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  1. In a nice touch, the developer of an old, completely unrelated app of the same name is donating the proceeds from all the accidental interest to charity.
  2. Try telling Bryan Robson that.
  3. Bang on about shirt pulling, I fucking hate that. That, and holding at corner kicks.
  4. I have to disagree. Sure, in the case in question, that ball was going in, but once you introduce such a rule change you're asking the referees to make a judgement call. Some situations will be clear cut as yesterday, and some won't. How do you apply such a rule without making a subjective decision? Even the choice of where to draw the line between definitely going in, and possibly not, is itself a subjective matter. How far away from goal does the infringement need to be for the referee to waive it? That's the problem with introducing rule changes in response to what looks like a clear cut situation - it's going to be put to the test in far more situations which aren't clear, and you're introducing complexity and murkiness into the rules in an attempt to solve rare edge cases. Leeds were unfortunate. I'd love for them to be given the goal. And I'd have loved for Ghana to be awarded a goal instead of a penalty when Suarez bat the ball away during the World Cup when a red card didn't matter. But how often does any of that happen?
  5. I'd say the rules that get ignored all the time are already subjective. Touching the ball when offside is an objective fact, so there's no leeway for a referee to purposely waive away the infraction. Though I guess you could argue that without VAR, it's always possible the ref doesn't see the infraction in the first place. I don't think many people on the pitch yesterday knew it had happened until the replays.
  6. At least that's what you'd expect to average if you picked randomly. When you do worse than a random guess, that's when you need to worry.
  7. Pre VAR, I think that still gets disallowed, because while it may not be the intent of the rule it's still the rule, and no referee is going to incur the wrath of an opposing team by saying "oh yeah, he was offside for sure when he touched the ball, but I decided it didn't matter." I'd also say that there are cases where simple blanket rules are better than introducing yet more subjectivity, and this would be one of them - if you touch the ball from an offside position, you're offside, no matter what. Edge cases like this are so few and far between that a simpler application makes more sense than trying to find the point where contact with the ball stops mattering. Leeds haven't had much luck with offside decisions against West Ham recently, but this one was at least correct, and didn't affect the result.
  8. I'm not a Beatles Fan, which I'll define as someone with a particular interest in their work. My knowledge pretty much consists of being aware of their legacy, reasonably familiar with their most popular work, and having once played through The Beatles Rock Band, a game I own more because I love Rock Band. I was completely engrossed in this, in as much as one can be when various bits of life prevent much more than grabbing half an episode here, another hour there. I could probably watch them all noodle away at songs for another ten hours if it was at this level. It was just great to watch talented and creative people at work. Also, Ringo's "I farted" is up there with anything in This Is Spinal Tap. Absolutely impeccable comedy timing.
  9. I also wonder to what degree rules constrain them. By this point in the show's run any competent contestant should be aware of how often the marketing and design teams fail to align, and so should use their initial period to dictate the key points. But they don't, either because they're all as incompetent as the show tells us, or because they've been told they're not allowed to.
  10. I think so, but don't sit waiting for an invite to appear in your email. You either have the rewards in your Xbox app on your phone, or you don't.
  11. How did you average 24,000 points a month doing the bare minimum?
  12. Series 3 onwards are virtually all on YouTube - I think about three episodes in total aren't there. Series 1 and 2 are unfortunately not. Source: Me. I've only just recently watched the lot and am currently at a loss now.
  13. Looks like if you want goals in this AFCON, you need Cameroon to play. 9 goals in 11 matches without them, and so far 5 in about 97 minutes with them.
  14. The point is largely whichever of the two you find most fun, which for me is trying to get it in the shortest number of guesses. The statistical summary of your attempts so far is a nice touch in this regard.
  15. Fun scenes during Tunisia v Mali as the referee twice blows for full time before the 90 minutes have been played. The first whistle at 85 minutes was eventually overruled, the second on 89.30 or so has yet to be. And this despite two penalties and several VAR stoppages in the second half. And in between the two whistles, a daft red card decision.
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