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  1. Five tiers below! Which makes it ok. 😉
  2. In the end, while the staff had a good laugh about it, the underlying motivation is why the game has a cast list, suggesting the player has just played through a movie and everyone's fine.
  3. I think they're more likely to do it for the Deck if they're releasing a PC version anyway. It's less effort than a Switch port.
  4. Please don't ever fly a plane. Actually, thinking about it, that's roll not yaw. Anyway, I find the whole invert/non-invert to be like a person's handedness. It is what it is and all this talk about learning and unlearning should be left in the past.
  5. No, there is no middle ground in the binary world of modern criticism. The screen only lets you view the games you're playing without major issue. Poor job, Valve.
  6. If you took that from what I've said, then there's a misunderstanding. If that's your opinion, then we're in disagreement.
  7. My pet theory generally was that violence in the media didn't quite reflect the reality of life as the average Joe lives it, and actual violence is widely condemned, whereas sexual content was so much more prevalent and encouraged in everyday life. We can view violence as "not normal", while objectification is "normal", and so overt sexualisation of women (and it's almost always women) is the more pressing problem. These days, I'm not so sure, with the state of gun crime in America an obvious example to the contrary, and the rise (or more public face) of the alt-right. Our media both reflects and influences the cultures in which we live in, and while I don't think watching an action movie and playing Call of Duty turns someone violent, or that playing Fire Emblem makes someone a paedo, they shine an ugly light on what significant numbers of people want. I think these days you could have a thread here on violence in video games and it'd be a very different read than if it cropped up during the days of Jack Thompson.
  8. Bollocks to that. Preservation is important even if the games have aged, and while Goldeneye has been playable via emulation for decades, any official release is to be welcomed.
  9. Do you have Game Pass? Because it's free on Game Pass along with the rest of Rare Replay.
  10. I expect so, though Rare Replay is reduced to £5 extremely often.
  11. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2023/01/25/goldeneye-007-xbox-game-pass-release-date/ "The rollout begins late January 26 in some territories" suggests that it'll be released worldwide at the same time, with time zones meaning some people get it before their local midnight. So.... maybe, but probably not. It might come out at like 6am, UK time.
  12. I always feel there's more than enough sales featuring stuff you can actually see, that there's no need to take a punt in the hope of getting something else.
  13. I like that it's free for Rare Replay owners. I mean, I'd have bought it anyway if it wasn't on Game Pass, but now there's several layers explaining why I don't have to pay for it.
  14. You can still be a TERF, but it'll stand for Trans Exclusional Repugnant Fuck.
  15. Titanfall 2 is definitely worth the install. And it's six beautiful hours, so you can reclaim that time when you're done.
  16. I'd like to take a moment to clarify my earlier post. It's hard for me to be as amped about this as I was for, say, Better Call Saul, but that's just because I've already seen it. That's on me, not the show. I'm glad it's not different just for the sake of being different, going off in its own direction just to give me something new to watch. And we're only two epsides in. It's got loads of space to grow.
  17. I'm looking forward to next week's episode because... The thing is, the game was already well acted, well directed, and hugely enjoyable to watch, but with the added bonus of being playable. So rather than having an adaptation which adds something (adding visuals to the source novel, or expanding on things in a TV series based on a film, etc.), this so far has mainly been about removing stuff. Removing that interactivity. It's motivating me to pick up the PC version of Part I so I can play through it all over again. People's mileage on that varies, but I loved the gameplay. And it's a little hard to shift that. For an hour or so I'm still glued to the screen, but after that's over, I feel I want to pick up a pad and play it.
  18. Metroid Prime's mum has been sleeping behind her dad's back then, because her real father is Exhumed.
  19. Yes, though not on Steam Deck. Absolutely fucking loved it.
  20. I think it's worth noting City are only "so-so" by the exceptional standards they've set themselves. Their record so far would have them closely challenging for the title in more than half of the previous thirty Premier League seasons, when you extrapolate points-per-game across the whole season (not sure what it would look like at the halfway mark). So while it's fair to say Arsenal would feel more pressure if City were right on their tails, it remains that they've dropped points in just three of nineteen matches played so far, which is exceptionally good. It's a bit like dismissing Maradona because Pele is injured. In a game being played in heaven, where there's no Martin Tyler, and Paul Scholes gets his boots scrubbed by the tag-team of Gerrard and Lampard. There, I think I'm up to date with the thread.
  21. Reading the opening post, I'm not sure if @Hamus is restricted to 30 minutes of gaming at most, or if it's just a remark about the convenience of PES. I don't know how many kids you have or how old they are, but what I find works for me is having an evening a week that's for me (and likewise, my partner could do the same another night). That gives me a nice block of time where I can make progress in something meatier, rather than relying on grabbing short chunks here and there. It doesn't mean the games have to be any less relaxing. There's a lot to be said for spending a couple of hours just pootling around in a Euro Truck, for example. A large part of that is dictated by my personality, I'm quite introverted so I need that alone time just to recharge.
  22. Sounds terrible. I rarely want to play two driving games at the same time, but alternate driving and shooting? Yes please!
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