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  1. Nah, can't see Meh doing that. Probably to busy stroking his 360.
  2. It's that realism which lately keeps it from being fun actually. GTA4 is a very good example of this for me. Vice City had that beautiful 80's charm and than completely took the piss out of it. GTA4 however is set in the modern day and though i appreciated Weasel News and such, it just wasn't GTA for me anymore because it took itself way too seriously at times(not helpt by the fact that it was a very clichéd plot. Not for video games, but definitely in other media). EDIT: but of course to each their own indeed!
  3. Yes, yes, yes. Barren line-up indeed. Really, it's irritating to see that the only "hardcore" game you people are going to get is Animal Crossing. Nintendo can be very frustrating in actually understanding it's audience. As for me: i've become bored with the other 2 console's. Xbox 360, PS3. The only thing that makes keep these is the fact that sooner or later SF4 and Dead Rising will come out for it along with games such as The new Prince of Persia and maybe a sequel to Crackdown(which would in fact be AWESOME). But for anything related to all that modern realistic crap i say: No thanks. What's the thing that keeps me excited for the Wii? Right now i would say: Wii Music. No i don't hate GH or RB. Yes i still have common sense(though most would disagree with me now) but it actually looks like what i'm always looking for in games. Fun. That's all i want. The problem with Guitar Hero and Rock Band for me is really the fact that i have too follow the damn music 1:1. Yes in Wii Music the game does this for you. But it also allows me too experiment with the music and that is something i really like about it. Not a poular opinion but oh well. But we were talking about line-ups? What about the Wii's line up for 2009? It already looks fan-fucking-tastic with games such as: -Punch Out -Sin and Punishment 2 -Fragile(YES!) -Let's Tap -Endless Ocean 2 -Wii Sports Resort -Madworld -Muramasa: The Demon Blade -Another Code Wii -Pikmin 3 -Tales of Symphonia 2 -WiiWare firing up. I'd say that looks quite the business. Altough that's just coming from an optimist( I.E. fanboy but that was already clear wasn't it? )
  4. HarMGM

    Wii Music

    Fuck those two! I can already see myself conducting that superb from Rosetta's Comet Odservatory(sorry for being so rude by the way, just love that lovely little piece of music).
  5. So uhm, anyone playing Tetris Party already? I heard some good things about it actually. But i'm still kind of doubting to buy it sooo....info please?
  6. Personally i'm not having any trouble with the game mechanics. It's just that i'm missing all of those lovely tidbits of dialogue. And for crap's sake! LET THAT FUCKING MECHA-DRAGO DIE WITH HIS LAST ATTACK. The campfire scene was however very lovely. :)
  7. Blu3Flame: Slot 1 flash card? 3 in 1? Where can i get these ?
  8. Bah, this is virtually unplayable on an emulator! God this would be so much better if a had a flash card. Anybody got some good recommendations on those or on some programs to put the damn game on? EDIT: very lovely game though
  9. Wait a minute...they're also going to do Mother 1+2 now? Oh my indeed. :D :D
  10. Thanks for the tips. Now then, can anybody explain to me wehn the hell they explain the basics of that rythem combat to you?
  11. Oh God, Oh jesus. Soooooooooo excited!!!! First Mother game i'm about to play. Just one question. I'm playing on the VBA-M (Visual Boy Advance and i can't find out which buttons of the GBA are mapped to the buttons of my keyboard. Does anyone know this? Otherwise: EXCITED!
  12. HarMGM

    De Blob

    By god i hope not. Personally i'm hoping that this is the only one for now. Christ, this industry is already lacking enough originality as it is.
  13. Probably has to do with the fact that there haven't been any major games for the damn thing since...Phantom Hourglass? In other news: Added camera? Can somebody say Gameboy camera reinvention?
  14. HarMGM

    De Blob

    Finally, a proper Third-party Wii game that isn't from a japanese developer. This game is *amaze*! Really, never expected it to be this good. It's simple but in addictive in a way that i haven't seen on the Wii yet. The whole painting the town thing is done brilliantly and thanks to the music it really makes you want to try diffrent colours seeing as that you get diffrent layers of music with a diffrent colour. But it's mainly the graphical style that makes this. The menu alone feels fresh and hip. And agian the gameply is simply adactive in such a way that i'd call this the Tetris of the Wii. Wouldn't be too surprised if this goes from *cult-hit* too sleeper-hit. And the music is just.
  15. What's this i'm hearing of an incomplete Kotor 2 ending? Can somebody please provide a link? A little off-topic but like a lot of people i too love to see Kotor finished properly.
  16. Been looking forward to this quite some time now. I've seen some of the recent trailers and it looks absolutely lovely. :lol: And yet i couldn't find any topic at all for this little beauty. Since this is one of the few hardcore titles we're going to get from Nintendo themselves, i'm quite surprised by this. I've quite enjoyed the last few Fire Emblem games with both The Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance being my fave's. Radiant Dawn however is not yet in my possesion. Sooooo....who's looking forward to this as well? Or you can just watch the damn trailers i guess. </a>
  17. Oh dear, I'm sorry to say this then but I actually agreed with him on the whole Immersion thing. Sure there was enough interesting terrain in Oblivion but it took so long to get there that it was just plain ridiculous. Wind Waker sufferd from this as well with all the sailing. It just got boring. But then again, what do i know?
  18. Who ever said there won't be an Up teaser with Wall-E? It just wasn't stated on the website. That's all.
  19. Thank god that i'm not the only one who thouht that BOTH Kill Bill movies where effing BRILLIANT! In my opinion, everything he's done since Pulp Fiction has been a few notches up from his previous work because of his obvious enthusiasm for his subject matter. Looking forward to this aswell. According to Tarantino himself it's the best thing he's ever written.
  20. How about we wait and see if this is 2D instead of that 3D bollocks that we got on the PS2 eh?
  21. Yes, yes, yes, yes, OH FUCKING HELL YESSSSSSS!!!!! I Loved the original. Please let it be every bit as enchanting as the firs one. Also, why all the bitching of the more realistic style that i'm seeing in and out of forums? It seems only logical seeing as that the cartoony style of the original was mainly done to accustome to the console power of the day. Seeing as the PS3 and 360 have vastly improved rendering capabilities, it seems only like the obvious step to give it a more "realistic" kind off style.
  22. Indeed, nothing wrong with Turn-Based. It's just the rest of the shit that we get stuck down our throats in you're typical JRPG that's getting on my nerves. Christ, another one of those shite fantasy world epics and methinks i am going to seriously harm someone! >: (
  23. Dear fucking God YESSSSS!!!!! The creations of Henson are superb. How dare you say that they've lost some of their genius! Sesame Street is after all these decades still fucking ace! But then again, we have every Muppet Movie after A Muppet Christmas Carol and that 90's muppet series that was shit. So yeah...maybe you are right about them losing their touch. My favourite movie of Henson himself would have to be The Dark Crystal. Genius execution of a genius idea.
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