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  1. Brill, thanks @milko. Will definitely check them out.
  2. I don't have either. What kind of games are they?
  3. I've just got a £2 from Google Play, to spend on any game or app more expensive than that value. Any recommendations? I haven't played much on my phone/tablet lately, so am a bit out of touch.
  4. Wireframe - Deluxe Omnibus Collector's Edition! I'm rather surprised that I've managed to keep up with reading them all so far, particularly with a five month old baby. It has meant all my other magazines are now piling up as they are getting ignored, but I'm up to date with Wireframe, and looking forward to starting the new one tonight!
  5. Very welcome. Keep up the good work!
  6. I'm a regular listener @Billy Brown and glad to see you back after a period. My only comment is that sometimes the recording is a bit quiet. On the occasions where I don't listen on headphones, it's not always the easiest to hear. But I like what you're doing, and the fact you are talking about a range of games in the latest episodes definitely helps.
  7. Thank you so much @CovisGod. Greatly appreciated!
  8. I'm not entirely sure it's limited to just Wolves. Last season Hearts signed 18 players in a massive rebuild. The team had a great first half of the season, but a poor second half, and there were successes and failures within there. But it did result in the unearthing of the likes of Haring and Ikpeazu, and the club made getting them, plus Berra, Souttar Smith, Cochrane etc on longer term deals, meaning we have a more settled side going into this season, and focused our signings on more quality than squad players. We've also got a number of promising young players who will get more game time this season too, and rightly so. The reaction online though from some fans, who were calling for more stability and the youngsters to get their chance not so long ago, has been outrage that so far we've only signed Craig Halkett, Conor Washington and Jamie Walker, with Naismith due to join in August, and Aidy White signed up in January but still working his way back to fitness. You can't win!
  9. Totally agree with this. I was fine with Lou at the start, but she's just become more annoying as the season has gone on. And yes, that next Champion of Champions is not one I'm looking forward to.
  10. How much did it retail for when it came out?
  11. Dagnammit. That's one I would have purchased. Not paying over the odds for it.
  12. So is Space Hulk still available as a game these days? I use to play it in my younger years, but not really been paying as much attention off late.
  13. Not sure how I feel about this. There's an arrogance about Downey Jnr that lends itself well to the role, but he'd not be my first choice. I also wonder if we really need more Sherlock. I love the character, but it's been done to death in recent years. At least Guy Ritchie isn't involved.
  14. Nice. I presumed I was the only one who posted here!
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