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  1. That's the implication from RTE, yeah, McCarthy would need paid.
  2. Stephen Kenny is now the Ireland manager. The whole Covid thing threw everything into confusion, as with the Euros next year and the playoffs at an unspecified time, it was no longer clear when he'd take over from McCarthy, but with the latter's contract due to end in July they decided to stick with the original dates, if not the underlying plan. That leaves him in the odd situation of being just a playoff away from qualification to the Euros, but with no given date it's not even clear if he'll have the luxury of a couple of friendlies to get up to speed. I hope so. It also renders McCarthy's entire reign pointless, at least as far as competitions are concerned, given their work in the qualifiers played no part in reaching the playoffs.
  3. Definitely coming up as £10 off the sale price for me - I can get Watch Dogs 2 for £4.99.
  4. The minimum price to apply the voucher is £13.99 so you can't use it on Far Cry 5.
  5. And the SWAT cop who discovers Miles Dyson's about to blow Cyberdyne.
  6. Only below the National League - that's still an ongoing decision.
  7. Should have gone for an Edna Krabapple style "Ha!" after every joke.
  8. To answer your question, for future reference - yes, you get to keep it. You get a steam key, it's the same as if you bought the game directly from Steam. At the lowest tier, you'll get three games from the selection, your choice as to which those are. You can cancel your sub at any time. Payment is automatic on the last Friday of the month, or you can pay early and get the games right away - there's no waiting involved if you don't want to. As such, it is always better value to get the game via Humble Choice than pay more for the game on Steam - there are no drawbacks.
  9. See you folks on the other side.
  10. It'll be after 7 before I can play, but that's fine. I'm not entering this thread after 5pm until the game's done.
  11. More accurately, they changed it in the re-release. The original game never had a patch to change it, only unofficial mods. I loved the mechanic, though, even though it made no sense. Really amped up tension. Hated the game at first though, it took me a second attempt about a year later to gel with it.
  12. If it doesn't run you can also get a refund.
  13. Are you in a hurry?
  14. I moved the sticks and pulled the triggers and ripped and tore.
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