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  1. #waffle462 5/5 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩⭐🟩⭐🟩 🟩🟩⭐🟩🟩 🟩⭐🟩⭐🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🔥 streak: 346 🧙 #wafflewizard wafflegame.net That's now a year's worth of waffles.
  2. Is that referring to their fourth placed finish in 2005, when Liverpool won the tournament and had to be let in? If so, Everton played in the 2005-06 Champions League, and lost both their games to Villarreal, so not UEFA's fault. Only other possiblity is when they won the league in 1985 and 1987 but were omitted from the European Cup after the Heysel disaster, but that being the mid-eighties can't count as an exception to things they've done since then.
  3. But he doesn't have it! He took Watford down from the First Division, but Sheffield United from the Second. Still a classic double-relegation, of course.
  4. Sadly not. Here's a fifteen year old Knowledge article with a few examples. There may be more since.
  5. I was saying Boo-kayo Saka.
  6. Or nothing. The final could well be two Manchester clubs and there are more than enough venues in the north to host a football match. A country like England doesn't need a national stadium when it's got plenty of suitable venues all over the shop.
  7. Tennis Elbow 4. A wonderful game of tennis with a solid career mode, from the juniors all the way up. None of that "start your career ranked 100th in the world" nonsense. One of my favourite moments was when I battled hard for a break in the second set against a top-ten opponent, way higher than I was, and then she went and retired. That feeling of elation being swiftly replaced with a disappointment I wasn't expecting, despite progressing, really dug into me. It's a mostly solo effort so expect things a little rough around the edges, but plays better than anything else I've tried.
  8. That's the feel I get from the video - combat that is lethal, frightening and over in a flash, rather than the superhero fare in most FPS titles. I think I'd quite love a Manhunt-esque game in this style, but not Manhunt specifically - it's not gore and controversy I'm after, but a tense, claustrophobic game of cat and mouse.
  9. West Ham have successfully avoided that through the cunning tactic of not playing any.
  10. May be worth trying The Force Engine, a modern source port for Dark Forces. I can't vouch for it as I've not tried it, but would likely be easier than trying to get the original up and running properly.
  11. Taking the minus offer. Being called a maggot is the least of his concerns.
  12. I had a similar gripe, but then the original started out in pretty much the same way. Certainly would be amazing to see a Predator unexpectedly appear, but at the same time, I dunno if I'm going to start watching the film in the first place.
  13. When I get deeply involved with a game I have the same problem in real life.
  14. Pfft! Sunday mornings was where it was at for Corr-related content.
  15. Oh yeah, I think some places are reserved for teams based on coefficients. Maybe they'll be raising the limit too. Can't be having the miniscule chance of not having Big Club FC make the tournament.
  16. I thought there was a five-team limit in the CL from any one country? Unless the new format lifts that. Or Stoke were denied a licence...
  17. I'd feel better about this current handball rule if the punishment was an indirect free kick, because a penalty for a cross hitting your arm is completely disproportionate. It's another example of rulemakers forgetting the intent behind the laws that they're hell bent on enforcing.
  18. Yeah, if it's a key for GOG then you can give them away, but if it's a Prime Gaming one then it just adds to your account so isn't an option.
  19. I also have a code, but already have the game, so same offer.
  20. Needs to follow the cigarette path, really - no hoardings, no sponsorship, no advertisements.
  21. As Nick says, the first tile has priority in turning yellow, the same as in Wordle. Only turning one of the tiles yellow gives you more information than you otherwise would have, and is particularly useful in the Deluxe waffle, but even plays a part in the standard game. Say you have the following: S Y A U S I I M D Here, you can easily work out that the bottom word has an I as the fourth letter, and with other letters in the puzzle may eventually determine that the word is SOLID. You also know, because Waffle didn't just turn all the I tiles yellow for you, that the vertical word doesn't contain the letter I, and therefore can't be SNAIL. If Waffle turned both I tiles yellow just because there's an I in SOLID, then you'd not be able to make that deduction.
  22. The UK & Ireland 2028 bid stadiums have been finalised. It's a bit of a poor show for the island of Ireland that of the three stadiums they've included, two are GAA ones, and one of those hasn't even been built. Ah, I see they've dropped Croke Park.
  23. It's happened again! At 45 yards, perhaps the longest yet. And that was the only goal in an otherwise solid performance in the second game against the US.
  24. We don't need to imagine that.
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