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  1. And makes no sense at all since he pre-approves all his blog posters anyway.
  2. Go on then... Again, doesn't follow, can we not resort to glib one liners when they're are huge trench like flaws in the arguement? I have GTA4 preordered. I'd STILL be downloading it now to play in advance. Equally if I didn't it's highly likely I'd download it to see if it's any good. Bruce never said they were downloaded less, he said it would cost fewer sales because with the big stuff people like their gleaming real copies on the shelf. A debatable position certainly but not one you'll prove either way with download figures. -- And yes, either Stu or Bruce batting each other about revisionist editing of their respective discussion media is insane because I've seen BOTH do so, although I can only vouch for the Rev doing it on a semi regular basis. Bruce does of course have the advantage he sees comments before they appear.
  3. I think we can (and I did when I comment on the article originally) give him more credit than that. He clearly meant the resulting download from a bit torrent. Not really no. An illegal download does not imply a lost sale. A publisher survey recently (it's in the comment of bruce's site) suggested 1000 downloads to one lost sale might be the ratio. Secondary question, how many games did you find out about thanks to piracy? Have you bought more than 1 in 1000 of those? Only for a massively wide definition of marketing. MrD sold many copies of Blast Arena Advance on cart by putting up a site himself. Technically yes, that's marketing but only in the same way as an XNA game is a 360 game and so is Halo 3.
  4. It should be noted that Bruce claimed the PSP could run pirated games by literally just putting an ISO on a memstick and required no modifying whatsoever and that this was why it's dead (from piracy) and the DS isn't (which ironically CAN be pirated that way). Nothing to do with legions of shit PS2 ports rather than handheld games you understand. To save Bruce the trouble he later changed this argument to the DS apparently having a different consumer base and that apparently the difficulty of pirating isn't important.
  5. Further to what you were told their business plan revolved around paying for several expensive offices they didn't use and surviving on the proceeds of year old Spectrum games that didn't review well while writing a new Speccy game that (no joke) they wanted to sell for current Xbox 360 game prices.
  6. To be fair, it's very difficult to know WOS isn't a forum of sycophants because all the deleted posts.
  7. There's a big difference between giving it away and wilfully destroying history.
  8. I'm astonished that people have apparently never heard of "Cisco Heat" and "Crazy Cars 3". I suspect a dramatic running out of ideas halfway through said feature.
  9. I'm getting the impression they could turn it into a platformer starring the Energizer bunny and you'd still claim this. With the aids off TDU really wasn't bad at all. It wasn't a sim but it did a pretty good job of giving the impression of driving godness, the tail could be thrown out under acceleration, that kind of thing. It was close to perfect for what it was trying to be. You're certainly right though, the sound is glorious.
  10. Dudley

    Flatout PSP

    I've only had a very quick go but as a big fan of the 360 version I found it very cluttered and quite confusing with so much going on across such a small screen. The gameplay is still just about there though. If you're liking it and have a 360. Get the 360 version. Get it now.
  11. Purely for marketing. It was an attempt to stand out. If they gave the slightest shit they wouldn't be destroying stock. That's like a museum destroying paintings because they don't attract enough visitors.
  12. I meant "To Gamestation" not in general, I thought that was obvious sorry.
  13. It does very neatly prove what the commercially minded of us knew all along, Retro was always a gimmick and nothing else.
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