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  1. I've always loved terminators, and picked these guys up on eBay to practise painting on. They've been primed in blue, but it looks like a fair bit of paint was used. The tip I've seen a fair bit about thinning your paints to not lose detail looks to have been proven here! Is it easy enough to strip miniatures of their paint?
  2. Awesome. As someone who is just starting out (again), I love that pic. What's the item in the top left? A gun turret?
  3. That was exactly what I was going to ask! It looks fantastic.
  4. Very cool. How did you do the grass on the bases?
  5. These look great @Pelekophoros. Forgive my ignorance, but what type of unit are they?
  6. Thanks @Kzo. There's one just up the road from me, which I think is still open, so will take a look. Just remembered there is a gaming place about 15 minutes walk from here. Never been in, but will check them out a bit to see what they sell too.
  7. I will. Don't hold your breath though. Not because I'm holding back, but because I have a near two year old who I spend most of my time running after!
  8. Thank you guys. You've got me hyped again! I've downloaded the app and going to explore it over the weekend. I liked the look of the starter sets. There was one with two Necrons (who weren't part of the 40k world way back when I used to be involved) that I thought would provide something a bit different to painting marines. So I may get that at some point, but want to get started first. @feltmonkey when you mentioned getting a red, white and yellow, any ones in particular? Would they be base paints?
  9. I'm happy to spend a wee bit more for a few other things @feltmonkey, so your suggestion is appreciated. When I went into Warhammer, it was more that the guy was trying to sell me a big starter pack of a range of paints, when I had told him I only needed any extras for an ultramarine. The starter pack he pointed out was good, but even I could see that it had a bunch of paints in it that I wasn't going to use for ultramarines. We do have Amazon Prime, so I'll grab them later, and take a look at the Miniature Painting thread re. primers. When I was in the store the guy me
  10. Thank you @Captain Novaforce, that's really appreciated. Yeah, I think I've just got to get on with it. I'm not looking for perfection by any means, but I guess there is a bit of overthinking going on. I suspect it is because the figures are far from cheap, but I may see if I can pick some up from eBay to practice on further once I've done these ones. I've taken note of the three paints you mention and will try to grab them at some point.
  11. I used to be into all things GW back in the late 80s/early 90s. As is often the way, I then started getting into other things, went to uni etc, and it all fell by the wayside. I'm keen to get back into it a bit. I doubt I'll be playing games (particularly given the current circumstance), but I thought I'd give painting some miniatures a go. It was always the bit I Iiked best back in the day. A few years ago I picked up the first two issues of Conquest, but real life and the arrival of my son took over, and they got put in wardrobe. Discovering them recently has reignite
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