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  1. Roland Ratrace... I really need to proof read how my Co host writes them in to the list before they go live...
  2. The hardest bosses are at the end of the chalice dungeons. There are some great fights in them, but I'm not sure they are fully worth the time investment. Still, if you want the platinum...
  3. Stop making me want to play this again!
  4. Spot on. Thank you for the tweet, hugely appreciated. Issue 3 is indeed those games. Two gold medals. But as said above, we restructure it to make it much more balanced from this ep. Really hope that people like the way it now goes as we feel it's so much better.
  5. @therearerules, have you never played this?
  6. We actually restructure the show as of the next episode and it starts to feel a lot more balanced. Hopefully you'll all agree.
  7. We know that and its been addressed as the shows have gone on. The idea was to look at the world back then but we found that we just didn't have enough to say and we've become better at it.
  8. It is indeed. Its been a while but I think we do mention that...
  9. Oh, yeah, ha ha! How could I forget the adventures of the incredible somersaulting man!?
  10. Aside from Pitstop and Pitstop 2, I'm not sure we looked at much else from Epyx. For us Epyx were at the peak from Pitstop 2 and Summer Games onwards.
  11. Yeah, Ep0 was the first thing we recorded to see if we could actually make it work as a podcast. We cover the years 82, 83 and 84. We picked a selection of games from those years to have a look at going by the dates on Lemon64. We also look at films and stuff as well. It will be odd releasing it as we have got better as the weeks have gone on, IMO. But it's worth it if you want to hear us talk about anything pre Zzap.
  12. No, that's it for ep2. Pitstop 2 is in our ep0, which will be coming out after we've finished with 1985.
  13. Cheers, it's our pleasure. Also, if you could put that out on a tweet, would be greatly appreciated.
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