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  1. That's lovely. At some point in the last five years or so (or maybe more, I am getting old and time's concertina-ing like a motherfucker), the top flight in Finland after four matches had every one of its twelve teams perfectly ordered from 12 points down to 1. It was linked from The Guardian's Knowledge section at the time, but I'm damned if I can find that or any capture from the time. Edit: found it! It was in 2015, and not exactly as I remembered it. I'm a programmer - off-by-one errors are expected.
  2. Early Access is not the key thread binding this list of games together.
  3. I'd hazard a guess that in TLoU 2, it's a mixture of the sort of physics-based animation that Rockstar used with Euphoria, and the age old trick of just having lots and lots of animations for a multitude of conceivable occasions.
  4. No, I'm saying that you can't define a game based on the percentage of time that you're pressing buttons and moving sticks. In general, don't try to define what a game is and then use that stick to beat a specific example, it never goes down well. You don't enjoy what this game is offering. It doesn't mean it isn't one.
  5. Anything turn-based competitive, for a start.
  6. One of the best examples of how interaction complements and builds on an underlying theme is the game that The Last of Us takes its mechanical cues from. In Manhunt, you're egged on by the Director to engage in ever more horrific kills in order to satisfy an intended audience, and through the act of playing the game you become both a willful participant and the intended audience. The only option to disagree is to opt out of playing the game, anything else is hypocritical. I don't think The Last of Us Part II reaches that blend of story and gameplay, but it's not without merit eithe
  7. I'm happy to wait for things to appear on a service if they don't immediately grab me, but that's really no different to just ignoring them at full price for much the same reason. Another factor at play though is that after a long time as a PS+, Xbox Live, Game Pass and Humble subscriber, I have a mountain of stuff I can play right now at no further cost. A not insignificant number of those are games I'm absolutely interested in, and are the justification for having subscribed in the first place. I see no distinction, therefore, between these and games I paid outright to own, and b
  8. I'm not sure how much of a problem the latter is, but I suppose it depends on who's doing the hiring. I've got gaps all over my CV because I keep quitting to do my own thing, and generally I don't have much to show for it either. But my CV explains what I was doing when I wasn't working, and if it comes up in the interview it's easily explained.
  9. I can say that I've never been paid by Microsoft and no longer know who even to ask. I'm owed about $200.
  10. You're just in the pocket of Big Ludo.
  11. I picked this up on the strength of recommendation here, and also being a sucker for intricate pixel art. Battering against that was the small matter of me not being very good at run and gun games, usually finding them too difficult for my tastes. This despite making one that, true to form, was too difficult for the majority of people who played it. Except, of course, me. I'm nothing if not a enigma. Anyway, I've played precisely one small level of Huntdown and I'd like to declare that this has been a good decision. It looks great and it plays great.
  12. Barrymore's show was called Strike It Lucky, and then later Strike It Rich.
  13. The scoring in Pointless shows incredible variation, all depending on that very small sample of 100 people that answered the question. Get one single Jake Gyllenhaal fan by accident and suddenly most stuff is going to pick up a mention as they reel off everything they know, massively distorting the scoring. Contrast it with the time they had a round featuring anagrams of panel shows and the question "IQ" only scored 90.
  14. Mathematics only being invented in the summer of 2005.
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