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  1. Really!? Aside from the Flamelurker, I thought it was relatively easy. Come and chat about it in the other thread. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Are you telling me I just spent thirty hours playing the PS3 equivalent of Knack!?
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you, but I think a lot of people are looking at this and thinking £70 is not a fair price.
  4. Everything should cost more than a Robbie Williams album. I think you're arguing for something here because you love the souls series, whilst other people are saying it's hard to justify the same game with a lick of paint on it. I compare this to the RE2 remake or even the REmake on the GameCube and they brought new things to the table. If this does, then fair enough. But nothing shown so far suggests it does.
  5. An original game needs more pre production and work in the design area before hitting production and then needs constantly checking to make sure it's still good and enjoyable and it all works and you can still hit deadline and budget and everything. Not all those things apply to just remastering something as you already have the design in front of you. I'm not disputing the level of work, but if all you are doing is slavishly copying something and slapping a layer of nicer paint on it, I'm not sure it deserves to be the same price as something that did not have that benefit and was hand crafte
  6. I'm curious to see if they have changed anything other than just the cosmetics. Watching that side by side comparison is a little underwhelming. Aside from shinier visuals it looks exactly the same, and having just played it through, it still plays fine. I'm not sure some quality of life improvements justify the £70 tag.
  7. Fair enough. Think the last boss took me three goes before I killed him but I can see how he would be a pain. I just kept interrupting his mega move with fireballs.
  8. Once you killed the dragon, you could run to the elevator pretty much.
  9. I was also a bit disappointed that ng+ just started you in the Nexus. I wanted to go and twat that fucking demon shit up with my powers.
  10. And... Done. Aside from getting stuck a bit in the middle section, I really enjoyed this on the whole. It's the closest in structure and mechanics to Bloodborne, with its healing items and Nexus being apart from the world, in my opinion, and I think I liked it because of that. I never got on with estus flasks and the inability to replenish them in world, so I preferred this and blood vials. I also like the more straight forward story and quest nature of this game. So yeah, on the whole, good stuff.
  11. We're including the Wii u but not the Switch? In that case, where's Nintendoland? One of the most overlooked gems in recent history. There is so much in that game, so much creativity and technical wizardry it's almost overwhelming. The ninja throwing stars game is sorcery of some kind and the depth hidden in the Zelda, Metroid and Pikmin games is completely unexpected. And don't get me started on the fun to be had in Mario Chase or The Animal Crossing fruit game. It always saddens me that this got such derision from so many quarters. Oh, yeah, and where's Zombi U? One of the most t
  12. One could also argue the number one game is a mobile game, too...
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