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  1. But that's exactly the problem. Despite the consumer trend going towards phones and handhelds, Sony never tried to go along with that trend and invest more in its handheld division. Instead you saw a general *shrug* from management and it deciding to invest more in its consoles. I agree that the switch towards mobile/handheld is coming from marketshare, but it's not like Sony couldn't have put out a product that would've benefitted from that trend (say a Hybrid-like revision of the PS3/PS4 to compete with the Switch). However, there seems to be no interest from Sony in that. Even d
  2. I wouldn't say those games are going to go away entirely from the platform, no. But as the focus on Playstation goes more and more towards AAA games, you will be seeing those games make their debuts less and less on the platform. Think Disgaea 6 going exclusive to the Switch in the west, only to be later released for Playstation. It's a general shift in focus more then a complete disappearance. But it will mark Playstation as more of a AAA gaming brand rather then a "big tent" type brand it used to be.
  3. I don't believe I said anything to the contrary so... what's your point?
  4. I'd say simply handwaving away Sony's reduced focus on Japan is doing a disservice to some great Japanese games. Wether we're talking about big guns like the Resi series and MGS, or wether you're talking about smaller, independent stuff like Disgaea. Playstation always felt like a brand where you could get a full breadth of content on one platform. Regardless of scope. I think the issue with a reduced focus on Japan isn't so much that it's Japan=good and the rest=bad games. It's more that with Western third parties, everything has gone the way of AAA. Only indie developers provide
  5. There's at least two things to keep in mind regarding the technical state of the game: -This is the earliest we've seen a mainline Pokémon game before it's release in quite some time. Most of the new gens have typically been shown of about 6 to 9 months before launch. If this launches in March 2022 then Game Freak has a lot of time to fix any potential issues. Especially considering this trailer was probably made with an earlier build of the game. -Quite a number of games on the Switch were revealed much closer to release then this and also got significant visual upgrades befo
  6. Whilst I’m looking forward to it, i’d say the current footage is a definite showing why Pokèmon chasing the Triple A model is not a good idea. Game Freak aren’t up to the task and Pokèmon as a series brings an inherent scale problem with it.
  7. One other thing to consider here is a statistic I saw on Resetera the other day. Apparently, Sony funded close to 200 games in Japan during the PSOne days. But by the time you got to the PS3, budgets had skyrocketed so much that Sony was able to only fund 35 games for the entire gen. And from there it went even further down with the PS4 and now the PS5.
  8. Anybody watching the Pokémon Presents in the next hour? 'Cause there's been one hell of a leak.
  9. The physical release of this means I'm getting in on the action as well. Have heard some great things so I'm looking forward to it.
  10. Seeing people in the Direct thread call this game blurry and low res was some utterly bizarre shit after all the speculation of this running on possible Switch Pro hardware. People were really trying to downplay everything on offer because they didn't get their Zeldas and Metroids.
  11. One thing that's making me excited to play it is the news that the file size is double the originals on Wii. On the Wii, SS was about 3,5/3,6 GB whereas the file on Switch is over 7,5 GB. XCDE went from 6,5 GB to over 13 GB on Switch so it could suggest more has been changed and added to the game then the initial reveal has given away.
  12. I've seen it brought up in this thread and the Direct one that we shouldn't expect this to sell as good as other Switch ports. Well... Consider the following the first dent in that narrative: https://twistedvoxel.com/zelda-skyward-sword-hd-amazon-best-sellers-stock/
  13. Whilst the price is quite ridiculous, I'm finding myself quite tempted by this to be honest. A lot of the comments on how ugly it looks seem to skip over the fact that the base game is simply one of the ugliest Zelda games ever made. Also, whilst Nintendo hasn't said anything yet about improvements made to the overall game, there is at least one thing that this version have over the original that Nintendo hasn't highlighted yet. The original game ran at 30 FPS. From the footage released so far, this seems to be 60FPS. It took Nintendo a while to start talking about improvements mad
  14. Looking at the reaction to this Direct I think I'm at the point where I'd rather see Nintendo stop doing the General Direct all together and focus on a mixture of franchise/game specific Directs, Partner Directs and the occasional shadow drop trailer. Last year was amazing to see Paper Mario and Age of Calamity get shadow dropped and get a whole day of discussion focused around. With general directs, I've seen it happen one to many times that big announcements are ignored because the overall presentation was meh. This particular Direct is one example but another was back in Septemb
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