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  1. Good. The rocket-spewing bikes were fun for a minute but fairly game-breaking. Stopped playing it shortly after buying one. Too much griefing to get anything done. this, on the other hand, is finally shaping up to be fantastic. I love the shit out of it. The collectibles take you to really awesome random locations, great for sightseeing, the trading is super relaxing, the bounty hunting can be tense and fun. The daily challenges have me doing things I’d never think to do, and keep it super fresh. I love stalking deer along the river in big valley. Can’t wait to see what content they add.
  2. I think I posted this before but make sure you do all or at least some of your daily challenges. If you get a streak going the multiplier is great. Currently I make 3.5 gold bars + 1.5 gold bar bonus for doing them all and there are rewards for doing your role challenges also. You can view those by scrolling right in the challenge menu.
  3. 1. Yes, but there’s no penalty for failure so you can just start another one. You can drop off carcasses at the table while on a mission. 2. With luck, or difficulty. Many “missions” - resupply, Sale, some bounties - kick you into solo session
  4. They did patch the physics recently, it made me start playing again. Yeah that’s maddening. If you’re struggling to find animals, do a resupply mission - it will put you in a solo session and you can hunt to your heart’s content surrounded by wildlife. Also, if Cripps won’t set up a camp, try hopping into a solo session. This is why I always focus on camp stuff at the beginning of of the play session - your carcasses disappear if you session hop to get a new camp.
  5. No news re: Red Dead, sadly. Would be cool if the whole environment was whited out like in the intro.
  6. None. Almost completed RDR2 but lost interest.
  7. I use wraith to revive, or rescue banners You can fool people into falling off cliffs with her too
  8. Don’t you hate those games where you feel like you’re constantly on the back foot, scratching for shitty loot and trying to outrun the ring. The space between a good game and a panicked, outplayed one is the width of a knife’s edge. Probably why it’s so addictive.
  9. Last time I quit playing video games I was about 9x more productive and also about 9x more miserable. The only thing I thought about the entire time was playing video games.
  10. I regularly play games on the hardest difficulties with the worst weapons. One example was far cry 2 with the starting pistol and shotgun. Nails hard. Everything always went wrong.
  11. I fucking loved that game. Combat was terrible though, which should have been no surprise. It’s called DRIV3R, not SHOOT3R
  12. DO NOT pass on it. I’ve played a handful of times the last week or so and I leveled up to rank 70 so far. It’s extremely quick and you make all your gold back and then some. The pass just gives you money for ranking up.
  13. Think I’ll give this a go tomorrow. I got stuck back into Red Dead Online now that’s it’s half decent
  14. It was good craic that’s for sure. Probably the worst paid job I’ve ever had in my life. It was like a bubble of arrested development where we just fucked about constantly. Do you remember that time I hid your coat in an Xbox box and put it on the wall with the rest of the consoles.
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