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  1. This is what I followed and found it pretty straightforward. https://vita.hacks.guide/storagemgr.html
  2. Is that where they keep the ball? I always wondered.
  3. I think you'll find it's taking back control!
  4. Offside has always been a part of the game since the initial codifiying of proper rules - clubs may have had their own rules without an offside before this, but it wouldn't have been a widespread situation. The FA initially had offside in the same format as modern rugby - you're offside if you're in front of the ball. Gradually this required three opponents between the player and the goal line, before becoming the two we know today. Attacking formations such as the 2-3-5 and WM would have persisted long after the two defender change was brought in during the 20s, when offside in so
  5. It is quite a bit easier to tell if a player is in the air than a puck, mind you.
  6. What am I buying these games with, my invalid credit card or my plastic tenners?
  7. I'm not a fan of this at all. It just moves the complaint to the defending team instead of the attacking, where a perfectly good offside line in normal circumstances is rendered invalid because your right back's trailing arm overlaps with the heel of an attacker who's really a good yard offside by any common sense reading of the game. It also doesn't solve the problem that is small margins being applied to players who aren't going to be able to work to that precision in a flowing match. This is why I prefer a simple application where VAR looks at a few angles around the
  8. So what it boils down to is a choice between a system with no common sense, and a system with no common sense... In truth, I think binary offsides don't do much for the intent of the law, and are more problematic than the occasional incorrect but genuinely subjective call. A decent application of VAR would eliminate clear offsides, which itself would be an improvement over a non-VAR scenario. As with many things in life, the pursuit of perfection in this instance ends up detrimental to the game.
  9. This is a rare application of sense, as it addresses issues with resolution and frame rate by introducing a reasonable margin of error. However, I remain unconvinced that we need anything more than someone reviewing footage by eye and looking for offsides from whatever camera angles are available. If you can't tell it's offside without drawing lines on the pitch, then either it's too close to be calling, or you have insufficient camera coverage to be employing VAR in the first place.
  10. These are all copies of the legit Vita-compatible PSP/PS1 games I'd previously backed up to my PC using the Content Manager, as I figured with Sony revamping their web front end to remove the games, it'd be a good idea to keep a backup for when they inevitably decide to pull support altogether. That was all done with a stock Vita. So that explains their existence, the reason I wanted to use it is it's a lot faster than redownloading the games via PSN. And unfortunately, they're not backed up as simple EBOOTs to drop in via FTP or USB, the content manager seems to wrap them up in so
  11. Okeydoke, been through the Vita hacking process and have 3.60 with Enso on the machine, and a 128 GB card using SD2Vita, and all seems fine - except I can't restore my legally bought PS1 and PSP games that I'd backed up using the content manager (using QCMA). Full Vita titles copy without any problems, but the PS1 and PSP games give me a "this file is corrupted" error. If I redownload the game from PSN, that download works fine, including when transferred to and from the PC via QCMA, so it's the existing backups that are being a pain. I've 26 PS1 games and 4 PSP titles
  12. Wales to win by eight points, please. (Not gonna happen, but I can dream)
  13. It's an evolving game so you'd expect improvements with each update.
  14. It's hard to know. They could easily have admonished him for playing safe, but either way I think Dave really showed a lot of consistency in the final weeks. He's a good solid baker and I want those custard slices.
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