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  1. MotherVR. Alas, you can't play it on the Quest and I'm not lugging my PC to the toilet, so it's rarely played.
  2. Inverse kinematics. It's a method of working backwards from a desired position, to find the movements required to obtain it from the current position. Typically used in animation systems to ensure the feet connect with the floor, hands connect with objects, etc.
  3. The main character speaks in plenty of first person games - Duke Nukem, Far Cry 3 and 4, Firewatch, Halo, Mirror's Edge, Bioshock Infinite, the latter Deus Ex titles, etc. While much dialogue in the genre occurs in cut-scenes, I don't think that's to do with a disconnect for the player, more that the games in question follow the usual formula of conveying story through cut-scenes or radio links during action downtime, rather than fully choreographed, playable scenes like Half Life opts for. Batman speaks in Batman: Arkham VR, and I didn't notice any weird feelings there. I don't expect to find any here.
  4. Another thing about arms is that they'll need to be rendered. In a VR world, that render budget is already very stretched. The fidelity of the world is worth a lot more than the part of your body you can't control, won't spend much time looking at, and isn't mapped precisely to your movements. Hands are the exception because they're needed - if you didn't have them, you couldn't grab anything with precision. You'd be flailing as if blindfolded. It becomes as second nature as the traditional hand+gun effect used in FPS, holding the gun in way that nobody ever actually holds it in real life, but we're just used to from years of gaming.
  5. Personally, I feel sporting events aren't news, given they have no real impact. Results should be kept in a dedicated sports section, where they can be avoided by those who don't care. And I say that as someone who loves sport.
  6. Dang, that's a long time. I don't have a problem with the move, really - as long as Alex Horne has general control over the show, the format won't change.
  7. Sex in VR is very strange. Get the proportions wrong and it's like you're riding an Amazonian. Er, so I hear.
  8. In the U21s things are going back on track for Stephen Kenny as they tore apart Sweden in the second half on Tuesday night, winning 4-1 after being 1-0 down at half time. I was happy to see Troy Parrott in the squad (and getting a goal) too. Kenny requested that if he didn't play against Denmark that he join up with the team, which was a good move. Looks like qualification there will come down to a meeting with Italy in October next year - when Kenny's likely to be in charge of the senior squad.
  9. 85th minute headed equalisers ahoy!
  10. Yeah, I'ved used UHS before and it's a good system, but sadly its coverage isn't as high. My preference, of course, is to crack on and solve the puzzle myself, but life is getting increasingly shorter.
  11. Nah, they can play and draw 2 away games to qualify, something they're highly suited to.
  12. Scotland play Israel. I don't envy them. Iceland play Romania, winners play Bulgaria/Hungary. Scotland's final, should they get there, will be hosted by Norway or Serbia. Ireland's final (ha) will be hosted by Bosnia or Northern Ireland. Which brings the prospect of Ireland needing to go to Belfast to qualify. Oof. I doubt it'll be as hectic as the time Big Jack took them to qualify for USA '94, but then we might have Brexited by that time and fallen back 30 years. Maybe Bosnia v Slovakia will just be safer.
  13. The Euro 2020 playoffs are about to be drawn. Mostly irrelevant for the Irish sides given it'll only determine who's at home in the final, whereas for Scotland it'll decide who they actually play.
  14. Spoilers have less impact on me not because I dont care (I bloody well do), but I play most games so far after their release, the hype around them has usually died out. So I can have something spoiled for me in 2015, but play the game in 2019 and have forgotten it entirely. Not a tactic for everyone, of course. If I do need help on a game and think that there's a potential for spoilers, I'll often just use GameFAQs and scroll through to find the point I'm up to, rather than google and risk unrelated results appearing. I may be the only person left using GameFAQs.
  15. The best bit of disembodied hands is watching my mate play Robo Recall, and forgetting to unholster his gun before trying to shoot anything. It was basically Thumbs and Ammo: The Game.
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