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  1. You do know that your avatar only adds to your post right?
  2. This. Really, even for a HUGE Wii apologist like me, the amount of shovelware is just....UGH.
  3. Best NDS Game Bangai-O-Spirits Professor Layton Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Best Xbox 360 Game GTA 4 Ninja Gaiden 2 Fable 2 Allthough i'm gonna have to mention the fact that this one is rather bare bones seeing as that i haven't played GoW2 or Fallout 3. Best Wii Game Wii Music Fuck the haters Super Smash Bros. Brawl No More Heroes Best Technical Achievement Wii Fit Excellent use of an excellent peripheral. Best Developer Capcom Consistently giving us great games through the whole year. Valve for actually making me to want to play a shooter. Left 4 Dead looks awesome! EA For actually giving us some IP's that we can care about. Looking forward to Dante's Inferno guys! Hall of Shame Nintendo: Thanks for fucking up an awesome game with THE most shit E3 presentation EVER! Rockstar and Take Two: Liked GTA4 ALOT but couldn't help but feel that it was severly overhyped. Sony: Still not good enough in terms of games line-up and Home is just piss poor shit. Most Wanted Game Of 2009 FRAGILE!!! Street Fighter 4 Pikmin 3 Best Overall Game of the Year Wii Music Professor Layton Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
  4. I just hope the sequel's gonna contain some actual good old fashioned platforming though. With levels THAT big, how awesome wouldn't it be to stomp around them with Dinosaur Banjo?
  5. HarMGM

    Nobi Nobi Boy

    We Love Kirby Galaxy? ... ...actually, that sounds worth the price of a PS3 alone.
  6. Christ you people can bitch and moan. I thought this was a sales thread not a "Xbox versus PS3" thread.
  7. And mr. Ratkos just gave the thread an extra air of nostalgia brilliance. Memories of a little 8 year old that's fishing on his N64 are coming back to my mind.
  8. Is it by any chance coming to the west? (why do i have a feeling the answer is going to be no? ) EDIT: never mind(must read my forums better. )
  9. I do Jarik. It's just that the upcoming KH aren't exactly giving me thrill up the leg. I mean the "main" installment is coming out for the PSP next(which i don't have and don't plan on buying either ) The DS one sounds like it plays like all kinds of horrible. And Chain of Memories i already own on the GBA and i'm not the biggest fan of "double dipping". No doubt that it's all kinds of awesome though. The GBA one was aces.
  10. Well good then. This looks all kinds of ace.
  11. I'm actually thinking of getting this now that Christas time is approaching and with i just had to ask: I kinda stopped Thai Boksing lately but i'm thinking of going back to it and coupled with Wii Fit, how much weight am i actually going to lose with it? I know it's not a gym in a small package but still.
  12. So no chance that this will play any good with a normal 360 controller then?
  13. Oh good, i've really been looking forward to this one. I daresay even more so than i've ever anticipated Wall-E.
  14. HarMGM

    Wii Music

    Bastard, you should have left Wii Fit at the store so i could have gotten it. I need the excersize.
  15. Bungie and Rare didn't have the gazillions of dollars that Sony has made from the PS1 and PS2. Sega had to make a ten year loss in money before it decided to quit the hardware business. Things do change but only every two generations or so when it comes to hardware companies. EDIT: never mind then, northy and Harsin have just proven me quite wrong. Depends on the games you're talking about really. If you take a look on the high profile third party games for the hardcore such as NMH and Zack and Wiki than you have a point. But it's not a coincidence that something like Guitar Hero 3 sold the most units on the Wii.
  16. HarMGM

    Wii Music

    Why thank you mr. Beaver. You're version of "Every Breath you take" was also very good!
  17. HarMGM

    Wii Music

    Agree about the rythems and i'll go on and say that the whole percussion part of the game is a wee bit broken. Very annoying annoying actually
  18. Gah, this is only tempting me in digging up my N64 and playing the game once more! I need my Banjo Tooie too. Sold the original one.
  19. Christ. If that music is ANY indication of the quality of the soundtrack it's a fucking instant buy!
  20. Just because there is a difference in HD versus SD doesn't make one lesser. Any decent graphical achievement should come from art direction and not from technical aspects such as bloom, amount of ploygons, etc., etc. . If can name one such example it's definately Shadow of the Collosus.
  21. So are we getting World of Goo on WiiWare or do we really need to buy it full priced?
  22. What i just want to know: is this getting the realtime combat that part IX is getting on the DS? If yes than PRE-ORDER ORDERD. If not than PRE-ORDER CANCELLED!.
  23. HarMGM


    Please God, let it be... Crackdown was all sorts of awesome.
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