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  1. It doesn't surprise me that there was no testing back then. It's a shame because so many games are almost there and it's clear with some testing and tweaking, they would have been so much better.
  2. I'll spoiler my final thoughts on it...
  3. There's a film called The Cabinning (don't ask). We lasted until we saw the font for the title and turned it off. Nope.
  4. Anyone watched Old People yet on Netflix? It's a bit brutal and I'm only 46 minutes in.
  5. Massive shaking of the screen. Awful. Oh, and if you didn't get the reference for the cold jokes...
  6. Yeah, it's bloody awful. Just... Why did it get released? What were they thinking?
  7. When you know it, you can just leg it past most stuff. Oh, and double hand a massive sword and roll out of everything.
  8. As to whether I would recommend anyone play this version, no, I would not. Play the original, of course.
  9. I can only speak to my experience playing it, and to that end, I did garner some enjoyment out of the C64 version. Graham compared this to my reaction to Out Run, which I really got no enjoyment out of and that was the difference for me. Now, whether this is a good conversion of the arcade game is another question and on that level, yes it is lacking, but did I enjoy my time with this game? Yes, yes I did. I think that is an important distinction to make here. I was critical of its shortcomings, but I cannot deny that I had some fun with it. Comparing it to things like Galivan and Mag Max which are similar in design, this was much better, even if it does lack compared to its arcade parent. Also, at this point, I had not played Zybex, which is probably better, but also has some issues of its own making.
  10. I get those comments, but it's all in the handling for me. Ace fun for £2.
  11. You're not wrong, but it handles great and plays brilliantly. I really enjoyed this. It's better than BMX Simulator in my view.
  12. I don't think I ever saw 720 in the arcades. Atari were very fond of their proprietary controllers.
  13. I watched Demonic the other night. Meh.
  14. You should do. Just give it one game to experience the craziness that ensues in any game.
  15. Yeah, had no idea what to expect with this and was very pleasantly surprised with it. It is annoying that fires can spawn where you are, but aside from that, this is a fun and solid conversion.
  16. I enjoyed Match Day 2. Once you get used to the speed, it feels more like a football game than International Soccer, and therefore more satisfying when you put good moves together.
  17. No, it does not look good. It looks like an idea cooked up on copious amounts of weed.
  18. I really should have tried Sky Shark for the podcast. It's way better! You can hold the fire button down for one thing and the wave have the right amount of planes and the bullets are visible. So much better!
  19. However, having just checked, the issue has not been fixed. Fucking hell.
  20. We raised it with them last night. Had notification yet their tech team has fixed the issue, whatever the issue was
  21. What service do they use to upload them? The latest episode of our podcast, which we upload via podbean, is not downloading for anyone either.
  22. There's one very good game in there, then a whole lot of average to shite.
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