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  1. Yes, though not on Steam Deck. Absolutely fucking loved it.
  2. I think it's worth noting City are only "so-so" by the exceptional standards they've set themselves. Their record so far would have them closely challenging for the title in more than half of the previous thirty Premier League seasons, when you extrapolate points-per-game across the whole season (not sure what it would look like at the halfway mark). So while it's fair to say Arsenal would feel more pressure if City were right on their tails, it remains that they've dropped points in just three of nineteen matches played so far, which is exceptionally good. It's a bit like dismissing Maradona because Pele is injured. In a game being played in heaven, where there's no Martin Tyler, and Paul Scholes gets his boots scrubbed by the tag-team of Gerrard and Lampard. There, I think I'm up to date with the thread.
  3. Reading the opening post, I'm not sure if @Hamus is restricted to 30 minutes of gaming at most, or if it's just a remark about the convenience of PES. I don't know how many kids you have or how old they are, but what I find works for me is having an evening a week that's for me (and likewise, my partner could do the same another night). That gives me a nice block of time where I can make progress in something meatier, rather than relying on grabbing short chunks here and there. It doesn't mean the games have to be any less relaxing. There's a lot to be said for spending a couple of hours just pootling around in a Euro Truck, for example. A large part of that is dictated by my personality, I'm quite introverted so I need that alone time just to recharge.
  4. Sounds terrible. I rarely want to play two driving games at the same time, but alternate driving and shooting? Yes please!
  5. Ultimately, Digital Foundry are all about investigating performance. I like their retro stuff because it's interesting to see different approaches to get a game running on limited hardware, but I could scarcely care less about modern stuff on systems that may as well be identical.
  6. This post appears to suggest you're not playing Huntdown. Is something wrong?
  7. And best of all, Killer Instinct is on cloud gaming, so if you have that you don't even need to download it. It's currently my go-to for last minute achievement fwippery.
  8. Does Kompany even know what gravel is, let alone swallow a mouthful between sentences?
  9. Fry Crayola


    Murray's just thinking "you wanna go five sets mate, I'll fuckin' go five sets, I fucking live for five sets."
  10. In the end, it always comes down to how comfortable you personally feel, and feelings aren't driven by logical rules. You don't need to optimise your brain so you're correctly boycotting the right set of media for the right reasons, and you don't need to feel bad if your reaction in any particular case seems out of step with your peers.
  11. Yeah, without knowing where Ry draws the line, we can't say if anything will actually improve matters. For all we know, he's only driven around a bit of Scotland, and the whole of Britain looks like shit in the game no matter what you do.
  12. Fry Crayola


    A lot's been made of Andy doing all this despite having a metal hip. Say what you want, but the T-800 also had a metal hip and it completely failed to kill Sarah Connor.
  13. Fry Crayola


    Insane. Ridiculous. Absolutely stupid. What a performance. Winner plays Bautista-Agut, who has also come from two sets down to win today, albeit in a little over half the time. And he didn't have a five set opener either.
  14. Fry Crayola


    Holy fuck at Murray's determination in breaking Kokkinakis at 0-2 in the third set. He must have faced three or four net smashes in a row and still somehow returned every one, then lobbed to return Kokkinakis to the baseline from which he netted.
  15. Certainly, there's a pay disparity in the club game so international pay holds a different relative weight. I feel that it's a statement that indicates equality of importance to the associations responsible, and that's a good message to be putting out.
  16. Very few novels are pre-ordained, to be fair.
  17. Glad to see this is increasingly a thing.
  18. I'm halfway through that season and don't think it's bad, but it's definitely a long way off the best series from either side of the world. The thing is, I find the "bad" series of Taskmaster are still enjoyable TV.
  19. CD Keys buy their keys in bulk from other regions, as I understand it, but they are legit keys. What you want to be wary of are the sites where keys being sold are stolen or obtained fraudulently (say, by pretending to be a streamer and getting keys for review, then selling them off), as those keys could be cancelled by the publisher and leave you high and dry. No such issues with CD Keys, to my knowledge.
  20. I liked but didn't love this, and I think that's largely because having played the games, I'm anticipating the beats. It's not something I can really judge on a solitary opener, though. Delightfully cast and I can't wait for the rest of it.
  21. I had a very similar experience replaying Timesplitters 2 and 3 recently. More of a problem in 2, as 3 could be comfortably played as a modern game without too much sacrifice. I still want this release though. I yearn for it.
  22. Fry Crayola


    Without the Big Three, he might even have reached double figures.
  23. Oh, my sweet summer-autumn-winter-spring child.
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