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  1. Who knew the banks of the river Seine were plagued by pits of quicksand!?
  2. What is done to the main character is pretty horrible, but I was a bit drunk when I wrote that so it may contain some hyperbole. If you want to know what they do, I'll spoiler it.
  3. Anyone watching The Glory? On episode 3 and it's a fucking brutal Korean revenge story.
  4. Wtf? Did they give a reason? Here's hoping Prime step in like the did with The Expanse.
  5. Just to let people know, it looks like we will be off for three weeks. I have been struck down with the flu that's going round and whilst I could sit in front of a microphone, I'm not sure me coughing and hacking through a recording would be what you would all want to hear. Apologies and all that, but I'm just in no fit state to record anything at the moment.
  6. The ratio of decent budget to decent full price is alarming.
  7. We're taking the next two weeks off so to got plenty of time. No rush. Although Train Robbers is quite slight and fun.
  8. We just released our 100th episode of Zapped to the Past. That's around 800 Commodore 64 games played so far. It's been quite the endurance test.
  9. I started my Souls journey with Bloodborne after repeatedly bouncing off them. Happy to help you through the initial hump of that because it's well worth it.
  10. There were two games this week that I enjoyed far more than this. I appreciate it from afar. The Dark Souls reference should be Dark Souls Vs Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 2 was quite the divergence, whilst 3 really went back to the original and upped the difficulty ante and reused a lot of the lore from it.
  11. I'm taking it you never got kidnapped earlier and opened the handy side door? If not, lure them back one by one to the bonfire area.
  12. That bridge image is exactly like Homer's first day at Hank Scorpio's power plant.
  13. Why is no one mentioning the jump at 8min09secs? I laughed so hard at that bit when I watched that film that it rendered the rest of it pointless.
  14. Ouch! I'm sure we'll be fair in our analysis...
  15. Fair enough. By the way, aren't we getting close to your games now? Soon be time to get you on for a chat.
  16. Yeah, you can tell it's doing some clever things under the hood, for sure. It is a bit fiddly, though. Also, is it a RogueLike? Does it fit the criteria?
  17. Denton Designs were always full of quirky ideas and concepts. Just seems that going back to them now, not a lot of them actually worked very well. Still, hats off for trying something different.
  18. Blood Valley is so bad. That character screen looks like you're picking someone to role play as at the local folk festival.
  19. Stealth Mission is a game so stealthy that it has been completely forgotten about. It's nigh on impossible to find anything on it today. Probably because the two words it uses for its name are linked to bigger games on the machine: Project Stealth Fighter and Impossible Mission.
  20. It also uses down to fire the ball up... Which only really works in a pinball game.
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