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  1. Not too surprising. Another reason is that few indie developers are going to spend time working on functionality that's already right there on your desktop or phone. STS allowing internet radio in Euro Truck was a pleasant exception, of course, but an exception it's likely to remain.
  2. If you took away the disallowed offsides here, this game's at what, 6-4?
  3. The line counts as a part of the area that it is marking out. That applies whether you're checking for a goal, a throw in, a penalty or anything else. In the case of the goal and throw in, the line is marking out the pitch, and the ball must have left the pitch to be either.
  4. It was definitely inside (remember, the line counts as inside), but I fully agree with the shoulder.
  5. There've been some lovely goals from Greenwood and Martial in this United - Bournemouth match.
  6. Nah, you can't really mod a fundamental engine design without basically doing a full source port.
  7. Not a man for putting all the eggs in one basket, eh?
  8. Crysis came out on 360 in between 2 and 3, so you always had that as an option. It's a superb game. It's a superb two thirds of a game.
  9. That was a problem for me before, hasn't done that in a while. Though it still refuses to connect to PSN and I can't be arsed doing the hack that's floating around.
  10. I find this a lot when a game has a sudden genre shift. You often end up with a functional but mostly dull section and if it forms any sort of challenge, you're usually just willing it to be over instead of settling back and enjoying the novelty.
  11. Outside the speedrunning community, I don't think too many people are using it as a target.
  12. I was once ridiculed for suggesting that games come with an expected runtime on the back of the box. HLTB is the next best thing. Actually, in the age of digital games, it's better. I typically use it to help determine what to play next. Off the back of an epic, I usually fancy something shorter. But I have to say, I really miss the days where the next game to play was simply the game I had just bought. Games that give an indication of your progress are very welcome, too, especially when they clearly separate out what's considered the main quest, and what's the sidequest fluff. Far Cry Primal reckons I'm 28.22% of the way through the game. I'm not - I'm on the final stretch of missions, but the game doesn't differentiate between main story and some random villager in the middle of the map needing an escort, so 28.22% is apparently where I am. That is not helpful.
  13. I first played Final Fantasy VII a few days after Christmas 1998. Reached the final crater a few times, but never pushed on to finish it.
  14. This is not the defence you might think it is.
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