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  1. The broken punctuation in this thread scares me.
  2. I fear that's an insight into how poorly the handball rule has been fucked about with over the last five years or so, that we can shrug and say "well, I've seen worse". The IFAB need to take a good look at what the intended purpose of the rule is, instead of attempting to objectively define it, because that's an impossible task. Right now, they've got the law in a situation where it's effectively a foul if the ball hits the hand, and they need an argument to overturn it. Whereas it really should be that if the ball hits the hand, play on unless there's a good argument for it being foul play.
  3. You're not comparing like for like there. If Grealish was lunging to defend a six-yard header and it hit his fingers and up over the bar, it'd still be a stupid decision to award a penalty. When it's a headed cross, it's even more stupid.
  4. The rule continues to be extremely stupid.
  5. Hey, I'm enjoying people coming in and shitting on other people's enjoyment. It's such a refreshing break from the rest of the internet.
  6. Football would do well to take cues from other sports but it seems resolute in its desire to invent its own wheel.
  7. They did not. Ivo and Frankie's song was good. Not Rosalind good, but then nothing is.
  8. I asked Bing for the average position for the second tier, since they were introduced in 1986-87, and it tells me the average league position is 4.51. I don't trust it.
  9. I don't disagree on the combat and core loop, but games are more than just their mechanics. Settling into the weirdness, catching a brief episode of Night Springs, listening to Old Gods of Asgard blaring out as you defend the stage from the hordes, they elevate the otherwise clunky, frustrating gameplay. Not always, but enough to look back fondly on the experience and want more. I didn't love Alan Wake, not like I love Control and Quantum Break, but I'm very glad to have played it and want more of that world. Preferably with improved gameplay.
  10. Promise is his middle name.
  11. I think it's more imprecise than inaccurate. Forty is a nice round number, and it's always been used as target to reach, never a retrospective assessment, so a round number that errs on the side of caution makes sense. When looking retrospectively, there's also a question of perspective. Take 2020-21. Fulham finished 18th on 28 points, so that's a low bar for survival... unless you're actually Fulham. They needed to match Burnley's 39 to even stand a chance of staying up. Same for West Brom and Sheffield United below them.
  12. Only 7 years (though they'll make it eight, of course) - they dropped three places in 2015-16. Those slackers!
  13. Luton the first former Conference team to reach the top flight. Football having been invented, of course, in 1979.
  14. This is going to haunt you when they finish third in their group.
  15. It's been an unexpectedly great series.
  16. I feel Remedy's games are elevated by their world building more than their mechanics, and Alan Wake is the prime example of that. So I've got no concerns whatsoever at the change in tone here, because I have faith they aren't going to half-arse the bits that they're great at.
  17. Yes, both James McCaffrey who provides the voice, and Sam Lake for the face. I noted Lake also played Alex Casey in a wee Alan Wake teaser at the start of Quantum Break.
  18. While there's no doubt £60 and up will become the new norm at some point, Eurogamer have said Alan Wake will be £50 on consoles and £40 on PC.
  19. I played it relatively recently - i.e. at some point in the last three years, which counts for recent to my old brain. It still holds up as much as it ever did.
  20. The solution is to just stick to international football. These sportswashing states can't go off and buy a country, so the only risk is if, off their own back, the country you support head off down a rabbit hole of intolerance, racism and transphobia, rolling back human rights and lining the pockets of the wealthy while those most disadvantaged suffer. Oh.
  21. That was thirty six years ago. 36. 3. 6. Coincidence?!?! Yes.
  22. Yes, the EL place goes to the league. And because Man Utd can't actually finish lower than 5th, 6th place will definitely be a Europa League spot, as the FA Cup place is either unused by City winning that cup, or used up by Man Utd, pushing the league place further down. Brighton would effectively claim it by beating Southampton tomorrow, or they could make it interesting and leave it open until the final day.
  23. Not as Devinder you're not!
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