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  1. Is this the E3 but not at E3 thing? Or is that something else?
  2. The Stadia controller connects directly to the game in the cloud, rather than connecting to your device via bluetooth and then onto the game in the cloud. But even using the xbox pad over bluetooth on my MacBook to play stadia games the lag is so much better than the same setup on xcloud.
  3. That’s a pretty terrible list. If I hadn’t just got 3 months for free I might skip that month.
  4. Yeah it works fine, I use it in Chrome rather than Safari but I'm not sure if that's necessary. On my MacBook Pro I can run XCloud & Stadia one after the other and technically XCloud is way behind. The image quality is very average, but the thing that really kills it is the input lag. I tried Dishonoured the other evening after all the praise it gets on here and it was unplayable, the aiming reticule would continue moving after I let go of the stick. In comparison Stadia is super crisp and I personally cannot detect any input lag. I really hope that XCloud gets better as the Gamepass library is only going to get better and being able to dip in and out of any of it without multi-gigabyte installs is amazing. I'd also like to see the EA Play games on gamepass available for streaming.
  5. Maybe, although it would be for meat rather than milk I expect. The other option is pigs, and both would give him more stock for the farm shop.
  6. What do you think happens to the fish shit in the sea? @Clipper I agree with your summary of the show, the thing is series 2 with him ploughing the fields and sowing seeds is just the same thing again except he's not new to it. Farming is basically doing the same things over and over each year. They're going to have to work hard to fill up the whole series with side projects for him to do.
  7. Jonny5

    Apple TV +

    Thinking about the eye-searing "Apple Original" text, when watching late at night the "Skip Intro" button is stupidly bright as well and almost hurts my eyes. Surely they can do something so that stuff isn't shown at full on max brightness.
  8. If you swapped them around nobody would ever see the xbox hidden away behind the PS5
  9. It'll be interesting how they handle a second series now he has some experience and can't be the bubbling idiot at everything he does.
  10. There’s another thread about xcloud somewhere. Edit: it’s still in beta, but they’re rolling out the updated hardware.
  11. I just activated a £1 for 3 months trial on an account I used in March to do the same thing. I’m not complaining, but I thought you could only do that deal once.
  12. Has anyone had any luck pairing their series controller with a Mac? I've had it work once (this might even have been before they were officially supported) but never again. I tried again just now and turning on the pad with the pairing button got the pad to appear in macOS, I hit the connect button and it sat thinking for a bit before the pad disappeared from the list and now no amount of turning the pad off and on again will get it to show up again.
  13. I can't see anywhere to redeem it in my Stadia account, any tips? Edit: Stadia Settings -> Redeem Code It worked, my next payment was due on the 27th of June, and is now due on the 27th of September
  14. Has it improved the loading times and stream resolution?
  15. I've not got to the end yet, was that £100k after paying for all the equipment? I imagine the tractor cost good chunk of that by itself.
  16. I've really been enjoying this. I've grown tired of the over the top Clarkson act so pleased that it only makes brief appearances in this. Its a real eye opener on how little money there is in farming too.
  17. Isn't it against the law to just make up prices and then "discount" them back to the regular price?
  18. Transatlantic pings are more like 50ms at the absolute best. If Stadia really tried to service you from a US datacenter you'd know all about it.
  19. When was that sale that was announce a while back start?
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