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  1. Since getting my PS5 I've done Astro, and then spent a short amount of time in Spiderman MM (maybe a hour or so), Bloodborne (15 minutes and hated it), TLOU (Did the opening bit, not in the mood for something bleak right now), God of War (Towed a tree down a river and burnt my wife). The one thing that did stick was Uncharted 4, and I'm now approaching the end of this and wondering where to go next. I've got PS+ so the playstation collection games what should I do next? Is TLOU depressing all the way through? Should I have a go as Days Gone? I'm thinking not as I want something fairly short I can complete rather than a life destroying 90 hour epic. Spiderman MM is short right? I got frustrated as I spent ages on some mission only to discover it was a side mission rather than a main story mission. I probably need to start that over from scratch as I've forgotten all the controls which doesn't help.
  2. My launch switch was like this. In the end I got another one a year or so later and it was night and day different. The pro controller & joycon which had issues with the launch machine worked perfectly with the new one. Even the Wi-fi signal on the new machine was about 2 bars better than the launch machine in the same location.
  3. 1000 games feels like quite a lot to me. Do you really need all of them still?
  4. You know those store credit things that they sent out last week? How do I redeem it? I had a notification in the app on my phone for £8 credit, but looking now I can’t find it anywhere. Have I missed a bit in the app somewhere or is it too late to claim now?
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-Plate-For-Playstation-5-Game-Console-Host-Protective-Shell-Cover-/233940065635?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Edit: sorry those seem to be silicone covers rather than replacement plates.
  6. This is £9 currently in the sale. Is there a single player component or is it online races only?
  7. My consoles live in a cupboard. It’s disconcerting to open that cupboard and be met with a wave of hot air when everything in there is supposedly idle/off. The case of the machine being hot to the touch when it’s “off” doesn’t strike me as good, and my wife would scream fire hazard if she opened the doors and felt the heat in there.
  8. After my post a while back about my series x kicking out heat when not in use I changed the power settings to the one that disables all the online updating stuff. Since then it’s been stone cold while switched off. The PS5 in rest mode doesn’t get hot at all.
  9. Because the latency is terrible and throughput not high enough.
  10. Thanks for the info, I looked at a couple and no way I’d get them by accident. I quite fancy getting the platinum trophy on this.
  11. I’ve been loving this. I’m now at the point where the only trophies I have left are hidden ones. Do people really just luck into these?
  12. I didn't get one with my series X
  13. These still aren’t showing up for me in the UK. Anyone claimed them yet?
  14. Yep. I even have a voucher left over from getting 3D world which I’ve yet to ply more than an hour of. I’ll probably get it tonight.
  15. I remember all the talk when switch was coming that maybe it would use a tegra 2 as the tegra was a bit long in the tooth and how awesome it would be if they did. Getting some serious déjà vu here.
  16. I got it in the bundle I got with my series x. I installed it and drove around for 15 mins trying to find my office and then went to bed. I really should give it some time given it cost me £50.
  17. I haven’t had an email either way yet!
  18. Did you get an email saying you weren’t picked, or just no email at all?
  19. Does anyone else notice how much heat the series x pushes out even when on standby? Mine is in a cupboard with the ps5 & switch. I leave the doors open when in use but whenever I open up the cupboard its noticeably warm in there. Touching the consoles the PS5 is always cold but the Xbox is always warm to the touch around the fan opening. Both are set to use the standby mode where they do updates and stuff in the background. I guess the Xbox just does more work when on standby?
  20. I haven’t noticed any noises from mine, and I’m certainly not going to start listening out for something as I imagine once heard you can’t unhear it.
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