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  1. Watched the first episode through twice now, and it was funnier the second time round. Although during the first viewing I had manflu, and even then I managed several chuckles from my deathbed. Can't wait for episode 2 cos it's pretty much already classic Reeves & Mortimer.
  2. XBOKS, Meg 328 is out now - I got my copy from WHSmiths in St Helens today. Prog 1800 is a cracking read and a good issue to pick up if anyone's not read 2000AD for a while
  3. Stilly

    Dredd 3D

    Really really REALLY starting to look forward to this now.
  4. Yeah, last 8ish years of 2000ads and Megazines, when I get round to sorting out the spare (junk) room! I've got all the Complete Dredd Case Files but I'm hanging on to them.
  5. Gonna have a major sort out at home in the near future which means I'll be looking to get rid of a ton of 2000ADs and Megazines from the last 8-10 years or so. They're not worth anything and I was thinking of slinging them in the recycling but thought I've offer them up here just in case someone wants to give them a new home. Due to the volume & weight, they'd have to be picked up from Merseyside...
  6. Ever fancied dressing up as a proper MC1 judge? Well now you can if you've got a spare two grand!
  7. I'm glad Indigo Prime has finished, and wasn't all that interested in Agent Zero. The current Dredd saga is dragging out too. Still, Prog 2012 next week! Bought Mazeworld graphic novel recently and loving the story all over again!
  8. I remember all of those covers :wub: I've finally given in to temptation and started buying the Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files. Mrs Stilly has bought volume 1 and keeping it for me until Christmas, and so far I've ordered/bought volumes 6 - 18! DROKKING DREDDTASTIC
  9. Only heard about this when I got to work this morning. Utterly tragic news. I'm gonna pop to HMV when I finish at 4pm today to buy Spartacus: Blood and Sand, watch a few episodes tonight with a few glasses of Roman Italian wine, and by Jupiter's Cock I'm going to celebrate the life of the man.
  10. Oof, really nasty injury sustained by Dredd in this week's prog. He sounds like Judge Death at the end of the strip.
  11. New series starts this Monday, 8th August at 10pm on BBC2 BBC link - on the first episode, guests include Brigitte Nielsen, James Martin and Ross Noble
  12. Hmm, that reminds me, I've not seen my copy of Afterlife which I won after entering a 2000AD competition. Is it worth watching or should I just give it away and save 1 1/2 hours of my life?
  13. By Jupiter's Cock I can't find it in the Sky planner up until the 8th, nor in next week's Radio Times. May the Gods bless us with this show very soon.
  14. Ordered. I enjoyed the film a lot and that was just a copy. Now I'm REALLY looking forward to the BD goodness Cheers LC
  15. Major Dick Winters has died, aged 92.
  16. The Megazine is really starting to pick up again. Some good stories this month: A decent standalone Dredd called Blood Culture, a Sov story called Samizdat Squad which is based in and around the ruins of East-Meg One, a new story called Numbercruncher which certainly looks promising, and Insurrection II - gloriously-drawn by Colin Macneil. The extra graphic novel is Strontium Dogs: The Darkest Star which I've not read yet but doesn't look familiar for some reason. 2000AD prog 1715's not quite as good with a poorly drawn (imo) but nicely written Dredd story, but Kingdom (Gene the Hackman still following the urgings) & Shakara are back!
  17. Slightly OT and apologies if this has already been linked but has anyone seen this yet: http://www.ultramarinesthemovie.com/ Looks fairly good and with a decent cast but pricey at £25.99 inc standard delivery. I only found out about it in this week's 2000AD month's Megazine which is running a competition to win one of 5 boxsets.
  18. Stilly

    Dredd 3D

    I guess it could have been worse. The shoulder pad looks like Ezquerra's early Dredd, the helmet does seem a little bit too big but at least it has 'the look', the gun is closely based on the current lawgiver but the uniform itself looks like a cross between Mad Max, Dune & Terminator 3 leathers.
  19. He said him and his wife thoroughly enjoyed it! Cheers rllmuk!
  20. I got him a bottle of this from Sainsburys yesterday as it was on offer there. Cheers for the advice guys - I told my boss if it's no good then he's not to blame me but blame a bunch of nerds from a gaming forum
  21. Finally saw the first two epidodes last night and really enjoyed them both. It was also nice seeing a distant relative of mine (Ernest Thesiger) getting a little mention.
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