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  1. Submitted my new game to Google today so should be out in the next few days.
  2. Fucking hell. I am so rubbish. End of October it is!
  3. My new game was submitted to Google today so should be out in the next few days.
  4. And fucking done! Headless Bloodletting Beast done in my first attempt tonight (so that was four in total) and Yarnham done on the third attempt! My first platinum. So, the Yarnham Stone... It's got to be linked to the Cainhurst lot hasn't it? The description of it is very similar to the Queenly Flesh.
  5. Strangely, nothing in the cursed and defiled dungeon took much doing aside from the Amygdala at the end who was a complete bastard. I can't say I blame you for giving up on them but I would heartily recommend going back to the main story and seeing it out as the last few bosses in the main game are ace.
  6. Not even a booking. Awful. And which part of Van Dijk was offside?
  7. Ya see, I thought that before May. But now... I've put more hours into Bloodborne this summer than any game in years and I do think it is now my game of the generation and I fucking love Breath of the Wild. That isn't to say I would vote for the PS4 here as none of the other exclusives really grabbed my interest enough to finish them.
  8. After finally killing that twat of an Amygdala in the defiled and cursed dungeon, I'm now banging my head against snout faced beast. Can't wait for these chalice dungeons to be done. Two more bosses, one last trophy...
  9. Possibly. I have no idea. I wanted to single them out as although they seem to reside alongside letters and papers etc, the way they allow the player to keep playing whilst listening is quite different. Letters and things to read require interaction from the player, and stop proceedings dead whilst you wade through them (I'm thinking of the books in Elder Scrolls games), and even the Codec entries in Mass Effect stop dead once you return to the game. The ability to simply listen to a short in-game podcast whilst playing is quite different, I think, in the way it affects the flow of a game.
  10. System Shock is one of my gaming gaps so I didn't know this. @Wiper It doesn't have to be an FPS. I'm thinking things you discovered in the environment that were then read aloud to you as you played. Trying to differentiate it from Phone/Codec/Transmissions that give you mission or game info.
  11. Audio Logs. What game introduced them? I mean specifically the type where you find stuff in the world that is then read out and you can listen to as you play. I don't mean an email or something on a screen or where you can only listen to something in a menu. My mind says Doom 3 but I'm guessing there was something before then. I'm guessing some RPG might have included them first...
  12. Don't tempt me when I'm reading this thread...
  13. Ballblazer was March 84 and needs a mention.
  14. Don't make me bang my gavel!
  15. Whoever wrote the wikipedia article on it needs a good talking to... What rubbish is this!?
  16. Ballblazer was March 84 according to wikipedia.
  17. Early examples would be Pitstop 2, Spy vs Spy and Kikstart 2. . Not sure if any of those are the first, though.
  18. I'm not sure of the timeline, but didn't Medal of Honor on the PS1 offer dual analogue controls? Also @bear, good shout on Headhunter and cover based shooting.
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