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  1. "The law as it's written" is a nice line of argument, but it doesn't hold up as strongly when the various bodies keep introducing guidance as to how it's to be interpreted without changing the written rule itself. Whether you treat the letter of the law, the interpretation, or this specific outcome, people are arguing that they don't like the end result because it just doesn't seem in the spirit of the game. When people say "that shouldn't be allowed to stand", rules lawyering only tackles half of the argument. I appreciate your position on this is merely debating whether or not the refs made the legally correct decision. I do like that it shows that despite the best wishes of the powers that be, you can't remove subjectivity from the laws. It's a losing battle.
  2. Taskmaster Australia starts on February 2nd. Here's hoping it's another NZ. At the very least, they do share the same house.
  3. The refs will argue he hasn't blocked anyone because no player in blue tried to run towards the ball through the back of him, notwithstanding that they took a different tack because, well, he was there.
  4. According to the commentary, interferring with play is now limited to either touching the ball, or getting in an opponent's way. You can do whatever you like if you don't do either of those, up to and including chasing the ball down and getting ready to shoot, which undoubtedly is going to have an impact on the defence. Not a fan myself.
  5. That football, eh?
  6. As we know, a probability of one indicates that something is guaranteed, and zero indicates that it'll absolutely never happen. The probability of this happening is negative. Nintendo will think that if they sell it cheap now, it'll be harder to sell it again for £35 on the next platform. Nintendo are fools, of course, people will do that anyway.
  7. Even if they wanted to do that - which they wouldn't - they'd have no proof you were using it illegally.
  8. I can't say the Deck has ruined console gaming for me, and indeed I rarely touch mine (but no, you can't have it). The thing is, I've never been a fan of putting my console under the main living room telly where I'd have to effectively negotiate access, so I have them hooked up to my PC monitors instead and can play - other commitments notwithstanding - whenever I like, and can just shut myself away for a couple of hours to do so. As an introvert, that's my preferred experience. That said, having a Deck has meant that I'm no longer interested in picking up games on the Switch for their portability for the odd occasion where I do fancy it. It's back to Steam for those, where I get portability and as good a guarantee I'll ever have that they'll work on future hardware.
  9. Don't You Want Me by The Human League. I hope they did.
  10. It varies from day to day. Today was 10. Tomorrow it could be 50!
  11. I'm the same on the optional encounters. My first thought was that I'd try to finish them, but it swiftly became apparent that they were a step above my level at the time, perhaps more intended for the next playthrough. More so though, they were a different thing to the main game. Here's Doom Eternal. Now here's Doom Eternal Challenge, a set of small arena battles with a high difficulty. I realised I didn't enjoy that, and if it was a stand alone title, I wouldn't bother with it. I'm increasingly of that mindset with side challenges and alternative modes in games these days. Would I want to play it if it was a separate game? I can see the appeal of this one, but I was happy enough with the main game, and by the time it was done I was ready for something else.
  12. You can easily imagine the same thing happening in reverse if they switched from tendrils in the game, to spores in the show, and the Venn diagram of people complaining about either would have a large overlap.
  13. The ref did take a few small steps just before the clattering, so he probably thought he was at fault.
  14. Absolutely. I still have unplayed games from the very first Steam Sale where I had a machine to take advantage of it. That was thirteen years ago. It's only a bargain if you're playing the games. Otherwise you're wasting your money.
  15. I got five. I just don't post my dailies.
  16. These are increasingly questions for the Deck thread, but to answer - there's no way I know of to do game pass without either the cloud, or just going and installing Windows 10/11 on it.
  17. I've experienced this and it appears to happen when adverts change. Really irritating when it fucks your move.
  18. All this exclusive talk is piffle. If you have the hardware, a game's a game, no matter where else it gets a release.
  19. I think at the very least, expecting camera angles to actually cover the pitch is a small ask.
  20. Yeah, they're saying Nunes was offside, he took the corner. The ball appeared to be played back to him by a Wolves man. But as he's never in shot, it's unclear if he's offside or not.
  21. The defender's always going to attempt to clear the ball, because of the attacker. It's a stupid interpretation of an increasingly stupidly implemented rule.
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