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  1. What's the general consensus on the best way to get Game Pass Ultimate months on MS Rewards? Wait for another Hot Deal to roll around, or just claim the extra month for 12000 points each time I hit it? I suppose the question there is how often does the Hot Deal show up.
  2. Doom 2016 has. The others, not yet.
  3. My understanding is that asset duplication is used to counter the access times that come with accessing data on a device with moving parts. SSDs having no moving parts means virtually no access overhead, so the benefits of asset duplication mostly go away.
  4. I like the idea that some managers needed xG to learn that speculative shots from distance weren't likely to go in. Anyway, I'm sure data analysis has resulted in teams being more aware of the actual chances they're creating in a match, along with a fuckton more information besides. Information that previously would only be available if someone took the time to specifically look for it.
  5. Wasted leave. Never feel bad ditching something boring for something fun*. * game may not fit intended categories.
  6. Oh no, that's the opposite of what I wanted!
  7. I think the only other football game of note on Switch is Legendary Eleven, but it's nothing special at all and feels quite rough around the edges. The main mechanic in it is the super shot - you build a power bar with each successful pass or trick, and when it's full you can blast the ball into the net when in range with the keeper and defence unable to do much about it. Subsequent goals take longer to fill the bar. Not one to play if your eyesight is going though - the text is absolutely ridiculously small.
  8. Yeah, when I wrote that I had early reductions in mind rather than launch discounts. I didn't really think properly. Look, it's been a long day...
  9. Yeah, occasionally games get the launch discount or an early sale but that's all part of the race to the bottom. I don't think there's any concern though that it'll never get discounted.
  10. It's only been out on Switch for three months - I wouldn't expect a price decrease that soon. It's a kick in the teeth for people who bought it on release. I'm sure it'll be on sale later this year.
  11. Sounds like it'd be right up your street then.
  12. You are exceedingly generous, sir. Though if you don't like the games in a given month now you can just pause your sub, so that one game every four months means you only really need to pay for them.
  13. Progressive values always win out in the end, it's just so fucking frustrating when they're pushed against in this manner.
  14. I love that quirk of the 80s where the game itself would loudly proclaim an entirely different title to the packaging. Should do a run of stamps with those on it.
  15. We're ages away from running that directly on the occipital lobe. No, it must be the original.
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