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  1. I like how the ghost is actually a poltergeist, sending cones scattering ahead of me.
  2. Indeed, it's really bugging me because by all rights I should be delighted to get the game for no extra payment, but I really get annoyed if I can't tweak some things, correct a few names, and maybe stick in another league or two. And that means paying £28 or so for it on Steam. Which seems like a very expensive editor.
  3. I mean the full game. No editor on the Game Pass version.
  4. But that's no good. Can't go and recreate the Faroese league with that.
  5. Or the editor, I also presume.
  6. I think a reasonable judge would accept that a vegan bake would have some differences to a non-vegan version, and judge accordingly, just as they won't judge two different sponges by the same criteria. The most important things of flavour, bake and quality should never change, though. If it's within the baker's control, it's on them.
  7. Improved to 31.070, sending me rocketing up the table by exactly no places. Edit: 30.029!
  8. X -> Abel Xavier? I can't even remember that many footballers who begin with X.
  9. Just 32.054 for me. But then I only started playing half an hour ago. Give me time, and I'll get 32.053! Edit: make that 31.385. Playing on Xbox, by the way.
  10. My guess is that knowing when a show is going to leave doesn't bring in any new subscribers, so there's no will to implement it.
  11. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake liberally used real people for the codec images in-game, and they were redone for the re-release on phones, and later on Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. Top two rows are the originals, bottom two are the replacements. See who you can recognise!
  12. Fry Crayola


    Aye, Roger Taylor, Mark Cox and Greg Rusedski were all lefties.
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