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  1. Should be on around 10ish tonight. I will stop at midnight though. I MUST stop at midnight tonight. Need sleep...
  2. Six of those are shooters of one kind or another. Roll on a bit more online variety. I like shooting people every now and then but if they weren't online I wouldn't touch any of those games normally. Project Gotham however is the best thing ever. I've clocked over 63 hours on it so far.
  3. Top races tonight guys. I promised myself an early night, but here I am at stupid oclock having only just turned the bloody thing off. Damn this game is good.
  4. Woohoo! Cleared the world series on silver medals so I have the 911 GT1. Time to go online and try it out
  5. Except if they're american. First time I asked the guy said I could have 'his' track if I could beat him. Me in an F40 having never driven it before, him in an Enzo. Git. Still I eventually found someone I could beat and unlocked it that way. Anyway, I have about 4 races to go in the ultimate series and the Porsche GT1, Ferrari GTO & Delfino shall be mine. The Mercedes CLK is a possibility, the TVR? Never gonna happen
  6. Outspaced - You, me, TVR's & Princes Street. Bring it on.
  7. Wait until you get to the american muscle cars.
  8. Yes you did you slag! Was great to meet you all, looking forward to seeing you on Live soon.
  9. I'll be around tonight. Renault Spiders always give a nice close race and they actually handle nicely.
  10. I'll work on your top ten position for the Evo time attack in the meantime...
  11. Just add any and everyone from the gamertag list to your friends list. If they accept great (and most round these parts do), if not plenty more peeps out there to go race/shoot/hit a tennis ball at. ps. Not sure if anyone's mentioned, but don't use the voice mask. Its very annoying.
  12. Good work fella. How long you gonna be away for?
  13. Checks lap times for the nurburgring on live... Grrr, pesky Porsche 911 GT1. You're only 10 seconds quicker than me though, and I believe its one a piece when racing the Enzos...
  14. Hope you're better in that than you are in the Enzo!
  15. As was said earlier, if you have BB & an xbox you must get Live. Its just great.
  16. Zonda Zonda Zonda! I've not got it yet, I just keep looking at it in the showroom. It will be mine soon...
  17. I got XBConnect a while ago but have never managed to get into a game. It shouldn't be that hard, should it?
  18. I think I dipped under the 2000 mark last night. (That could just mean I have no life)
  19. Hi. Feel free to race me anytime.
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