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  1. Ive never played a Yakuza game. Which one are you playing? Is it good?
  2. The combat is great, but the “feel” of the game is very Fisher-Price compared to the lonely dread and anxiety of the originals, and the plot is tone-deaf.
  3. Yes. Feels nice having some agency over a killer virus apocalypse tbh
  4. It doesn’t have reapers, but it does have a race of aliens who repurpose sentient beings into mindless drones for their army oh wait that’s reapers lmao
  5. Ok WT2 is definitely a step up in difficulty, at least until I get some slightly better gear and recalibrate it. Black Tusk AI seems better too, they’re smarter and more aggressive.
  6. I think it’s time to set my difficulty to hard, maybe. I did the Invaded Federal Bunker on Norma last night in about 20 minutes, went through 109 enemies like they were a stick of butter
  7. I finished the base game with a gear score of 299, so I should be set all the way through WT1
  8. Ok I’m about to do the last stronghold and start the endgame but there isn’t a good explanation online of how to be good at the endgame. I know Black Tusk swoops in and ruins everything etc but all this World Tier Gear Score shit sounds pretty stressful and grindy. Ive been having fun just finding the best thing available and rolling with that for a few hours. Do I need to Dark Zone and craft now? What’s happening
  9. Ok I absolutely love this game. At lvl 19, running around with a bolt-action rifle, police M4 I crafted, and a shotgun that does 12.5k damage. I was using the incinerator turret and assault drone, but switched to riot foam and sniper turret during the mission at the world bank (rescuing the president a block from my old workplace) as I kept getting flanked by mooks or rushed by the boss. Failed twice before I made the change, and once I did I went through everyone like they were sticks of butter. I have lots of mods etc by getting stuck into every project and side mission I could get my hands on. I was using the Kalashnikov LMG but switched to the M4 because it’s easier to land shots consistently and I have a scope that does 35% extra headshot damage. however I made the mistake of joining the subreddit, where people are talking about builds and drops and rolls and farms and rerolls and I have no idea what the fuck anyone is talking about. Is this endgame stuff? I’ve just been choosing gear more or less on what the armor level is, and choosing weapons that do high damage but also RPM and are controllable. Is there a link I can read that will explain all this super nerd meta spreadsheet stuff? I’m lost.
  10. I got caught in the open by the IMF building where I used to work, taking pictures, by a gaggle of mooks. They melted me instantly. The damage you take out of cover is astonishing
  11. Yup. I paid very little for it so I’ll just stop once I get sick of it.
  12. Solved by somersaulting away! I picked this up off Prime for $10, got it yesterday. 60gb download was a pain, but whatever. I am finding myself engrossed. Got super bored of the last one. When the music starts pumping ... God damn. Cracking out headshots and spraying fools with the SA80, swapping to my revolver if someone rushes and I’m out of ammo. Found my old place of employment on 14th and F, it’s a shambles
  13. Apex game just now. Kill leader with 12 kills, nearly the final circle, had the positioning and the cover, 4 of us squads left, all three hostile squads push our location at the same time and focus on us instead of each other. It was so close, down to the wire. I got out of there covering my escape with smoke and thermite, leaking like a sieve, make it to the respawn beacon ... Sniped by a charge rifle just before the bar filled up. nooooooo
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