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  1. The demo is good. Two 5 minute levels. The first is running and shooting - feels very similar to MDK2 and the human levels of Giants. Same humour too. The Topsy-turvy bomb is excellent. The second has you stationed in a gun turret on the wall of som big fortress with hordes of enemies trying to get over. Great physics and lots of shooting to stop them. The demo has certainly piqued my interest in the game, that's for sure.
  2. Just when a lot of people's first year of Live subscription has just run out. What a coincedence...
  3. I do 'Live', but not from home as yet (mates). I'm looking to hit it post-Christmas, as I like to keep abreast of these things. Just in time for Halo 2 then. That's good. Add me to your friend's list when you get on and I'll give a kicking at anything, old man! And by the way, try Mace Griffin. Surprisingly good.
  4. Sounds good. I'm still enjoying Mace Griffin at the moment though so may pick this one up in a while. By the way, Clive, you on Live?
  5. I noticed that bit then I also noticed that they stick to your rear end when they do it... They're drafting you just like you can do to them. I thought that was pretty impressive once I noticed this.
  6. It's a racing game. It doesn't need shitty 2d sprites at the side of the road (GT3, I'm looking at you!). It has the odd flock of birds, some papers on the road in Edinburgh, trains and a boat on the river in Stockholm, and some leaves in Washington. So what? it's all about the racing and I really don't need distractions when I'm trying to nail the next platinum medal. I like it the way it is because it streamlines it all down to what you need to be aware of. The track, the other cars and winning and that's about it. Perfect. I would even say it's better than MSR, my favourite racing game until this. PGR2 is just aceness personified.
  7. For someone as smart as you so obviously are, you must have a very wide load at the back...
  8. No, boredom is a state of mind. Caused by playing something that isn't in the least bit interesting... But it's only uninteresting if you're not interested in it. And boredom IS a state of mind, boring isn't. Mr. Smart-ass. Ok, fair enough, but you were the one trying to be smart in the first place by picking up on something when we all knew what was intended. Surely you are Mr Smart-ass?
  9. "Bet you can't stick it, Master Chief..."
  10. Shenmue at 26? Brilliant, but staggeringly, almost overwhelmingly, unbelievable. Surely not enough played it to place it so high?
  11. No, boredom is a state of mind. Caused by playing something that isn't in the least bit interesting, thus leading to a state of boredom. You're trying to be clever for your own boots, sonny-me-lad!
  12. Also had no mid level saves, IIRC. T'Xbox version let you save anywhere. Much better. And it ran smoother, looked better etc etc...
  13. Ok, design wise, it's too busy. Looking through the news section at the front of the mag. There's simply too much stuff. Too many images overlapping articles (it's hard to figure which image is for which article sometimes) and there is little focus to the pages. It's very easy to start reading something, your eye gets dragged away by a picture of Kirby or some such which leads into another article and then you see something else and so on and so on. You end up reading nothing and just go round the page reading the odd sentence but nothing in full. Tone it down slightly, IMO. And to be honest, this goes for the whole mag. I do like the magazine, have every issue so far, but it can lead to a bit of eye strain. It just needs a little streamlining, I guess.
  14. Sorry, guys, but I don't fell well and didn't want to inflict my less than brilliant reactions and croaky voice on you all. Hope you had fun.
  15. squirtle

    Shenmue 2

    This thread is making me want to play the damn things again! Too many other games to do...
  16. You have no idea of the voice that I hear inside my head when I read your name. It really frightens me.
  17. squirtle

    Shenmue 2

    2 of the best games ever. Simple as. Play them slowly and deliberately. Allow no distractions. Sheer brilliance. And by the end of number 2 you just won't believe the experience the game has put you through. And all from the little off white box. What a marvel that thing was. I miss my DC...
  18. So for the first few hours of the game you think it's ok to bore the player rigid? What an odd concept. I don't mind if the first quarter of a film is rather slow as at most that's about 30 mins. But 10-15 hours in and the game still hasn't gooten going? Well, sod that for a lark. If I'm gonna play an RPG it's gonna get compared against my favourites: FFVII and Shenmue 1 and 2. This came nowhere near the impact that those three games had on me. Dull, dull, dull.
  19. Might wanna check this out... http://www.playserver2.com/play247.asp?pag...OX&title=128477
  20. That's No.2 on the list, Kerraig. FF is a great game. And it's strange, seeing as how EA published it, that it got absolutely fuck all in the way of promotion. So, yeah, FF is another one of my favourite games this year.
  21. It got a nine in Edge. That's pretty good if you ask me. P.N.03 is top notch class. My and a friend played 3 stages each of my jap copy till the end. It was brilliant, with a subtle learning curve that's one of the best i've ever known in a game. I loved the way my thumbs ached after sustained play, took me back to my 16bit days. You know a games taking you over when your hands are blistered. It got a 7 in edge.
  22. Fair point, but I was expecting great, great things from this due to reviews and comments here, there and everywhere. Would it have been better if I had called this thread biggest let down of the year? The game is overrated by far too many people though, IMO.
  23. I'm actually ill at home at the moment and that comment has just cheered me right up. Thanx for that. I'm actually chortling.
  24. The game didn't sell that well, nor did it do very well in any reviews I've seen. Therefore it's underrated.
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