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  1. *clears throat* Well then, here we are for the first update regarding the weekly Famitsu sales figures. Don't know for how long we'll be doing this. but we'll find out together. Apologies for the late update, my job got a bit in the way. Anyways, let's move on to the numbers. All of this comes from Installed Base from the ever thorough Chris1964, who's been compiling this data for over a decade by now. And next up we have (EDIT: made it more easily readable. Thanks for the tip!): Hardware: this week last week last year YTD Last YTD LTD NSW 64.839 65.322 99.118 1.910.468 2.606.756 24.829.969 PS5 14.277 2.693 16.264 411.780 487.576 1.635.115 XBS 7.131 6.225 1.176 83.350 13.532 212.008 3DS 256 235 376 6.919 13.702 24.594.367 PS4 20 22 1.298 347 70.496 9.395.291
  2. Happy to oblige @Stanley! Look out for the charts next week.
  3. Oh make no mistake, it IS remarkable. What the series X/S has just done hasn't happened since the 360 days. And you're right to mention how more appealing the series S is compared to the PS5. What I'm talking about shows how much Sony has taken Japan for granted and how that's left a vacuum for another competitor to fill. Another reason for the Series X/S to become more popular may also be Minecraft. The Switch version has been raking it in for the past couple of years, selling close to 2,5 million copies in Japan alone. It's made Microsoft more known as a videogames brand then ever before. For those interested in the full jp charts this week: Hardware Courtesy of Installed Base, the place where the entire sales community from Resetera went after a blow-up last year.
  4. A little bit of column A(shortages) and a little bit of column B(all in on Switch). But what's been really dreadfull for the PS5 has been software sales. The attach rate for software is still under 1.0 game per console. Only recently has there been a release that's managed to climb above 100k in the physical charts.
  5. 1. Donkey Kong (1994 video game) 2. Chrono Trigger 3. Pokémon Black and White 4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 5. Wii Sports 6. Super Mario Odyssey 7. Resident Evil 4 8. Splatoon 9. The World Ends With You 10. Minecraft 11. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors 12. Paper Mario The Origami King 13. Super Monkey Ball 14. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 15. Shadow of the Colossus 16. Portal 17. The Sims 18. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 19. Ring Fit Adventure 20. Alien Isolation This was a right bastard to get down to 20. Had to cut way too many games out for this. *grumble*
  6. I loved the scene between Howard and his wife at the start. One of those scenes where you can turn the sound off and just focus on body language and the overall energy and you totally get where these two stand in regards to each other. Painfull and sad for Howard. Poor guy.
  7. Oh dear, no single mention of the incredible 'Gravity Falls'? A show whose influence on children's television is only becoming more obvious as time goes on. That and the fact its bloody amazing.
  8. Some of the teasers and trailers have me thinking that:
  9. This is pretty amazing marketing wise. They get the tone of these shows exactly right.
  10. Thought this was very decent and easily the best Scream sequel since 2. Not very scary but the series has never been that scary. I do agree that the kills aren't that inventive, but the way the movie expands on the Ghostface phonecalls is really nice. A big plus is that it's one of those sequels that doesn't ignore the shit ones, going so far to reference characters from Scream 3 even. I liked it more then Scream 4 as well. That film felt incredibly small in scale. As if the series had nowhere left to go. 5 turns it up a few notches, feeling more in line with Scream 1 and 2 in the high stakes department, coming up with some new plot threads to expand the series.
  11. Ninja Hideaway is an amazing track that ranks up with the best of the series. Shroom Ridge has been the biggest surprise for me. Toad’s Turnpike except not shit.
  12. I'm still waiting for the entire DLC to drop before I drop the money for it. But untill then I'll be sure to keep paying for the Switch Online expansion pack. Also, ripped from the Famiboards there's a nice comparison shot between Paris Promenade in Tour vs MK8D. For those thinking these are just simple copy paste jobs.
  13. Looks fine to me. Certainly not up to the visual standard set by MK8 but still fine. This DLC is essentially the only offline version of Tour we'll be getting for now. €25 for that is nice.
  14. One of the best things about this show is how it's structured around: WARNING: massive spoilers in the above spoiler. DO NOT OPEN unless you've watched S3 and one of the best episodes of S5.
  15. One thing that springs to mind is how much Reeves locks into a pretty key aspect of Batman's rogues gallery: that they're all miror images of him in some way. Burton understood this the best when he made Batman Returns, whatever problems comic book fans have with that film. After Burton though, no other filmmaker seemed to be interested in that part of Batman's mythos. Schumacher and Nolan pretty much ignoring that aspect of the character. But here it rears its head again, in full force as we see the big villain(s) mirroring Bruce in all sorts of uncomfortable ways.
  16. Decided to go see this again yesterday. I was kind of dreading it because of the movie’s length and general pace. Happy to say that this holds up on a rewatch and even improved. The flaws are still visible but the overall tone of the thing sucks you in. This is the first Batman film where the world of Batman is successfully brought to the big screen. The biggest plus for me is just Batman’s evolving relationship to the police throughout the film. Genuine tension in the first crime scene investigation and by the end he’s more or less accepted and it just felt like a natural evolution in the story.
  17. I've now realised I've been saying that wrong for years.
  18. Okay, finally back so I can post a more extensive review. Overall, The Batman is a terrific comic-book film that manages to convince in ways Batman Begins didn't back when that film landed back in 2005. It's not perfect and has some notable problems, but it sticks the landing on so many important fronts that I can recommend this film quite easily over the past few Justice League films, BvS, The Dark Knight Rises and even Batman Begins. Don't skip this if you're into Batman or if you like Matt Reeves his previous films. Starting with the problems, the film has quite a few clunky scenes in which one character explains the plot multiple times so that the audience gets what's going on and the film can paper over a few plotholes in regards to the mystery story it's telling. A bit of a shame to see which actor gets stuck with that job (Geoffrey Wright as an otherwise fantastic Jim Gordon who's very clearly had enough of his days on the force). The film also has some severe issues with actually ending, with at least 2 scenes feeling like a good point to end the film...after which it goes on for a couple of extra minutes. Not perfect, although it does lead to the main villain actually delivering on his threat rather then being set-up for the sequel. Riddler feels like a proper big Batman villain whilst still retaining his more intimate cat and mouse game qualities. Action wise the film is a step up from the Nolan movies although the big chase sequence winds up being... fine? Nothing awful but a bit of a damp squid. A shame because the Batmobile's reveal is amazing. Visually, the action is tremendously varied but you can tell Reeves is new to this. Then the positives: this is a Batman film that is clearly in love with the world of Batman and not just the Caped Crusader himself. Gotham City has finally returned as a character. Clearly based on NYC but put through a much more gothic filter. It also seems as though the production design is trying to do something similar as BTAS and combines a modern day aesthetic with a more old time one. But next to Gotham City, we have Jim Gordon and the police force feeling fleshed out. The relationship between Batman, Gordon and the police overall starting very tense and generally getting more at ease with each other throughout the film. Then the Penguin and Gotham City's underworld being represented. One thing to note her is that whilst the film is hyper realistic, the tone is very clearly pulp. Far more pulp then the Nolan or Snyder movies. Penguin is played as if he escaped from the 90's Dick Tracy movie and he has various henchmen who al have their own little quirks. It nice to see that Reeves, while keeping it real, isn't ashamed to show this character and his world for the pulpy 1930's/1940's fun that it is. The same can be said for Paul Dano's Riddler as the Zodiac Killer. I was afraid that when the mask came of the character would appear as boring laid-back villain #497. But if anything, when the mask goes off is when he REALLY starts to shine with a great interrogation scene between him and Pattison's Batman. Speaking of which, we have a much more vulnerable Batman this time as well and Pattison's casting finally made sense when I saw the film. This is a Batman who's not just making mistakes, but clearly doesn't realise what his presence in Gotham means. The film's overall story is about Wayne coming to terms with what his presence means and as a story arc I found it much more convincing then quite a few of the previous Batman films. It's often said that the character least explored in these films is Batman himself, but that's not the case her. There's other stuff I can think of that was pretty good. This is the first time since Batman Forever that we've had a Batman film interested in sex for instance. Certainly a much hornier film then the sexless Nolan stuff. The music is damn good and film LOOKS amazing. I can recommend it over any superhero film in the past 4 years, easily. 4/5 stars.
  19. No, there was an intermission during which I typed that. Happy to say my positive first impressions held up all the way throughout the film. Particular standout being Dano as the Riddler.
  20. In the middle of this and the first half of this has pleasantly surprised me. Moody, singular in its approach to the material and great standout performances from the entire cast. Reeves has essentially translated The Long Halloween to the big screen without having to lose any of the story’s character. Also, Gotham City is an actual character again.
  21. Fuecoco has been the first time since torchic that I’ve wanted to choose the fire starter off the bat.
  22. I'm not to sure the whole "too much Pokémon, too similar" applies all that much to the current situation of the series to be honest. The RPG's released so far have all been pretty different compared to each other. LGPE going for a classic experience mixed in with Go-like features, SwSh continuing to iterate upon Sun/Moon, then BD/SP offering easily the most paired down 'classic' experience of the bunch and finally Arceus breaking in a pretty big way with previous series convention in terms of structure, flow and overall gameplay. Looking from the outside I can understand it looks like the series is being spammed to death quite heavily but the last four games have all felt very different from each other. BDSP feeling like the least inspired because it was pretty much 1:1 with its DS forebear. The new mainline entries following in the footsteps of Arceus and going all in on being explicity open-world creates another entry that's pretty differentiated from the rest.
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