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  1. I need to have a word with the tech team (Graham). The full version should go live at 1pm (earliest I can schedule it).
  2. Well... It seems that for some reasons only 1hr 11mins and 23seconds of the new episode of Zapped to the Past podcast has been released, and not the full 1h 56mins. Please bear with us whilst we try and sort this.
  3. Thanks. I did a bit of digging and seems that games just work. For those wanting Shudder on a handheld... Here you go.
  4. I could probably find out, but does anyone know if games on Steam just work on this or do developers have to do anything to get them on here? I'm asking because Shudder would be grand on a handheld but I'm not sure if I have to anything first.
  5. Interesting. Is there any footage of the arcade anywhere and was it Japan only or did it appear elsewhere?
  6. Well, if we've made Mondays bearable, then our work here is done. My comment was more along the lines of the decision I had to make when I saw P2 was reviewed in Issue 2 and we had to leave it out because we'd done it in Ep0 but at that time had no idea when we were going to release that.
  7. Also, Graham was more of a fan of On Court Tennis than I was. I found it a bit slow. I don't think it's as bad as Rignall and Penn make out though, but terrible to read their reviews were doctored.
  8. I feel that it is a shame we'd done Pitstop 2 in Episode Zero as it would have been good to cover it here in context of the Zzap review. With the number of games we covered then, it seemed the right thing at the time. Maybe not.
  9. So it was an arcade game, then? @merman You'll probably know more on this one. Any light to be shed?
  10. Seems there is a Sega Master System version...
  11. It's so strange that Comic Bakery is not an arcade. I thought for years that it was as it just has that Konami arcade vibe about it. All told, it's pretty and sounds amazing (that title screen tune is ) but it's so monotonous. And, like I said, a representation of the struggle against the bourgeoisie...
  12. Even with a tape deck back then, I loved this. So different and so unusual to anything else really. Was so great to revisit this and find it just as refreshingly original in a sea of flick screen adventures.
  13. It's crap in every way. Even Hubbard's score is sub par.
  14. Zoids is a such a great tune and reinterpretation of the original. Magnificent piece of music. The game is just borderline unplayable because it's so bloody hard. Back to the Future... Clearly a game of limited dev time and dodgy scanners.
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