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  1. One of those books that we didn't read at school, but it felt like everyone else did. Kept meaning to read it - no excuse now! Cheers @Jamie John.
  2. I was asked this morning which two locations I'd prefer to visit. Rub it in why don't you.
  3. Have you seen the winning goal? An absolute shambles!
  4. I've had few problems with Marvel Unlimited. It used to be pretty painful at times, quite often logging me out. But I've been using it regularly over the last few months, and it's worked really well.
  5. Has anyone read 'Berserker Unbound' by Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato?
  6. He's inherited a team that has stagnated for a few seasons now, with little fight, creativity, or goal threat. Hoping he'll be able to make changes in the January break, including bringing his assistants in. Because if we stick with the players we have, we're in real trouble.
  7. Brill, thanks @acidbearboy!
  8. Any recommendations on the sale list that are suitable for a five year old? Looking to maybe get my nephew a game as a stocking filler.
  9. Views may have changed since my last post...
  10. Any Barnsley fans on here? If so, what are we getting in Daniel Stendel as new Hearts manager?
  11. The inconsistency obviously isn't helping the league position, but what is the general vibe with the Wrexham fans @Fatsam? Is Keates winning them over at all?
  12. EA have said it's the fastest digital selling Star Wars game to date, although I haven't seen any sales unit figures yet.
  13. Can you see a turnaround of players in January @Fatsam?
  14. I have been pretty much doing that, so glad to hear I'm not missing out on too much. Cheers @Ran.
  15. How important is the experience bar along the top? I've played through the intro level and the first two planets, but I regularly forget to go back and claim my experience back from enemies who have killed me, being alien to the mechanic from previous games, and an old man who barely remembers where he was yesterday. I'm updating my skill tree, but I'm guessing it just means that it is s slower progress if I keep doing this? I think the highest my character has been is level three!
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