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  1. Well, the weird thing is it's a conversion from the Amstrad version which was made by the guy who converted Druid to the Amstrad. It's all very strange.
  2. Anyone watched Prey for the Devil? Don't. It's shit. I also have Moloch to watch. Anyone seen that?
  3. I'm only about half hour in but I've laughed and smiled more at this than I have at any other game. Really liking this.
  4. Looks perfect for a Saturday night to me.
  5. I tweeted at Dene Carter about this and he was pretty vociferous in tone about having nothing to do with this.
  6. Yeah, I could complete it back in the day without cheats.
  7. Just rewatched this. Far better second time around and watched all in one go. Really enjoyed this and want a lot more of these characters.
  8. I watched this and Prometheus the other night. I'd forgotten the story in them completely, but fuck me. So we created the Aliens. I mean... No. I hate this kind of shit. It makes the universe so much smaller and everything about us. Just... No.
  9. Excitebike as well, although not top down and therefore BMX Kidz.
  10. It's not all sidescrolling, but Micro Machines spring to mind.
  11. Both of those examples are bad because the cars are too big. Make them smaller and it can work fine.
  12. Shit! Mine doesn't hover. Is there a setting I've missed?
  13. Maybe... I didn't get that from it. Immersive Sims are all about giving you the tools to get from point A to point B in a myriad of different ways. I didn't see any of that in this.
  14. I think you're being a bit kind there with the immersive sim references. This does not seem to have any of the things that make up those games. The plot may be interesting, but as a game it's wanting and it has a terrible combat system that is painfully hard to try and get your head around.
  15. Nope. Does my bloody head in as I have put the password in every time my son comes to stay and brings his S with him.
  16. God of War and Ragnarok? Lots of these types of shows on Netflix and Prime.
  17. Yeah, I was never taken with the C64 version because I had played the Amstrad version at my friend's, who owned one. It's flick screen, but seem to remember it being pretty good. I could be wrong, though.
  18. There was a Karl Hornell (guy who did Fungus etc) vibe about Scout.
  19. Who knew the banks of the river Seine were plagued by pits of quicksand!?
  20. What is done to the main character is pretty horrible, but I was a bit drunk when I wrote that so it may contain some hyperbole. If you want to know what they do, I'll spoiler it.
  21. Anyone watching The Glory? On episode 3 and it's a fucking brutal Korean revenge story.
  22. Wtf? Did they give a reason? Here's hoping Prime step in like the did with The Expanse.
  23. Just to let people know, it looks like we will be off for three weeks. I have been struck down with the flu that's going round and whilst I could sit in front of a microphone, I'm not sure me coughing and hacking through a recording would be what you would all want to hear. Apologies and all that, but I'm just in no fit state to record anything at the moment.
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