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  1. Mine too - 3 hours in on digital and no fan noise from my pro so far.
  2. Did the Omnipollo online tasting event at the weekend - they were all pretty much great, apart from the seltzer which wasn’t really my thing.
  3. After watching the final episode of this last night I thought it was pretty poor overall. I had high hopes for it from the trailers, with it being set in the correct time period, but I just wish someone would do a screen version thats faithful to the book. Tom Cruise version is probably the best so far, but thats in its own right, its sod all like the novel really.
  4. Being from Durham, this chokes me up everytime I hear it. RIP.
  5. Ive watched the first 2 episodes and Im out. Its fucking dreadful.
  6. geordie

    Xbox One X

    Thats a bit shit. I ordered mine on Sunday and its out for delivery. I realise this probably doesnt make you feel any better.
  7. geordie

    Xbox One X

    My Amazon order is out for delivery today, as is my new 4k TV. Sweep is on look out in anticipation of his latest new console portrait pic...
  8. geordie

    Nintendo Switch

    A bit late to the party, but Sweep didn't want to miss out.
  9. geordie

    Nintendo Switch

    I ordered one from Smyths on Monday and got an email today saying its ready to collect... http://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/video-games-tablets/nintendo-switch/c-1004/nintendo-switch-consoles/p-22496/nintendo-switch-neon-red-blue/
  10. Cant stop playing this - on an 11 game winning streak on the Tour 5 20k games.
  11. geordie

    PS4 Pro

    Updated and deleted.
  12. As much as I'm enjoying this I feel robbed by Sony reducing the price by £20 for the digital copy so soon after it was released. They wont refund me the difference either, despite buying it less than 7 days before it was reduced. Thats the last full price digital purchase I'll make.
  13. The Long Good Friday has a great ending.
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