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  1. It’s also just nice to finally, finally, see a line-up of third party titles that are made from the ground up for Switch. Took a while but 2021 is shaping up to be the year of third parties on Switch.
  2. That was the first Partner Direct I'd describe as good in terms of overall quality of the games present. MH Rise & Stories 2, Disgaea 6, Rune Factory 5, Ori. Some great games in there.
  3. Yeah, both of those looked quite excellent. Very interested in getting both.
  4. I didn't think Microsoft had an easy road ahead of them before this show but Sony has managed to give them an opening with some of the announcements last night. First party games getting so expensive makes Game Pass look quite enticing and Horizon: Forbidden West, Sackboy and Spider-Man MM going to PS4 essentially wipes out the big advantage Sony was touting for the PS5. At least for it's first 12 months on the market. Giving Microsoft ample time to get a slate of decent Xbox exclusive titles ready.
  5. MEGA EDIT: Confirmed after the announcement just now. Coming out March 26 next year. Following in the footsteps of Animal Crossing and Zelda BotW as the massive Q1 game for Switch. Stories 2 is bound for Summer 2021.
  6. Crazy to say this but Horizon 2 coming to PS4 feels like a “MonHun to 3DS” moment to me.
  7. For me what kills it is the price of software not just going up to $70 but even as far as $80. Console prices at least come down over time but software having such a high introductory price seems very much the wrong direction to me.
  8. For me a great deal of the problem with this release simply comes from the price and what I get in return for it. To be clear, I'll probably buy the package all together. And i'm very much in favor for preserving the original experience over a full remake. But this 35th anniversary stands in a bit of a contrast to the 25th anniversary release in 2010. Back then we got a re-release of Super Mario All-Stars on disk for €25. Sure, it was a cheapo romdump, but it some nice little extras thrown in. Like the soundtrack selection on CD and nice little booklet talking about the history of
  9. Pretty glad I wound up buying second hand Gamecube copies of the original trilogy a year back. This looks trash.
  10. Aye, but the one that came out a few years ago was an up-port of Generations Ultimate which came out for the 3DS first in Japan. The new one is supposed to be actually built from the ground up for the Switch. EDIT: On another note: GameXplain just threw up a video saying you can now spin with Y in Galaxy.
  11. Alas, some of them have closed down like Alpha Dream and I think Skip as well. There's also just simply the fact that development for an HD title takes quite a bit longer then development for a 3DS title. It's why we still haven't seen Monster Hunter for Switch despite the 3DS having had 2 entries by now.
  12. Happy to see Nintendo's end of the year line-up doesn't just exist out 3D All-Stars & Pikmin 3.
  13. Oh dear lord, one of the greatest N64 games and Pokémon spin-offs finally gets a sequel.
  14. Remember when we all thought Damon Lindelof was the worst thing to come out of the Abrams group?
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