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  1. I think I enjoyed it. I’ll watch it again tonight on the big screen before commenting.
  2. Its been years since I read the books, but I was surprised to see so much of the stuff I remember being at the end of the books being included in the teaser.
  3. Jonny5

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Celeste is totally worth £17.99. Get it anyway.
  4. Jonny5


    Its a big bugger! Just made a couple of cups while I mess about with the settings. It feels a bit funny making just “coffee” after all the varieties of pods we have but so far so good.
  5. Jonny5

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    For the crackling I just put it skin down directly over the coals to start with to get it started off before turning back over and moving away for the main cook.
  6. Jonny5

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    It just felt like if I put something heavy on one side it could tip up. Anyway, I have the ties now so will get it strapped on and see how it looks.
  7. Jonny5


    I just popped in here to see if there was any bean to cup coffee machine chat and now have the Delonghi one on its way from Amazon. We we have a Nespresso at the moment and after a failed experiment with some fancy third party pods recently and a demo of the £1800 Sage Oracle machine we’re convinced to move away from pods. Im hoping the Delonghi will produce similar results to the Sage for significantly less money!
  8. Jonny5


    Like others have said 30 mins ago I didn’t know these things existed and now I want one. @Gotters can it make pizza dough?
  9. Jonny5

    Digital Pressure Cookers

    We have one of these and the recipe book it came with had a banging risotto recipe which takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. The fact you can cook the bacon and onions down in the thing before adding the rice & stock and switching it over to pressure cooker mode is awesome.
  10. Jonny5

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Having a big clear out and was about to chuck my old B&Q kettle which is fixed into a cart thing. Its a little rusty and bashed up but solid enough. Anyway, just before it went in the skip I did a quick measure and it just happens to be 57cm... 5 mins later and I’d whipped the bbq out, taken the legs off my Weber and dropped it in with the handles resting on the cart frame: Now my question is how would you go about fixing it in place? I was thinking I could maybe get some jubilee clips around the frame & handles and tighten them up. Alternatively drill some holes in the top side of the frame and bolt some kind of bracket thing over the handles. Any better ideas? Edit: Didn't realise but you can get metal cable ties for next to nothing, think I'll give them a go to start with.
  11. Jonny5

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    One thing I’d say is never worry about it being ready too soon. You can keep it warm for ages after it’s done which is way less stressful than having people sit around asking if it’s done yet.
  12. Jonny5

    Grand Designs

    I’ve been watching. They’re all going for simple easy to built stuff as they’re working with tiny budgets so they do end up being similar. The old old lady who did it by herself was pretty sad to watch as her friends basically left her to do it while they finished their own one off, I was glad she finished and I though hers was nicer than her so called friends one.
  13. Jonny5

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    I don’t disagree with any of that, but given @cowfields said the main use would be regular grilling rather than extended smoking it makes sense to optimise for that with the kettle. If the smoking meat bug bites then he can get a tool better suited to the task. Ahh, just seen your extra post - I bet the 50cm version is a good chunk more expensive than the Weber. FWIW I spent £70 on a used Weber kettle and have a dedicated smoker.

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