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  1. I never got into Wing Commander, but did play Starlancer on the Dreamcast for a bit. Skyfox 2 was OK. Nice visuals and we were always going to prefer this to anything vector based.
  2. Well, that was great. Never noticed just how much of a British Ghost Story feel it has, but those landscapes feel very British in those wide shots.
  3. Just that. Never seen this at the cinema. Can't wait to hear that music blasting out.
  4. Interesting, and sad, history behind TRAZ. I'm sure @Unofficial Whowill fill us in on that one.
  5. Smashy Yo-Yo or death! Also, the vertical scrolling in the C64 version was awful.
  6. Oh, and if tight time limits annoy you, I've just played something for ep85 that will make you very angry.
  7. I just thought for £2 it did exactly what it set it to do. As you said, slick and well made. Easily passes the Sunday afternoon test.
  8. It was also annoying that you would die with contact with the bottom of the screen, something Side Arms did not do. It also took way too long to flick from left to right.
  9. Could also have been that it was replaced in the racing representation stakes by Super Sprint. Probably easier to make top down single screen racers at the time.
  10. An interesting game this. Works because it has that narrative drive behind it, for me.
  11. I've no idea if there is another version with that stupid system removed. I vowed never to go near it even if there is the world's greatest adventure behind it.
  12. Are there others? I don't recall playing any others, unless we have some in the episodes to come.
  13. I don't think they are. The talk of early found footage and where it came from and the talk around why it broke out was quite interesting. I'm only about half way through it, but it comes as no surprise that there is a lot of talk around The Blair Witch, and the positive and negative impacts that had on the nascent genre.
  14. You didn't watch the remake by mistake did you...?
  15. You are too kind! I didn't get very far into it with the crashing and the like. It was just a bit rubbish.
  16. If you like found footage, there's a good documentary on Shudder called The Found Footage Phenomenon.
  17. Exactly. It's a very short loop in the C64 version, whereas the arcade game is all kinds of gung-ho epic! Skip to about 44 seconds in.
  18. The C64 version is loads of fun. I just wish it had the arcade music in it. No idea why it does not.
  19. I thought the ending to this was pretty bad, if I'm honest. I see what they were going for, but didn't think it worked at all.
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