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  1. I do like the idea of less moaning from players. In my current FM19 game I have a striker moaning at me for more game time, despite the fact I started him in the last game and he got injured. Now out for eight weeks, so there is very little I can do about his complaints!
  2. Are there major changes from FM19? I'm still playing that, and tend to buy every two years.
  3. Early impressions from those of you playing the beta?
  4. I saw it in Waterstones in hardback on Friday. No idea what price they were asking for it though.
  5. Bought a copy the other day. Due to having an eight month old, I've not had time to open the magazine, but the Turrican CD has been on several times already! Look forward to setting down to read the mag. Well done to all concerned.
  6. That's a cracking strike. Results have been up and down under Keates, but how has he been received by the fans @Fatsam? Have Hughes' signings just flopped?
  7. I completed the Cosmic Rescue thing, got my extra Ultimate months, but don't seem to be getting double search points?
  8. Meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but they played a great set at the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. The stage was set out as an office setting, allowing for some tomfoolery, and Neil and the band were on top form.
  9. That's terrible news. Not sure how you cope with that.
  10. From Bleeding Cool: Not sure if that means he isn't doing the title going forward, or just that issue?
  11. You'll do Celtic no problem... I still dip in around once a month or so to play my Telford save. Currently in season five, in League One. My plans for the season were ruined though by a takeover, which dragged on across the whole pre-season, and meant I wasn't allowed to sign players. All my targets signed for someone else, then the takeover fell through!
  12. Started playing this the other night, and having caught up on this thread, I'm glad it's not just me that is struggling with the size of the text! I get that I'm tired and not young any more, but this is the first game I've played in a long time where I've felt I need to get closer to the TV. Doesn't look like there is any option to tweak the text size either.
  13. Which reminds me, I really must get back to that.
  14. She definitely seems to be the one to check out from what I've read so far.
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