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  1. Seeing as how my only encounters with Thargoids have been to run away, I don’t mind.
  2. Hmm. But the Russians are also using a LAZERRRR to bore a hole into a realm of nightmares and darkness, so that’s not strictly true. The infinitely deep elevator shaft was kind of played for laughs, or like the story takes place from the mind’s eye of a child (season 1 was basically a game of D&D transposed into real life) so we can probably allow them some comedic, artistic, or meta license or something in this case. Besides, if they had the contract to build the mall from scratch then it might be possible - maybe they built it at the bottom of an old mine shaft. Maybe they heard Lassie barking down there and exploited the opportunity.
  3. Right but 1. Lying to someone in a relationship is a huge misstep and these kids aren’t developed enough to communicate properly. Part of their development involves learning how to do that. 2. Joyce and Hopper are actually incredibly sweet, caring people who also happen to be bitter, scared, angry, stubborn, and volatile. 3. New Coke was an Extremely Big Deal when it happened (so I hear - I was minus 8 in 1982) and this seems to be a pretty hilarious satire of that whole argument. I hear you, but it doesn’t bother me. I laughed out loud at the person earlier who was complaining that the Russians would never have been able to build that base undetected. So that ruins the verisimilitude for you, but the psychic monster made out of reconstituted Indianans is A-OK?
  4. Right, like how Braveheart wouldn’t be the same if it was set in the modern day (it might be better lol) but alas, it’s telling a story from a particular era. Stranger Things is so much more than a nostalgia-ride relying on shit haircuts and an absolutely POUNDING 80s soundtrack. It’s using that new-technology, Red Dawn, nuclear energy hysteria along with the loneliness and isolation of rural American communities where there are like 3 police officers and the whole sense of civil order is being held together with ideas, a prayer, and duct tape, to heighten this paranormal, superstitious horror that just wouldn’t work today. Like, they have to split off and rely on radios to stay in contact, elevating fear, paranoia, and anxiety. In the 80s, although the US economy was booming, towns like Hawkins were hours from anywhere (there are still towns like that) and so it also plays into that sense of American Self-Reliance. So many epic 80s thrillers have these settings - half of The Fugitive, Rambo 1, Red Dawn, etc. No one’s coming to help, so you had better step up. I just binged the whole thing and I’m still sweating. Reminds me of these dusty old VHS tapes we used to watch in science class about nuclear energy and shit. If if it was 2019 Dusty would just live-stream the whole Russians with guns thing and the gate would be closed in 15 minutes. Does anyone get a real Edge of Darkness vibe from this? (The original, not the Mel Gibson abortion)
  5. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but the quick use of an inflation calculator tells me we’re only paying an extra £10/ $10 in real terms, as the last time I bought a game for £39.99 was in 2006 and inflation since then puts £40 at just over £50
  6. Might want to get that canopy repaired
  7. It’s important to remember a couple of things here: 1. Most of you are old. 2. Most of you (us) are British. Things have have changed since you were younger. My mum started dating my dad when she was 17 and he was 34. That was fine back then. In fact, his family’s objections weren’t “you’re too old for her, she’s barely legal and that’s weird”, it was “you have kids and she is young, she’ll be too wild to settle down and look after your children.” Nowadays, the age of consent and age gaps are much more of a big deal, especially on this side of the Atlantic.
  8. I literally am crying sitting on the toilet. This popped up on my FB feed and I came here to post it. I haven't cried in years. Anyone want to go to Michael’s Rest?
  9. It seems to have been designed by someone that has never played a platform game. The actual moving Lara around is fucking strange and irritating. She only jumps like half of the time, the rest of the time just dropping down and grabbing the ledge, and the levels are super linear. There’s none of the larger open areas like in the Legend era, where you were essentially given a goal and were told to get there. This is basically a corridor with nice backdrops. Also there is auto-aim for ledges for some reason so she will start to strafe diagonally to grab a ledge in midair Combat is shit too. Still sort of enjoying it though. It’s like a terrible interactive movie.
  10. Can’t wait to get stuck back into this with the boys. My play has improved a lot, and it’s mainly positioning and competence but that has benefited from my aim improving and my ability to keep cool(er) in a situation and not panic. The scores of times I’ve been outplayed have taught me a lot. There’s still no cure for starting out with a gray shield, alternator, and prowler with no select fire and finding fuck all else though i really like that the Elite ring is more or less instakill, it adds some real urgency to the proceedings and encourages a drop into the hot zone to test your skills immediately rather than going for a jog for ten minutes and then getting wiped. I had a great save the other day - @Polmon and I were leaving runoff via the redeploy and he got downed in midair by the ring. I made it out, healed, and then punched a tunnel to get most of the way to his Banner, picked it up, went Into the Void to avoid ring damage, back through the tunnel to safety with barely any health left. Then we immediately got murdered upon respawn One thing I’ve noticed is that I am way better if I’m playing with super competent people. It’s not that I’m just mopping up after them, but more like if I am playing with good people I can trust them to have some of the angles covered while I focus on my opponents, so I’m less likely to get flanked or focused on. There was this one dude we played with the other day who was fucking deranged - constantly pushing, getting us into scrapes, flanking, murdering, having our backs. One can only dream. I may be misgendering the guy because he was playing as Pathfinder and the only sound that came down his mic was this weird mechanical buzzing every now and again. Perhaps we were playing with DeepMind or something.
  11. I was an Xbox fanboy all through the 360 years and couldn’t play on a PS pad, having made the switch from PS2. Then I got the PS4 because the GTA community on here was strong (or at least, it existed) and tried to play my gf’s brother’s Xbox One this year and was like what am I doing lol. I guess what im saying is you get used to what you get used to, and I’m a slut. All controllers are fucking shit anyway, I’m holding out for neural link or some Matrix contraption.
  12. Fucking cunts. We definitely did not steal rare retro games before they were destroyed - we definitely, definitely did not do that.
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