable when you upgrade it to its Legendary version. You get it from some asshole at the Wraith camp in Riders of the Storm
  9. Cheers yeah I went back and paid attention and it was wonderful.
  10. almost as funny as starting from the back and seeing how many you can beat unconscious before you’re discovered
  11. I had two cars on the same screen yesterday, I almost dropped my controller out of shock As soon as you’re allowed to do side quests and NCPD Scanner hustles, do a bunch. It will give you an idea of how you like to play and what to specialize in. If you specialize in a couple of different things you become unstoppable, if you become a jack of all trades you will be much less capable. There is no point, for instance, carrying an LMG if you have invested no points into Annihilation. Critical Chance & Damage is the best way to go for maximum output
  12. tbh sounds like something I would have said back in my paranoid drug days can I just add that I played this last night for 3 hours and I had an absolutely glorious time. I would definitely recommend waiting for current-gen update for anyone who hasn’t played it yet, as the traffic and pedestrian paucity is jarring in a city the size of Manhattan that is supposedly populated by 7 million. Plus maybe they will have fixed hair clipping through various jackets, which drives me round the bend.
  13. You can’t do it unless you’ve made a phone call, which requires that you’ve done a different side mission, which requires that you’ve reached a certain point in the story.
  14. It snowed heavily all day and no one came in. I didnt feel like doing anything
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