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  1. Watched it on Saturday. Echo what most have said above - thought it was great, but not a big surprise given my love of Sorkin's work. There were times when my wife and I just looked at each other with a combination of surprise and disgust at how blatant the Judge was. Some performance from Frank Langella.
  2. Cameo! (I'm the profile on the bottom).
  3. I bought it too (via Comixology), and while I've still to read it, it did strike me as a bit shiny art-wise.
  4. Just followed your profile. Look forward to your posts!
  5. Yeah, the monthly deals are where I've largely been picking them up. They've got at least two or three each month, so I've just been grabbing them as they've become available at that kind of price. I think the only time I paid more than that was for Legend, which was £1.99 at the time. Given that was the book that got me into him, I was happy to splash out on that one. Will let you know if I see any more, but The Swords of Night and Day, Midnight Falcon, Stormrider, Ravenheart, Sword in the Storm, and Echoes of the Storm are all 99p this month. Stella Gemmell's two books,
  6. I have even ended up buying ones that I have in physical format. I've still got all my old David Gemmells for example, and had started to read through them. I've now also picked up a bunch at 99p so I can read them when I'm out and about. I started reading Michael Connelly after loving the Bosch TV show. I bought the first book in physical format, then saw how many others he had across his different series, and started getting them on Kindle instead!
  7. Feels like we have a support group going.
  8. Thanks guys. Believe me, it's not me being a scrooge. Almost the opposite - I've been buying so many Kindle books at that price or a few price more recently, I've got too many to read! Wasn't sure if I wanted to add one to that list, but on your recommendations, I've gone for it.
  9. I've never read any David Mitchell. Recommended?
  10. You are very welcome! I was getting really frustrated, as I was looking forward to playing the game but kept hitting that point. A slight accident getting past it, but glad it worked for you too!
  11. Is this just before you fly under the Star Destroyer? I had that issue a lot. Tried a reinstall and it didn't work. I have no idea if it is what made the difference or not, but I had been pushing up on the left stick when told to boost, and instead I clicked the stick. That seemed to get me past it, but as I say, I have no idea if that was the issue. The rest of the level played out fine apart from some glitching ships in the cut scenes. I've now moved on to the next mission, and not had any issues.
  12. Started playing Squadrons on Xbox last night. I'm of the vintage to have played X-Wing, TIE Fighter and X-Wing vs TIE, so was really looking forward to it. And the bit I did play did not disappoint. Just feels like Star Wars. I was having great fun flying alongside the Star Destroyers really close, surprising myself by not crashing into them. I then switched to the Rebels, and liked the idea of seeing the same part of the story from the other side. Except I didn't. I flew to where the Imperials were, was told to fly under a Star Destroyer. Then nothing. My X
  13. With HBO Max not being available here, is there any news of it being shown in the UK?
  14. I knew they changed over on a Tuesday, but must have checked later in the day previously. Thanks @Pob!
  15. Thanks @Garwoofoo. Just checked on my lunchbreak, and it seems to have caught up, almost exactly 24 hours later. I also jumped on the Gamepass app, but couldn't see the section for the Rewards Quests?
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