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  1. Mazin has stated he thinks the sequel will take more than a season.


    I dunno if it'll take the same format, but (Part II spoilers)


    I felt that the structure really, really helped you come to see Abby's perspective, compared to if they'd chopped and changed. By the midpoint you're ready to beat Abby into a pulp because the game has done nothing but set her up as the enemy, and I didn't really want to be put in her shoes, but another 10-15 hours later, she's been humanised and made understandable, and Ellie swings partly the other way.


    I wonder if the same could be achieved by intertwining the stories. You'd lose the single-mindedness of revenge that the story's going for, but you also avoid the jolt that was the midpoint. On the other hand, the game is one large piece, not two separate titles with a delay between stories that'd come if you left Abby to Season 3. Would it really work if you've waited a year for the next season and it's a case of same story, separate perspective?


  2. 1 hour ago, Uncle Mike said:


    Pretty sure geometric and exponential sequences are just the same thing written in different ways. There's nothing in geometric sequences that necessarily implies an increase in the multiplier.


    Could be the case!


    This is me also learning at a geometric rate.




  3. Kyle's explicitly shown in the future to be holding the photo the young boy takes of Sarah at the end of the film. You could make a load of arguments to the effect that it's a dream sequence etc, but I think that'd be unnecessary wrestling to try and make some sort of case for continuity that wasn't present in the original film. 


    Which I guess is normally how sequels pan out, it's just always made more difficult by time travel.

  4. The flashbacks aren't filler or thoughtless either. In lesser hands, an episode about Bill could have had a half hour flashback of



    him setting up a bunch of traps because in the game there are a bunch of traps, but oh my god - how could they have got there? Better show the viewer that they're traps Bill set up, including the very trap that catches Joel and leaves him hanging. You've always wondered why that was there, haven't you? Now you'll know!


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