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  1. @Moz and @footle Can you spoiler your posts, please. People have asked for book chat to be spoilered so it's the least you can do if you want to bring them up in here.
  2. Obvious, but Dark City and The Matrix. Also, Coherence and Primer.
  3. This was really good. Great action scenes, funny in all the right places, great twists and turns, awesome credit scenes. Marvelous.
  4. Ok... Here's one. How does Jasper Sitwell get from the flying fortress in Avengers to pick up Loki's staff? In Avengers, he's working on one of the computers in the bridge. The flying fortress is some distance away. Then in Endgame, he's there to pick up the staff with Grillo for the elevator scene. How's he get there?
  5. Aye. It literally came to me as I was writing that post.
  6. Went to see this again last night with the added ending stuff. That bits were nice, but I enjoyed the film all the more. Was just fucking brilliant on a second watch, and I took my son and he was just enthralled all the way through. Takes something special to keep a ten year old sat still for over three hours. One question, though, which may have been answered already: what happened to Mjolnir? Cap goes back in time with it at the end, but he doesn't come back with it. Where does it go? Oh, hang on, does he put it back in Asgard with the reality stone?
  7. I thought this was pretty poor, if I'm honest. It never went anywhere, plot strands were never followed up, and it just felt like an expensive pilot for a TV show. FX were good, but most of the actors were wasted. Disappointing.
  8. It's fucking Fake plastic trees, you idiots. Why is this a discussion?
  9. Over the last couple of days, I've needed some comfort gaming, so I'm playing through Arkham Asylum again. What an amazing game. It's still so much fun and so varied and so very, very moreish... One of the greats from the last generation of games, for sure, and it doesn't half look good on the X through the Return to Arkham pack on Game Pass.
  10. I'll set it in the options first because I have no idea if the game is going to include it before I've played it
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