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  1. That decision not to pull Ronaldo up as offside is modern football at its most stupid.
  2. I heard Dyche ate it for breakfast because he ran out of Gravel Pops. Any truth to that?
  3. I can't believe Burnley haven't complied with the undersoil heating ruling.
  4. Experiences vary, unfortunately. My play of Forza Horizon 5 was stuttery, with tearing and frequent full-screen decoding garbage (particularly on changing the camera). On the other hand, I've had smooth experiences with other games on it at other times, so it's a consistency issue.
  5. Once you're selling something - and while BC may be free, Microsoft are selling the console that offers the feature - you have to meet a higher expectation of standards and support than a group of dedicated hobbyists who don't actually have to answer to anyone. A generic emulator that kinda works most of the time would be fine with us, who appreciate the technical difficulties and are happier to get something rather than nothing, but it's not going to wash with a more casual player who, on finding their new console plays old games, suddenly can't get a bunch of them working for no apparent reason. The halfway house currently on offer isn't ideal, but from Microsoft's perspective they can stand behind the 695 games currently on offer and guarantee they'll actually work.
  6. I believe it's a case of your second point - because the BC version is a new build that needs to be downloaded, assets and all, it would be in violation of their terms of use to do so. This is different to, say, PS1 compatibility on later PS models, where the console reads everything from the disc you already own.
  7. If you're talking graphically, then it's not too surprising - 2005 was the year of Resident Evil 4, after all, and later than the likes of Metroid Prime 1 & 2, or MGS 2 & 3, all of which remain good looking games.
  8. Have to agree that that last episode was great. Simple tasks with a lot of room for contestant improvisation rather than overly complex rules. And the stage task was up there with the best of them.
  9. If I was a lesser man, this would have ended up in the Games That Lost You At Hello thread, such is how it completely bewilders you and takes a long time to click. Instead it's absolutely fucking excellent.
  10. The gore special was originally broadcast post-watershed. Of course, so was the reboot.
  11. I enjoyed how the end credits' infinite fall through the abyss gave off a real Knightmare vibe.
  12. With Call of Duty and Splatoon 2 they had the same issue Go 8 Bit had - they're just really difficult games to broadcast to an audience. I don't think split screen really works for television, there's generally too much going on at any one time.
  13. As long as he doesn't put Haribo teeth on it. That always makes me die a little inside.
  14. I think if any of the three had won it, you could make a decent argument for it. It was Crystelle's all the way until the raw focaccia which proved her undoing, whatever the fuck happened there (I'd like to hear more on Extra Slice), though it would be unlikely that they'd ignore that and hand her the prize anyway. Chigs was probably last in the signature with his fudge-like carrot cake, but generally quite solid. As Gotters says above, there's unknowns in the judging system and I think that's for the best. I never get the impression a technical counts for much more than a tiebreaker between otherwise even contestents, unless you either produce something outstandingly beautiful or completely fuck it up beyond recognition, whereas one very good showstopper can completely overcome an otherwise bad performance.
  15. Disappointed this wasn't about the accession of Nectanebo II to the Egyptian throne. You can, yes.
  16. Got a bit confused and thought I'd wandered into the Music forum there.
  17. Clearly I have been very, very slow today.
  18. Sorry, but I don't understand how. For example, this list of Scottish Cup finals shows Rangers have played at the current Hampden Park multiple times since 1904, and of course they played twice there during the 2012-13 season against Queens Park, as well as the Scottish League cup since its inception in 1947. Are you perhaps suggesting that the redevelopment work for the 2014 Commonwealth Games - itself a temporary adjustment before reverting - means it's a new stadium? Edit: ah, it's the whole Rangers newco thing! So the Queen's Park visits stand.
  19. That doesn't look all-time to me.
  20. I have a Series S, and it's an excellent console, but primarily because it's fast and responsive compared to the Xbox One, rather than because of specific games.
  21. I'm sad it didn't work out for Solksjaer, he was a favourite player of mine in my teenage days. But this season, United have been all over the place. Previously any supporters could have pointed to how his side could stifle and overcome the likes of Man City and Liverpool but there's been none of that here. I suspect he'll wind up back in Norway, where he's at least had some success. I don't see any mid-table sides in England fancying him, and his Cardiff spell doesn't suggest anyone in the Championship would be interested either.
  22. There's one enemy that I wouldn't like to face at all without Shield - the one that wafts around like a smoke before appearing when you get close.
  23. Yeah, based on the mobile version as I recall, so I never cared about it.
  24. The Xbox 360 port of San Andreas is BC, but no longer on sale. I think it was removed ahead of the Definitive Edition. The original Xbox version also grants you access to it.
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