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  1. Well, I've learned something today - phones are far more powerful than I had considered (hooray).
  2. That may be the case at the higher end. It's certainly not the case with the phone I own. However, we don't know the minimum specification for the game on mobile so it'd be speculation to assume anything at this point. And it's not as though Konami haven't released fantastic football games in the past on even weaker hardware than my shitty little handset.
  3. That wouldn't help ryodi, mind you, as Discovery own Eurosport. Indeed, if you do have a Discovery+ sub you'll find the live commentary stuff is just Eurosport anyway.
  4. Remember that Proton at the moment is for all flavours of Linux on a vast range of hardware, whereas a Steam Deck is one OS on one platform. That'll make a massive difference if Valve choose to focus mainly on Deck compatibility.
  5. I got confused by your "real world terms". Your world is alien and scary!
  6. Yep. If the point Stanley is making involves Australians sitting at home on Tuesday thinking "those Brits are getting the game today and we're not!" then I really don't think that's true.
  7. I don't understand what you're trying to say.
  8. It's the same time, UTC. The UK isn't getting it earlier than Australia.
  9. I played Max Payne 3 for the first time this month, and elements of it haven't aged well. Although really that's more down to Rockstar never really nailing third person shooting in any of their games. There's a clunkiness to it that often leaves you frustrated with the controls, particularly if you're caught unawares by an enemy as it's not really designed for close quarters shooting. It gets better the more you play it though, as you become more acquainted with its quirks and can learn how to avoid the worst of it.
  10. A dock makes it an under the TV version, if not in the form factor you might want.
  11. Lewandowski is better in Scrabble but you'll have more opportunities to play Kane in the late game.
  12. She's scored another hat-trick today in a 4-4 draw with China.
  13. With the article being from 2016, I can only assume something had changed. Could be that Discovery's deal came into play in 2021, could be something else.
  14. Not a bad way to score a 124th minute equaliser.
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