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  1. Thanks guys. I found a form to request a refund but I need to go digging through my account to find the transaction id to submit the form. It hasn’t started downloading yet and I’ve now removed it from the queue so hopefully that’s enough. Annoyingly there was another game I queued to download this morning, but I must have gone through the claim process on the console for that one.
  2. Ok, first cock up this morning. I was looking through the PlayStation Collection games and added a couple last night and it makes you check out at £0.00 which seemed a bit odd. Anyway, this morning I tried to queue up the last guardian from the app and clicked through next, next, confirm… Wait what? Oh great, I’ve just paid £29.99 for a game through the app which would be free through the console? Fucks sake.
  3. Finally got to have a play at around 10pm. Plugged it all in and powered up only to be met with a No Signal screen. Restarted a few times and same thing. What was odd is the input got renamed to ps5 even though no signal. In the end I tried a different port and it worked fine. I plugged something else back in to the port the ps5 was in and that also worked fine. No idea what that was all about. I had a bash on Astro and it was fun enough. The haptics in the pad are nice although I’m not sure about the speaker. I had to go turn down the volume of that in the settings. Ive le
  4. If your sub lapses and you resub, do you get back everything you claimed previously or are you starting over from scratch?
  5. It’s here! In my rush to order I thought I’d ended up with the bundle with the extra pad & 12 month ps+ sub. Very’s website is rubbish and I couldn’t see what I’d actually ordered. I’ve since seen you can get the PS+ cards for under £40 so was pretty annoyed. Anyway, I opened up the box to find the PS5, pad & Miles Morales game
  6. Can you change the tv to always turn on on the tuner rather than the last used input?
  7. Tonight I had to disable kids mode on the kids profile so they could watch Finding Dory. Im not sure how much I trust their ratings after that.
  8. The next shift will be away from x86 and towards ARM. Look at Apple's new chips, they can emulate x86 and still be faster than the same app running on a native cpu. Of course it would need someone other than Apple to be able to make good arm processors. The other benefit of using arm processors is the cooling requirement would go way down and we'd have tiny fans or even no fans at all.
  9. I got one of these in the end and I'm conflicted. Looking at the pictures I assumed the two halves of the pad were attached via some expanding strip which then clamped the phone in between. It does work like this, only the bit attaching the two halves is a rubber strip. When attached to the phone the side which plugs in is solid, but the other side is far from solid. If you push it away from you it's restricted from moving by your phone, put if you pull it towards you the elastic at the back stretches and it flexes loads. It just feels pretty flimsy for a £100 gamepad. It also requires me
  10. Sent with Parcelforce 24 yesterday, but no sign of it today.
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