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  1. Please select inspiration for your driving game. You have selected POWER DRIVE May I suggest Dirt Rally 2? POWER DRIVE
  2. Disgusting long ball football!
  3. Where these consoles are concerned, it feels like generational leaps are no longer a thing. Here's a console that's more powerful but will play host to the same games, and the same types of games, that the previous one did. That counts for the PS and Xbox offerings, exacerbated in part by the glut of cross-generational releases, but also due to the wider uptake of digital releases that carry over to the next machine. We're in the same territory as phones and computers, where it's upgrading is less about getting something new, and more about improving the performance of what you've already got. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, mid-generation boosts, just further cement for me that this is where things are going. Generational exclusives don't do enough to counter this, they feel more like decisions made to justify and support the hardware, rather than the hardware being a necessity for the experience being delivered in the way that carried through until around the PS3/Xbox 360 era. I appreciate graphical enhancement, but I'm still playing games from this generation that blow me away to the point I find it hard to visualise what a proper next gen experience would actually look like. So it's hard for me to get excited by this. The most tempting prospect is the digital-only PS5, because I don't have a PS4 yet have a whole host of PS4 games thanks to a PS+ subscription that I kept for the Vita/PS3 offerings. But I could just get a second hand PS4 instead.
  4. Indeed. The NES/SNES online offering is basically that for £1.50 a month, considering I don't bother playing games online. I'd tolerate a price increase if it meant adding more platforms to it. The only hiccup is it's basically the same model as everyone else. And Nintendo don't do what everyone else does, even if it would be sensible.
  5. The stickler in me would have loved the upscale to be an optional, only because I usually find early poly upscales to be overly harsh with all the angular face joins.
  6. This generally bugs me too. It left a very sour taste when it was announced that the Wii U's VC service was considered a separate thing, partly because I'd have to rebuy games of I wanted them to carry over, but also because I saw the VC as a great platform for making old games available again - and with it being emulation based I figured it could be a platform that moves with you. Now on the Switch I've built another little digital library and I have the same doubts that it'll carry forward. I'm partially hopeful that Nintendo may consider the NES and SNES online service to be an alternative model, at least as far as the classic games go. I'd love to see the N64, GB and GBA make an appearance there, even if it takes a price hike to justify it.
  7. That argument would be based on the notion that a game's price should be somewhat proportional to the effort required to produce it. Like it's performing some basic service, rather than a creative work.
  8. I always find this sort of comment weird. He's been on big wages at Real for quite some time - if his family's economic future isn't secured now, it never will be.
  9. In my experience, spaghetti code is most often the result of unclear or changing requirements. Inexperience can also play a part - if you're unsure how to implement something, there's going to be a lot of trial and error and due to time pressure, some of that will end up in the final code. But that's just another way a lack of clarity can rear its head.
  10. 4K is relatively rare on PC because most PC players do so at a desk, sitting about a metre from a screen around 22-27". At that size, 4K isn't going to offer that much of an improvement.
  11. When you already own the games, I don't think any option short of full backwards compatibility is immune to criticism. They're just emulations or untouched up ports? Why should I have to pay full price for the games I already have? They're remastered versions with some QOL improvements? But they were already great! Why should I have to pay full price for widescreen? They're full remakes? Why aren't you making new games instead of pandering to nostalgia? And on it goes.
  12. Super Mario 3D All-Stars 2 announced for release just as pre-orders are shipping for the current one. It has Galaxy 2 and a full remake of Mario 64, but it's cart only and self-destructs after three plays.
  13. I play on a 22" 1080p monitor in the study, which is still a step up from the 720p plasma I was using before I moved in with my partner three years ago. A 4K telly is on my list of "things that would be nice to get" but there's no room for it in this house and we're still a couple of years away from being able to move, so it'll be some time off yet. But I do like playng in a separate room, turning the lights down, blotting out the distractions and settling in, so I could be on 1080p for a lot longer. Still, it means the Xbox Series S is very tempting. I'd have little use for the extra power of the X, making it around £200 extra just for a disc drive.
  14. You never know. I can't remember Sunshine particularly well but if the C-stick only controls the camera it'd be relatively trivial to add that as an option.
  15. There is no "proper" way to re-release old games. Remakes don't always pan out - look at the Silent Hill remasters to see an ideal example of that. What you want isn't bad, of course - I love a good remake and when done right they'll often supplant the original. But preserving a game as-is but making it available on modern hardware is just as valid an approach. Price is another matter entirely and one man's hyperbolic "obscene" can be another's fair rate. Personally, I feel charging £50 for three great platformers doesn't really register on the greedy scale for a company that doesn't carry digital purchases of the same emulated game from one generation to the next. In that regard I really wish everyone could be like Microsoft.
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