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  1. That also goes for things like Black Flag and Revelations which are also listed as disk only. In short, all the Assassin's Creed 360 games work if you own them digitally or buy them on the 360.
  2. I doubt many people will be interested in this, but I fancied playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood last night but it was not available in the store and the wiki says you need the disk. I booted up my 360 and was able to buy it on there, and it worked perfectly fine on the Series X and S, just appearing in my just of games.
  3. Yeah, balls to that.
  4. I'm up to the final boss and I cannot be bothered. Four fights to get through. One lapse of concentration and half your health is gone on either Genichiro or Ishin The Sword Saint. It's so unbalanced in these fights. I really like the moment to moment play in this but the bosses are just boring. This has been the tipping point for me in From believing their own Git Gud hype train. It's gone beyond enjoyable and tense into monotony and boredom. I'm glad I saw all the way to the end and maybe I will come back to it, but it's about 15 minutes an attempt and that's just too long to sustain that elevated level of play for me. This really is their weakest game since Demon Souls for me.
  5. It needed proper power ups by this point to stand out. It was ok. Great front end and presentation.
  6. Both of those were terrible, although I did like the music in the title screen for Frightmare. Just awful, full price cackola!
  7. But that's the thing. You have to be aggressive to keep the posture damage, because when bosses are at full health, any break in attack sees the posture reset very quickly. So you need to whittle their health down in order for the posture damage to remain where it is when you take a break. And that is what I meant when I said the game wants you to be aggressive as that is the only way to really keep their posture damage up. I know you can parry a lot, but the game has a very high punishment level for failure. It's the constant high level of perfection that it requires of you, and the punishments being so harsh for failure, that leads to my frustrations with the game. If my hits did a little more damage which then led to a quicker build up of posture damage, I would like it more. As it is, the time it takes with most bosses to get their health down to get the posture damage to stick is too long.
  8. My main beef with the game is the damage taken is disproportionate to the damage given. Even lesser enemies do so much to you. I just feel like I'm hitting them with a butter knife compared to a ruddy great sword.
  9. I remember it supposedly being the key to Genichiro's third phase, but I just backed him into a corner and hacked away at him, dodging when he did a jump then just hacking away again. It was not pretty.
  10. It's that lightning jump. I still have no idea how to do it properly. That dragon God boss just sort of did it automatically.
  11. Also, Enfeebled. That actually made me laugh quite a lot.
  12. Anyway, Dragon God done.
  13. I did kill the Corrupted Monk finally. I've made it through the next section and up to the Dragon God. I managed to get him down to the last bit of health and then all the lightning trees disappear and I just couldn't see what I was supposed to do next. Thought it was going to be A Bed of Chaos type thing, so got round the back but no doing and kept getting wiped out and having to do those boring mini dragons each time... So I looked it up. You just have to do nothing but dodge for a minute or so until a tree appears. Ok. The game does nothing, that I could see, to tell you this. The game wants you to go on the offence but not here. This is bad signposting for the player. I'll do it next time, but I just think this game's bosses all have issues of some kind.
  14. Ah, shit, dude, sorry about that. Hope you feel better soon. Wasn't annoyed, just wondered if you were off on a well deserved holiday or something. But no, this is much worse.
  15. Has there been any posts this week? Just noticed not had any this week as I usually catch up on them at the weekend.
  16. Maybe. I mean, I really like that your bullets are those orbs rotating around you in various patterns, so you can fire up to eight times, but then need to wait, so it forces you to pick your shots more wisely. That's a great idea.
  17. This could have been an absolute classic if not for those mini games which are stupid. It's easier to get into than both Hunter's Moon and Mutants but killed stone dead by those mini games. Such a shame as it looks, sounds and plays great aside from them.
  18. Yeah, you didn't miss much here. It's bloody awful.
  19. Yeah, but as we couldn't find the 128 version anywhere, and it only got 2% more for that version in Zzap, we couldn't really say much about it.
  20. Slayer, Steel, and Shanghai Warriors. What fascination do they have with the letter S?
  21. Stratton was a load of rubbish in very fine trousers.
  22. I wonder what @carleton thought of Rollaround, seeing as it's from the guy who made Big Mac.
  23. For me, it was all about getting the controls and understanding that this game wanted you to learn as you played it. The premise is simple - as we alluded to, it's a flat Crystal Castles type affair - where you have to collect as many crosses from the appropriate coloured squares as stated in the UI at the top. From there, you are open to attack the nine rooms that constitute each level exactly as you see fit. This starts off fairly simply, but you soon have to plan your routes through the rooms in order to make sure you don't screw yourself over. For example, in level 3, you only have to get five white tiles but you are presented with a room full of them once you flick the switch in the middle to turn them all over. So it seems easy enough, but you have to look a the full map as well, as there are other rooms that you have to collect 5 purple and so on. Collecting one more than the allotted number turns the square into a hole and you plummet to your doom. So now you have to consider the best way to make it round all nine rooms, only collecting the number you need (so the last one you have to collect must leave you by the correct exit as you cannot backtrack through the room) in order to leave yourself at the last room where you have to collect everything on screen. Factor into this slow moving enemies that are just annoying enough to be a hindrance but not too annoying to put you off and you have a really clever puzzler that requires co-ordination across multiple screens, and route planning, in order to pass through the levels. And that is just the first three levels. It then builds from there. You also have no inertia so it's a simple hop to the next square, but you also have the jump which moves you quicker, so allows you to get away from enemies and only activates when you hold the fire and then push in the direction you wish to move, so control of the character never feels like it is against you. I just found it, for £2, an absolute gem. I was playing this for ages and have been back to it since. Oh, and although a password system would have been nice, you can start on the level you died at whilst you keep playing it. For me, it does that thing that great puzzlers do, being that it is a game where the mistakes are your fault and not the game's.
  24. Also, @Unofficial Who, don't give up on this thread. I've loved reading your views on the games as we've gone through them, and your commitment to playing as many of them as you can stomach keeps us going through those dark moments of Heli Drop despair.
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