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  1. Are you using the Stadia pad or the XBox pad? The input latency would be better with the stadia pad but otherwise I don’t see why you’d get any difference.
  2. They’re just shifting the old chromecast ultra devices. They obviously have quite a lot sat around somewhere.
  3. You can see the road ahead though due to the elevated camera, I'm not sure what use the notes would be.
  4. I’ve just started playing through the first game in the collection and haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. I’m still quite early on though so lots of jungle rather than enclosed tombs.
  5. I think the three of them have free rein to make whatever they like with Amazon. See James' cooking show(which was quite amusing) and that god-awful shipwrecked thing Richard did.
  6. My nephew has a PS5 and he has an external drive with a load of games on it which seems to have died. The drive was originally used in a PS4 if that makes any difference. I got a message from his mum asking if his all his GTA cars & minecraft worlds would be lost. I replied saying I thought that stuff would be on the PS itself, and he shouldn’t have lost anything as he’d be able to download the games again from the store. Am I correct? To have games on an external drive they’d have to be digital copies right? I’m also assuming he doesn’t have PS+ so no cloud saves. His saves will be on the PS5 ssd right?
  7. Given the amount of chat in the FS thread about downloading, patching & content packs it seems like the perfect game to stream.
  8. I thought they added it in the recent update when it became available for all in the browser. Edit: They didn’t, they talked about using it to allow new games on old xboxes. Interestingly Flight Simulator isn’t available on xcloud yet.
  9. I had another go with this last night and after a quick go on that being a cloud game the graphics were nice and clear and the input seemed responsive so thought I’d try Forza Horizon again. What a difference! I was able to navigate around some corners without fishtailing into oblivion. I splashed out on a Ferrari and spent 45 mins cruising around the map and even completed some events. The encoding in this really struggles once you get any decent speed up though. Driving slowly it looks ok, but speed up a bit and it quickly turns into a blocky mess which is a shame.
  10. This feels like it would be perfect for streaming with all the patching and content packs installed, only it's not available on xcloud.
  11. Thinking of getting this for my son after I got the Lego minecraft type one and it didn't really click. I assume after the opening you're free to just mess about in the city? Does it run ok on Switch? That would probably be my preferred platform although its currently full price there (£49.99!!!) vs £11.99 on the Playstation Store.
  12. I don't think they ever said they'd replaced everything with Series X hardware did they? Certain games are probably enabled on the X hardware and fall back to the old hardware when all the X slots are used. Again an issue which will improve over time I hope. They really need to work on the image quality though, even when the input lag is acceptable it still looks a blurry pixelated mess.
  13. What are they suggesting? That PlayStation games will be on Netflix? Netflix doing games has been announced hasn’t it? Isn’t this them just supporting the controllers that people have in their homes?
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