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  1. Death of the Outsider is free, that's a standalone expansion following the sequel.
  2. Far Cry 2 will still be available on the Xbox One store, so it's not going totally.
  3. Yeah, that's my plan. The more forgiving nature of Agent allows you to explore and nail the basic objective. The next time through, that's a lot of mental space freed up for not getting killed.
  4. It's a comfortable scoreline but I never really felt the game was safe until, perhaps, Williams's yellow with fifteen to play. On another day Wales could have had two or three more tries.
  5. Where'd you get hold of it? Or VPN shenanigans?
  6. Had to parse this twice - a classic case of an errant apostrophe completely changing the meaning.
  7. Suitably advanced magic is indistinguishable from lasers.
  8. Citation needed. Loads of 360 games ran at 30 fps or even less.
  9. Amazingly, it is possible to not give a flying fuck about framerates or 4K and still play modern games. It's even possible to like some of them!
  10. Jean Smart. Laura Linney was who he left to chase at the end of the series.
  11. Good luck with that, as there isn't one.
  12. Yep, total agreement with you there.
  13. It's not like you can lose points by getting them wrong, though.
  14. Mazin has stated he thinks the sequel will take more than a season. I dunno if it'll take the same format, but (Part II spoilers)
  15. People with fungus in their brains, perhaps.
  16. Could be the case! This is me also learning at a geometric rate.
  17. It's not, see the list in Quest's post above.
  18. Kyle's explicitly shown in the future to be holding the photo the young boy takes of Sarah at the end of the film. You could make a load of arguments to the effect that it's a dream sequence etc, but I think that'd be unnecessary wrestling to try and make some sort of case for continuity that wasn't present in the original film. Which I guess is normally how sequels pan out, it's just always made more difficult by time travel.
  19. Aye, that works. Except for the first film, which is a future affected by the time-travel event of the same film.
  20. The flashbacks aren't filler or thoughtless either. In lesser hands, an episode about Bill could have had a half hour flashback of
  21. Very similar, aye. In a geometric sequence, I believe you always add 1 to the exponent, making it a subset of exponential growth. I think. This is less fun than reminiscing about the time the Terminator said "fuck you, asshole", and I apologise for this.
  22. Multiplication, like interest rates. So Skynet might have learned x amount in minute one, 10x in minute two, 100x in minute three, etc.
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