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  1. I have the middle tier sub, do I still need to claim the free base tier games for them to be available next month?
  2. Tesco have their own version as well which is pretty cheap.
  3. The meta critic rating & user reviews make quite amusing reading. Apparently the micro transactions were not in game for the review copies either which is shady as fuck. I’m tempted to request a refund.
  4. Every time you spin the roulette thing the window that pops up with your pittance of a win also has a button on it to buy more credits on the psn store. Not sure if it’s elsewhere as well, but that’s the main one I’ve seen in the shore amount of time I’ve played.
  5. I can’t believe it’s still down and in the meantime I can’t race the AI. Wtf is the need of an online connection to do the single player game. What a load of old shite.
  6. Turns out I had my privacy settings set to prevent friend requests. Should be fixed now 🤦‍♂️ I’ll go through that sheet and add some myself in a bit.
  7. Can some of the Monday night people add me on PSN please? I'm SpeedyYellow on PSN. I doubt I'll be able to make the Monday nights but I would very much like to have a few more people to compete against on the various ranking boards.
  8. What's the best place to grab a 12m PSN thingy at the moment?
  9. With the lottery ticket things do you ever win anything but the shittiest option?
  10. Shame, I guess it came out for the PS3 though? Didn't realise it was that old!
  11. So I’ve just spent 50 minutes doing the music rally and it’s still only 2/3rds through the download. Not a great first impression. Do I have to leave the game running for this to download or will it do it overnight in rest mode?
  12. How long until this is in a sale? I’m working my way through the GT Sport campaign telling myself that for £8 or whatever it cost I’m getting 99% of the GT7 experience. I would like to see what the haptics feel like though…
  13. stadia.google.com? You can sign up for free & browse the store and even play the free stuff.
  14. I got this peel and haven’t had any issues getting pizzas into it from a board or into the oven. Perforated Pizza Peel,... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08YF7CW1C?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  15. My kid just has a profile on our Switch, and got a couple of games for xmas which are now nagging about linking his account to a profile. How do I fix this? Do I have to set him up a Nintendo online account? Can I add him as a child to my account rather than mess about setting him up an email address?
  16. £27.99 on Amazon for the Switch day one edition today so got this bought.
  17. I'm still hoping for a price drop on this before xmas so I can get it for my son. I guess its doing quite well since the price hasn't gone anywhere yet.
  18. Is this still streaming at 720p or have they increased it now?
  19. I haven't used it for a while, but I always used Chrome on MacOS and it worked ok with a paired Xbox controller. Im tempted to sign up again for a quid to play FH5. Although if I wait a bit I guess I could split my one pound month between Halo & Forza.
  20. Jonny5

    Apple TV +

    I just finished it after adding it to my watch list when the trailer first came out. I enjoyed it, like you say entertaining but not earth shattering.
  21. There’s a dedicated thread for Apple Arcade with loads of recommendations.
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