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  1. If I had to guess, I'd imagine that Legends was supposed to release in 2021 originally but got pushed to 2022 due to COVID. Would explain why the Gen 4 remakes were much smaller in scope.
  2. Would love to know how they plan on enforcing that. "Oh my god, Ioved Switch Sports". Boom, DMCA.
  3. A lot of people will mention Ghostbusters and rightfully so, but Kindergarten Cop was easily one of my fave Arnold movies when I was a kid.
  4. Didn't notice too big of a difference between Joy-Con and Motion Plus myself. The latter required plenty of recalibration in stuff like Wii Sports Resort.
  5. I’d expect something on the level of Motion Plus.
  6. Revealed in the Nintendo Direct a few days ago, this is the 4th entry in the 'Sports' series that began with Wii Sports(2006). The first game is what made the Wii such a breakout hit. Years after it released, we were still seeing clones of it appear on the Wii and even rival consoles when Kinect and Move reared their head around the corner. After the disappointing Wii Sports Club(2013), Nintendo seems to be making an effort again this time around. Whether it reaches the heights of the original or its successor Wii Sports Resort(2009) remains to be seen. But Nintendo seems a lot more confident in this one then the last one. If anyone's interested in getting a taste on how Good/Bad this may turn out, then an online playtest is scheduled to go live from the 18th to the 20th of February that people can download via the e-shop. Anyone up for a new round of Tennis?
  7. Are we seriously pretending this won't get a physical release over here in Europe? For the record: Nintendo is publishing this for Square worldwide. Europe is getting physical. End of.
  8. It's hard to watch that interview in the tweet above and not see this aquisition as simply Microsoft deciding to become the biggest third party publishers in the industry instead of being a platform holder. Gamepass is no doubt incredibly important for them going into the future. But being so explicit in mentioning Minecraft as your blueprint for what comes next has to be a sign of where MS wants to go as a gaming company I'd say.
  9. Seeing that MK8 Deluxe's DLC is just MK Tour's tracks ported over is kind of a bummer. Should have known that €25 for 48 tracks was too good to be true. On the other hand: paying €25 to experience MK Tour's tracks without having to be tied to being always online is a pretty massive bonus.
  10. Considering the original sales pitch of the Switch was “let us resell you the NES, SNES, N64 and Wii U but now in Hybrid format!” I can’t really see a problem here. Nor why certain members were clamoring for this stuff 5 years ago and are now non plussed about it because it doesn’t have shiny new hardware backing it.
  11. A few months ago, I finally got a Steam Account. The Steam Deck announcement made me realize that we would never get Portal on a Nintendo system. So I got an account and bought two of my favourite games of all-time. Then this Direct happened. And now I want Portal 1+2 for my Switch Lite. #betterondeck? More like #perfectforswitch @Mr. Gerbik!
  12. September for XC3 is insane. Did not see that coming.
  13. There's a surprising amount of systems in this regarding gameplay. Would have been easy to do "Kirby! Now in 3D!" and call it a day after copy abilities got added in. But now we have mouthfull mode and evolved copy abilities. Feels like this is a bigger game then expected.
  14. I need to rewatch this. Again. And again. There was too much to keep up. Nintendo should just pull out of E3, they're not going to top this. They didn't even so much as mention BOTW2. Or Bayo 3. Or Mario+Rabbids 2. The fuck.
  15. Douglas Adams was wrong. The correct answer to life, the universe and everything was always:
  16. For €24,99 no less. We're getting a new MK for less then half the price. Also, ha ha at the people who called me a sucker for buying the N64 Switch Online for €40. Who's laughing now suckers!
  17. Mario Kart having DLC untill the end of 2023 means they're pretty serious about no successor in sight.
  18. What stands out is just how soon everything releases. A Wii Sports sequel and Mario Strikers sequel and Kirby and Live a Live and Mario Kart DLC before the fucking end of July.
  19. The fuck is this Direct? This is stuff you would normally save for a whole year of announcements!
  20. Hmmm, the above tweet is Mother creator Shigesato Itoi retweeting the Direct announcement. Every now and then, that's a sign that something related to that creator will make an appearance in the Direct.
  21. Downsizing? Nintendo and its various partner studios have been pretty stable in terms of the amount of people working there for the past 10/20 years. You could say that they should have hired more people as they started the switch to HD, but downsizing has not been one of their problems.
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