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  1. Only just got round to listening to this week's, and no Ben again, and not even mentioned at the beginning (unless I missed it) where he is.
  2. I got round to listening to last week's Bombcast, where Ben had just returned and... Well, it was really good. He was good. Restrained, on point, interesting. Didn't butt in with stupid shit all the time... Actually enjoyed his contribution. I wonder if the time out was something personal, because he didn't mention any assignment, or whether someone had a word, but... Yeah. A huge improvement.
  3. Don't do this. Seriously.
  4. Well... That was nice.
  5. APM

    Gears 5

    The Matriarch was easy when you realise all you have to do is...
  6. Yeah, Chaos Theory was great, but let's not overlook Return to Castle Wolfenstein as well. Amazing on Live.
  7. APM

    Gears 5

    I was using the Boom Shot for the tongues so that did decent damage to them and the normal lancer for the tonsils. Spectacle wise, it's amazing, but when Gears deviates from what Gears does best is when it's at its weakest. Boss fights don't sit well with the core Gears loop.
  8. APM

    Gears 5

    Finished this now. For the majority, it's very good. I loved the open world bits and the little best of gears sections these led to. The main story sections are also really good. I think the end boss bits are what let it down. Gears has always had an issue with bosses and this is no exception. Still, very enjoyable. And my lord, it looks incredible. Just amazing visually.
  9. APM

    Gears 5

    Haven't finished it yet... So... Don't know.
  10. Sudder - Washing up sim. Ink's Awakening - Elf gets a hankering for tattoos. Ink to the Past - elf gets nostalgic for his old tats. Ink between Worlds - elf compares tats with dwarves.
  11. APM

    Gears 5

    Nearly finished this. Couple of bugs aside, it's really fucking enjoyable.
  12. APM

    Gamer or lamer?

  13. What the hell is going on in this game?
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