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  1. My nine year old processor won't cope with this, so the Deck's my only realistic option. Happy to wait though. If I really, really want to play it again I'll just fetch the PS3 from the attic.
  2. Can't say I'm bothered as I was never one for chasing a daily achievement. 50 points? I don't get out of bed for 50 points! Please ignore for the purposes of this point that I can play the Xbox without getting out of bed.
  3. My uncle works for Microsoft and he has the special app which gives you 1,000 points every few hours just for considering playing the upcoming PC version of the new Zelda vs Halo game.
  4. There's a setting to use local time instead of GMT.
  5. Practically a tap in by Irish standards!
  6. I find it hard to classify this as a long range strike, but maybe that's just because it was from 20 yards instead of the customary 30.
  7. That'll go down as a heroic defeat. Cullen's wayward pass was pounced on by Pavard who gave Bazunu no chance, but other than that France didn't have many chances. Ireland kept it calm, kept France from running off with the game, then Kenny's changes looked to grab the equaliser. And Maignan won France the game with a fantastic late save from Nathan Collins. It's not this sort of game where Ireland struggle though, they lift themselves for opponents of this calibre. It's the games against the weaker nations where, particularly at home, Ireland struggle. Qualification from the group was a tall order from the moment the draw was made, and this defeat hasn't changed that. Greece away in June, that's where Ireland need to step up.
  8. Ireland have defended very well in the first half, only Kolo Muani really getting a good opportunity but his touch took him wide. Bazunu hasn't had a save to make. Nor has Maignan, but that's to be expected.
  9. From 2-0 down, Kazakhstan have come back to beat Denmark 3-2. This was the equaliser.
  10. I've only refunded twice, and in fact I cancelled one of those before it got actioned. In both cases, I'd bought the base game but then changed my mind and wanted the DLC, which would have been cheaper in a bundle.
  11. #waffle429 5/5 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩⭐🟩⭐🟩 🟩🟩⭐🟩🟩 🟩⭐🟩⭐🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🔥 streak: 313 🧙 #wafflewizard wafflegame.net
  12. Mads Mikkelsen has just scored for the Faroes. Unfortunately, not that Mads Mikkelsen. That'd be a story.
  13. Comfortable and fairly routine 2-0 win for NI in San Marino, this giving Michael O'Neill a much more comfortable start to his second spell than he endured in his first.
  14. I've bought one game. Wolfenstein 3D. Never played it.
  15. That just links back to this thread - is this a committee proposal for election?
  16. 3-2 in the end, so at least Ireland are scoring goals for a change. Mikey Johnston, recently signed from Scotland FC, does seem like he might add something different in attack, particularly against the supposedly weaker teams. He'll open up a few opportunities for himself or others that won't come from passing the ball sideways for the fifteenth time. And Smallbone seemed very composed stepping up from the U21s, his cross for O'Dowda's goal was perfect. Johnston deserved a goal for this alone, mind: Those long range concessions though, they just seem like complacency, whether giving the ball away to give the other side a break and a bit of space, or just not closing down or clearing lines properly. It's like the workrate drops down to 60% or so when Ireland are the favourites, then when they do concede they start wondering what's going on.
  17. Ireland are at it again, settling into a comfortable 2-0 lead thanks to O'Dowda and Ferguson, then letting Latvia smash two goals in from range to level by half time. Still not creating enough good opportunities, despite Smallbone's best efforts.
  18. Decky's messing with you, man! But yeah, it does do smaller fractions of an hour, I was too dumb to click through. Looks like it is pulling in that other forklift game. https://howlongtobeat.com/?q=forklift%20extreme And I totally missed @thesnwmn's post! D'oh!
  19. Not my experience at all, I've had plenty of achievements not register immediately but do so later in the day. Including yesterday when I was getting my weekly set finished up.
  20. I don't see Forklift Extreme on there. I see Extreme Forklifting 2 but that's a different game. Also it doesn't do fifths of an hour. Are you perhaps on Dekay Mode?
  21. Specific pos for that last one, which is just excellent Cunking.
  22. Sounds like your initial reaction is the same as mine. It's very jarring. I played it about three years ago and so had completely forgotten about the control weirdness when I tried it on the Deck. It's a shame because it's the first impression, and as you say, there are far better controlling games out there and have been for a couple of decades. But it passes.
  23. I don't feel the Source engine really handles controller input as well as it could, even using Steam's controller overlays. Took me a while to get settled with Black Mesa but once in, it's a hell of a ride.
  24. I don't particularly like the running theme in general discourse that because a person doesn't like A Thing, then A Thing definitively isn't good and anyone who claims otherwise is suffering from some delusion or external influence. There is no objective position to find. People have different tastes. And that goes for the reverse too. Anyway, I must admit it's been a while since I've really got stuck into some new-to-me retro title, but then as people have noted, retro can be a tricky thing to nail down. I remember sinking hours into both Wave Race 64 and F-Zero X, just like Sarlaccfood above me, but it was their Wii releases that I spent time on. They'd have been about a decade old at the time. Well, so is Grand Theft Auto V and nobody's going to call that retro. It's a mish-mash of differing technological gaps, game design sensibilities, and all sorts. More recently, back when the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was released, I took it upon myself to play the first two MSX games for the first time, as they were part of the package. Metal Gear had aged badly, but Metal Gear 2 was very, very good, and playing that made me see how little of a leap it was from there to Metal Gear Solid. I recently also played through (almost all of) the Game Boy game, which is a little quirkier and not as polished as MG2, has a few points I'd rather never face again like those damn conveyor belts, but is overall a pretty good experience. I don't think I'd recommend it to anybody who wasn't already curious, though. I suspect many would bounce off it. And that's fine.
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