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  1. I've a fiver on Arriaga to score the first goal!
  2. There's likely still a fair chunk of Carmack code in id Tech 7, mind you.
  3. He hasn't aged a day since 99, because he was 99 then, and will be forever more.
  4. I'd be more interested in the most modal game - that is, the game with the most features that are also found in loads of other games.
  5. I wouldn't go so far as to call 3 rubbish, but it definitely was a disappointment after 2.
  6. I thought I already owned it on Steam, but it turns out I did not. Thanks to stumbling across a foil trading card recently, it cost me 45p. I do fear it's just more tungsten topped screws though. Incidentally I've never played 4, but 2 was fucking brilliant.
  7. That's like when a PlayStation owner tries to claim Crash is just as good as Mario 64, honest.
  8. Fern and John were the standouts of the series for humour, I think. I'll miss them.
  9. Perhaps, though thanks to the result in the other match, Japan didn't have any opportunity to finish second. You'd have to go back to their opening game and settle for a draw instead.
  10. That's been the case as long as I remember. You occasionally see indirect free kicks inside the box, such as when a keeper collects a back pass, and the entire defence end up on the goal line trying to block the inevitable shot that follows.
  11. He's correcting his earlier assertion that the level of foul is immaterial. I'm with you, Gotters, but from the other perspective. I think DOGSO should be a penalty wherever it occurs. If denial of a goalscoring opportunity doesn't result in the award of a goalscoring opportunity, it'll be abused.
  12. I haven't got time to play, not with the mad descent into barbarism that's going on outside my window.
  13. I don't think the fact they need charged before each match is as funny as that guy seems to think, but I do love the image of some plugged in balls. I've probably revealed a little too much of my personal life, there.
  14. The argument for the three team groups was that it didn't increase the amount of matches played by the final four teams. Shifting to four tosses that notion out the window.
  15. VR is sometimes better than the Deck, and the Deck is sometimes better than VR. This fence hurts my bum.
  16. Europe will only have three additional places, so it's not that big an advantage. It's the likes of Africa, Asia and North America that benefit the most when considering the proportional increase in participants. And New Zealand, who'll virtually walk through an open door.
  17. This reminds me that Outrun's been on my wish list for a while. I should probably grab that before the store closes.
  18. I don't think that's a fixable problem. You never need to tweak controls for games that are recently released, but nobody's going back and rewriting older games to add modern controller support, and the Steam profiles approach is never going to suit everyone.
  19. All platforms will suffer from this, absolutely. It's just some have a better history in this regard than others, and that'll always play into my thinking.
  20. I think a 3D image is more hamstrung by a small screen, because the 3D effect implies both distance and size in a way that doesn't happen in 2D. It's as if there's more information that you need to actively work against to retain immersion.
  21. I'm happy to reserve judgement on both, but my feelings are not great. In an ideal world it's either a vast improvement for reasons we never expected, or it crashes and burns and we're back to normal even as soon as 2030. But that'll never happen, because it would require confederations voting against their own inclusion.
  22. I've done a lot of buying games on the Deck that I own on other platforms, but never done the reverse, especially with the Switch. I think I don't really trust Nintendo to let me carry the purchases over to their next console.
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