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  1. For me, one of those is not like the others. I can still play a load of my 360 purchases on two generations of later hardware. Shuttering stores and delisting is still shit, but I find the obsolescence worse. Once I've bought the game, I'm more concerned with keeping it than buying it again. A side discussion to this remaster, of course.
  2. If it's just a backup, is there a need to bother with the added expense of an SSD? Mechanical portable drives would be half that price for the same storage.
  3. Out of interest, @bradigor, what's the process here? Do you rip the download from a hacked Switch, or find someone else's rip on the darker corners of the web? I'm not of a mind to do this sort of thing myself at the moment, but I've recently ripped games from older consoles for emulation support and convenience, and with a sizeable Switch digital collection I'm inclined to do similar at some point down the line there too.
  4. Having a disc becomes largely moot if a game receives significant patches. Your disc becomes a key. But that's a side issue. Personally, I'm waiting for the release because I'm busy right now, but won't be so busy in March, and it'll make a nice treat. That, plus as @Strafe notes, I'm not so confident about Nintendo's track record with digital ownership.
  5. As an aside, a parallel might be drawn with the World Cup. The thread's initial discussion was hugely negative and dominated by discussion of Qatari human rights abuses, but once the tournament actually kicked off, it was predominantly a football discussion. And no separate, football-only thread was needed or asked for. It remains to be seen if that's the case here. This thread's getting way more traffic. The discussion will be ongoing. And unlike the football tournament, there's no predefined point at which the game is all over. I don't envy the people who would like to play this game but choose not to, because the game will always be there, tempting them.
  6. It'd offer glimpses of that, but in the end you'd just have a teacup, and you'd be happy with that. Maybe also a minigame where you're a rockstar like Elvis.
  7. The Oracle games were Game Boy Color titles so won't need the expansion pass.
  8. I think 100,000 people doing the quest is extremely unlikely. How many Game Pass subscribers farm reward points, and do every quest regardless of game for the relative pittance?
  9. @Kevvy Metal, just want to apologise if my picky post (which, in true Muphry's Law style, had a typo) felt like a needle. It wasn't my intention and it's easy to forget that a light hearted joke might not feel like one from the other side, so I'm sorry.
  10. Some of the blame for that has to go to short attention spans and dopamine cravings, mind you.
  11. I'm gonna start up a Grammatical Foundry just to pick apart erroneous use of "would of".
  12. Yeah, absolutely. I think Linneman comes from a better place than most, in that at least he's not asking for multiplayer to be implemented in two days, or that a game should just have the ability to save anywhere, or that a gun should also be a sword and a key and put on the blockchain so that it could be also used in Destiny. But it probably does rankle a few feathers. Indeed, I wonder how devs feel about Digital Foundry in general given the premise of the entire channel feels like nitpicking. When compared to something like Game Maker's Toolkit, which always appears to focus on something positive about some game or other, it seems very negative.
  13. I think Episode 3's focus on two other characters intensifies that feeling. It's not something I'll be judging the show on until the run has ended, but I can see the discontinuities.
  14. Basic downsampling is very easy to implement, though. You render internally at a higher resolution, then render the result at a shrunken 240p. The graphics hardware does the job of interpolating pixels for you. Given both Switch and Xbox versions of the game are rendering at higher than the N64's 240p output, there's no technical barrier to doing this. Linneman's status as a non-developer doesn't make him wrong in this instance. The rest of the video, though, that's just DF being DF. A lot of extremely minor niggles that, while it'd be nice if they weren't there, haven't marred my enjoyment in the slightest.
  15. I made a bad football management game for the CPC, and a bad Klax clone that didn't recognise diagonals. I blame my Dad, really - he was really taken with the machine when we initially got it, though I don't think he really progressed beyond type-ins. But seeing that games could be created just by typing stuff in led me down the rabbit hole. I never did get the hang of assembler, though. After years of mucking about with BASIC, I moved on to DIV Games Studio and its sequel on the PC for a bit, before discovering Blitz 3D and being enamoured with that but never really producing anything. XNA arriving shifted me on to C#, and led to Rasternauts, and not a great deal else, but I've always been noodling.
  16. Death of the Outsider is free, that's a standalone expansion following the sequel.
  17. Far Cry 2 will still be available on the Xbox One store, so it's not going totally.
  18. Yeah, that's my plan. The more forgiving nature of Agent allows you to explore and nail the basic objective. The next time through, that's a lot of mental space freed up for not getting killed.
  19. It's a comfortable scoreline but I never really felt the game was safe until, perhaps, Williams's yellow with fifteen to play. On another day Wales could have had two or three more tries.
  20. Where'd you get hold of it? Or VPN shenanigans?
  21. Had to parse this twice - a classic case of an errant apostrophe completely changing the meaning.
  22. Suitably advanced magic is indistinguishable from lasers.
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