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  1. SF done. Boss was easy again. AL looks pretty. Found the bonfire and took a break.
  2. I didn't like that I had to hit his tree balls to hurt him.
  3. @David Heath Do you mind putting that lot in a spoiler? I'm playing through it now, as are others, and I don't want some of the surprises spoilt.
  4. No. I'll see how I get on with it first. I'm in some woods at the moment. I ran away from some big tree boss, though. Way to scary right now.
  5. I beat Quelaag today. It was a little underwhelming, I have to say. I don't mean to be down on the game, but the bosses are... Not that challenging, and just a bit dull.
  6. It won't be as good as BB so you might as well play that first. I still haven't played The Last of Us 2 because BB and the Souls stuff won't let me.
  7. He's 11. He watched me play some of it first and although there is a lot of blood, everything comes back to life so it's not dead, which helps. It's also so over the top as to be almost cartoonish. He's loved it. I've not seen him this addicted to a single player game since BOTW came out. When was that? Three, four years ago. He was seven or eight and used to play with the Lyanels in that as well. Just toy with them until he killed them I also think there's nothing in dark souls that would trouble a ten year old. It's all fantasy monsters.
  8. Yeah, he's killed Logarius, E:DOTC and just about everyone else.
  9. I've hit something of an impasse at the moment. I've got to Sen's Tower or whatever it's called.
  10. My son is now up to MWN... He'll have it clocked tonight, I would have thought. Although he does have the DLC to do as well. I think he did up to L already, though. And he still needs to do FCC. OK, tomorrow, he'll be done.
  11. Whatever works! Onwards!
  12. Hmm... I'm sure I've looked round there...
  13. Sweet. I'll get my boy to give you some pointers.
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