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  1. We all know...
  2. Bum! Was just trying to help.
  3. As an aside, on my ng+ run, killing the black Knight down the passage in UB, and the one at the top of the tower after you go under the dragon, both gave me a black Knight sword.
  4. I took the switch on holiday with me and in just a few hours, continuing ng+, I made it out the asylum, killed everything in the Burg, swatted the Taurus Demon aside, killed the gargoyles, spanked the capra demon, fucked up the gaping dragon and now made my way down to the bottom of the Catacombs. Pinwheel up next.
  5. There is racing wheel thread here. Do you want me to merge this in to it?
  6. Done that now and killed The Rotten. Had a bit of a clear out of some earlier areas I had passed through. Suppose it's into the foggy woods next.
  7. So, progressed through the Gutter and now into the next area, poison laden and very green. Now some phantom keeps killing me.
  8. No one old enough to remember the horror double bills that used to be on BBC 2 on a Saturday night? I saw loads of stuff then that shaped me; Night of the Demon (original), The Devil Rides Out, The Blood Beast Terror... Just loads of films both good and awful.
  9. You mean the branch? If so, I've used those all over the place on the statues. I got to a bonfire with three ways onwards. Two ended at doors that needed souls or something, the other was very foggy.
  10. Anyway, that's the iron keep done and the second of the great souls attained. Not sure where to go next. Might go and see if anything had changed in the woods past the Scottish guy.
  11. I think nothing comes close to BB. The way you start in Yarnham, but the real hub is Cathedral Ward and how the regions flow so perfectly from one to the next, tied by geography and story, is almost flawless.
  12. I'll keep going then. I just killed the Smelter Demon and rested at the bonfire afterwards. I'm also not a fan of pointless dead ends that just end at a boss. The cathedral and that undead place so far. Oh, and the mechanics they changed, like your health being less each time you die or starting with 1 estus flask... Fuck's sake.
  13. I'm not sure I'm enjoying this very much. I'm up to the Iron Keep, or whatever its called, and it just feels like a rambling, scattershot... I don't want to say mess, but there feels very little cohesion. I look back at DS1 and I get the whole verticality of it with the heavenly locale at the top and hell at the bottom and the poor undead stuck in the middle. It felt well considered and conceived. This has none of that. Its like a series of locations slapped together to make a game.
  14. Good call, and don't forget to look on the roof near Firelink for the object you need to get it.
  15. Right, progress!
  16. Ah, my bad, sorry. I just remember barely moving aside from going to the next head to chop off.
  17. He's not a boss and he's actually pretty easy. Spoilers for how I did it.
  18. Don't think so. It's usually the last option on the right to detune weapons. You won't get any of the stuff back though that you used to upgrade it.
  19. If you're right underneath him, hitting him, he'll jump. Stand still and his legs land all around you.
  20. On the other hand, one of my favourite films. I can't even comprehend how they kept the last hour so cohesive and enthralling.
  21. He's optional too, but does give you a good reward. He's not too hard to. Stay underneath him and whittle him down. In his second form, when he jumps stand still. He shouldn't hit you, then resume hitting him. Repeat.
  22. The big demon thing? Stay behind him. Roll away when he floats up. Let him do his boom slam in front of him then when the shockwave settles, roll in and smack him. Rinse, repeat.
  23. Keep killing them!
  24. Dragon... Totally cheesed him then killed the next boss in Blue Cathedral. Reward was... Hmm...
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