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  1. Can't wait to get this. According to some earlier leaks, this will be getting a physical Switch realease in the US and Japan but not Europe. Thankfully the Switch is region free.
  2. Yeah, the 'new game in development' news is a bit thin. This piece is more about highlighting which way Sony is seemingly going by focusing more on big established brands and studios rather then offering up a little bit of everything. A shame, I've always enjoyed the more off-beat stuff from Sony. Hopefully they reconsider.
  3. To my knowledge that 4 million number does in fact contain downloadable versions, Capcom always include them in their shipped number. Plus, they have an investors call coming up this week so they have no reason to present lower numbers that what they actually sold/shipped. Still, 4 million in three days puts in in the same ballpark as the 3DS entries whih were on the market for years. Rise is only going to go higher. I'd expect a lifetime number around 7 or 8 million sold/shipped units for the Switch version alone which will help persuade more third parties to invest more in develo
  4. Very good result, shows that World's succes was not just a one of and has raised MH's profile as a franchise worldwide.
  5. Gah, I want to get into this but just as this came out the last Paper Mario game has sunk its claws into me and won't let go. Played the demo and the intro mission in the full base game and I'm looking foward to joining you lot hopefully later on.
  6. EDIT: Tweet I linked to wasn't as big of a deal as i thought so nvm on that. Expectations of this thing are through the roof so I'll just reiterate what I've gleamed: -DLSS enabled, both docked and undocked. -Xbox One S level of power in Docked mode. Without DLSS that is. -Exclusive games will come to the Pro but mainly in the form of Third Party games not yet ported to Switch (think RDR2, GTA5, FF7R, KH3, etc.). Maaaaaaybe some Nintendo games but only after 2-3 years. -Can reach 4K in terms of resolution. And yes, this is a gamechanger for mobile an
  7. I wouldn't worry about Nintendo re-releasing older Switch games as Pro exclusive ones. That would make the revision a new console with its own install base and software ecosystem which will never be as big as the base Switch. No doubt they'd do it if they thought they would get away with it but doing something like this would kneecap a Switch Pro to the same fate as the Wii U. I also wouldn't expect Pro upgrades for existing games to cost any money either. For one, we're already seeing DLSS upgrades being added for free to existing PC games such as Nioh 2, Control, Death Stranding,
  8. The closest scenario we have to this is the Gamecube, the last Nintendo console to get most of the big third party multiplatform games at the time. The big exception being the GTA games. In any case, if you look at game prices for older NGC games today, it's still the Nintendo published games that sell for the highest prices. Sunshine sells for close to its launch price despite that being a generation where plenty of developers made big 3D platformers, for instance.
  9. Why not try the demo in the e-shop and judge performance for yourself?
  10. A big difference with today vs 20 years ago (when you could still find plenty of Nintendo games at bargain bin prices) is that Nintendo is still making plenty of games in genres that the rest of the gaming industry has moved on from. Whilst we still have Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank and Spyro the Dragon coming out from time to time, the rest of the gaming industry has moved on from 3D platformers. Leaving Mario as the only 3D platformer with a significant effort behind it on the market. Whilst you can get plenty of JRPG's on other systems, it's only on Nintendo systems that y
  11. Went back to it as well a couple of months ago and after not liking it initially... yeah, I like it a lot more now as well. Looking forward to Splatoon 3 because of it and it's been amazing to see how robust the online community is for it 2 years after Nintendo stopped releasing new content for it.
  12. At the moment? Considering the thing seems to be in short supply it wouldn't surprise me if you could sell it for full retail price.
  13. True, but Nvidea and Nintendo have had some sort of partnership for the past few years that would lock them down with Nintendo for the forseeable future. I'd imagine having acces to features such as this is what made it attractive for Nintendo in the first place.
  14. Read that again, I said the the Xbox One S. Not the Series S. The idea of Nintendo making a full two generational leap with a hardware revision is laughable. Nevertheless, The Xbox One S is what the revision seems to be capable of. DLSS would essentialy amount to 4K on the cheap. There's videos on youtube that shows games like Death Stranding being upscaled from 240p all the way to 720p. Nvidea has shown of footage that upscales 720p all the way to 4K.
  15. That;'s exactly what I was talking about. No need for new versions of games, a possible Switch Pro could run games that run at a dynamic resolution like Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade 2 and keep them at native res for the entire playthrough. With a simple added patch, the Switch version of the Witcher 3 can be brought into line with the other versions and run at an even better framerate then the PS4/Xbone versions.
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