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  1. I listen to the Weekly Planet podcast, and the other week their feature was on 'Best Starter Comics'. They did DC that issue, but are planning on doing Marvel and the other publishers over the next few weeks. Might be worth a listen.
  2. I have a pretty old TV. I'd love to upgrade it at some point, but with a 16 month old who has just started nursery in central Edinburgh, it likely won't be happening any time soon. The other day I was looking at the movies available on sale via my Xbox. The UHD option was only something like £1.50 dearer on one of them, and it got me thinking - if I bought that version, given my TV doesn't support UHD, will it just scale it down? Or would it not work at all? I really don't know enough about these things.
  3. Belated happy birthday @Talvalin! Seconded on Snyder's run being great. I've got the individual hardback editions, and my start a reread this weekend.
  4. I chipped into the Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
  5. Grand, thanks @CarloOos!
  6. Bought this when it was on sale a few weeks ago, and really enjoying it, enough to be about to pull the trigger on the DLC. Quick question - can I go back through the levels for collectibles and side missions after I've completed the game, or do they have to be done during the main playthrough?
  7. Immortal Hulk to end at issue 50. https://www.cbr.com/marvels-immortal-hulk-end-issue-50/
  8. More free Marvel comics on Comixology, as part of a celebration of black creators. The list and links is at https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/14-free-marvel-graphic-novels-including-black-panther-at-comixllogy-digital-see-description-for-full-list-3483829 But I've also spotted that four issues of Damage Control are also free - https://www.comixology.co.uk/Damage-Control-1989-I/comics-series/58739?ref=Y29taWMvdmlldy9kZXNrdG9wL2JyZWFkY3J1bWJz
  9. I subbed last month, and my first issue will be the one out in July. At the same time I ordered issue 207, which was apparently dispatched on 1st June, but still hasn't arrived yet. I know the post is slow, but should I be getting in touch with them to chase it up?
  10. Apparently they were in talks with someone to join the cast that McQuarrie seemed very excited to get, but it's now not clear whether that person will sign up or not.
  11. I have been buying over the last couple of years, but sporadically. Lookinhg forward to subbing.
  12. Appreciate that, thanks @strider. Planning on getting the new issue and subscribing.
  13. Does anyone know, if I subscribe, will my sub start with this issue or the following one?
  14. Brill, thanks @Nathan Wind. Will check it out.
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