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  1. That looks fantastic @Davros sock drawer! Amazing work on the skin.
  2. Cheers. A mate and I were discussing it the other day. We don't play any of the games, and were hoping they might put some BL stuff in there at some point, otherwise there isn't much interest in that side of things. The interface is horrendous anyway though.
  3. For those of you who have Warhammer+, are Black Library novels going to go into the vault at some point, or is it mainly codexes and White Dwarf issues?
  4. I'm still on multiplayer fairly regularly, as it suits me only having a short period to game once my wife and kids have gone to bed. But even I've managed to complete the Battlepass and two out of three of the events. I've got four levels to do on Fracture Tenrai as I didn't play much of it the first few goes. Hopefully I'll knock them out at the weekend (although having to rely on Challenges coming into rotation is a bit of a pain), but I think there is still another week to go. I still really enjoy it (I never really did the multiplayer Halo thing before), but agree with others that it's time for some new stuff to be added.
  5. You are very welcome. Keep up the good work!
  6. Thank you for the reminder - been meaning to pledge but work and kids kept distracting me at the last minute! Done. Looking forward to reading the latest issue.
  7. Did you see this @Mr. Gerbik? https://www.foliosociety.com/uk/hulk.html I presume there isn't any update on Comixology? I've got a bunch of stuff I wanted to read, and having just seen The Batman, was going to do so tonight. But I'm also boycotting it after they ballsed it up so badly.
  8. We can but Hooe. A case of 'if it ain't broke' if ever there was one.
  9. Is there any kind of alternative to Comixology? I've not played about with it too much, but my early impressions of the new app are not good in the slightest.
  10. I'm just about to buy my first Redemptor, and wondered how big they were, so thank you for that @And! I like the design on the Bjorn, but yes, he's tiny.
  11. I've found the basic necron warriors from Imperium really fiddly. Two snapped on me! Not tried the individual ones though, and looking forward to getting into them.
  12. That's awesome @And. Great work. I've got plenty of miniatures to paint, but keen to get a vehicle or something big to paint at some point soon. That model is pretty much at he top of the list. And yes, it totally counts!
  13. I've hovered over that one a few times. Worth a read then?
  14. I was going to ask if it was any good. Then realised I already had it.
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