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  1. Talk to the guy guarding the gate again, he has info.
  2. Although certainly for more than £5 for the lot
  3. All I need to know before I buy is "Will the WTCC mode have a full field". I did hear there was supposed to be a demo ahead of release so we will find out.
  4. We don't know that, it doesn't make it explicit that we're in a proper WTCC race at any point. 16 is perfectly fine for the "fictional" series (albeit with real cars) It's not an excellent sign though. Notice for instance the races with WTCC cars still have different numbers of cars.
  5. Crikey and I'm 45 hours in. Thanks all.
  6. I don't think it would have to do, LeMans on dreamcast could manage 24. If you're making a WTCC sim not being able to have a full field's pretty damning. Like having an F1 game missing the two Red Bull teams and Force India.
  7. Ok quickie people. I've got the quest Is this anywhere near the end of the main quest line? Because if it is I want to do lots more side questy things.
  8. I suspect because it makes a lot of people want to strangle themselves
  9. Although obviously for WTCC mode, 16 would not be a full grid
  10. But on the flipside, do you think it's fair someone could theoretically only enter 2 races and be champion then? Presumably you don't consider Keke Rosberg to be an F1 World Champion... And yes, if he continued to finish quickly while everyone else shot themselves in the foot he'd be a worthy champion, like Keke was. Using another sport, Reading got relegated last year from the Premiership but they won more games than Bolton or Fulham. Was that fair? Or is it entirely fair that they were punished for losing games they could have drawn?
  11. It's EDGE. Bland is what they do.
  12. Dudley

    Moto GP

    1 less, Onde 2000 has a private Ducati remember. That said, Aspar will pick up the bikes, Kawasaki have to pay a huge fine if they don't so it's in their interest to help.
  13. We haven't really seen "the BMW" though, just an F1 07 based test mule.
  14. Do you like the real sport? And I don't mean "Motor racing", I do specifically mean "Nascar", to a level where you'd know who the hell Dave Blaney is. Because if you are then you'll get your cash worth. Otherwise? No.
  15. The only thing I thought of was it could ask for the disk once a week.
  16. And now it's just a lot of bitter "Freelancers" bitching the world owes them a living.
  17. Then talk to him, but the colour printing inside on lulu really is that expensive. The black and white inside, colour covers one is the proper version. If you can hammer it into the ground with a minimum print run of 1 and handle direct orders I'm sure they'd want to hear from you.
  18. There's talk of Radient Silvergun but that may well be wishful thinking more than anything else.
  19. The Wii games in the chart are all (effectively) first party (and one of those isn't a game, it's a 2nd controller with a tech demo attached). 3rd party games really don't sell on Wii. It doesn't help that almost all of them are a bit crappy and probably the majority of owners think they've bought a Wii Sports machine too.
  20. I bought PSU3 every month at £2.99. It merged with Play and went up to £4.99. I stopped buying it instantly. I bought N-Rev every month at £2.99. It went up to £4.99. I stopped buying it instantly. I bought TPCG every month at £3.99. It went up to £5.50. I stopped buying it instantly. I subscribe to 360 at £2.99 (cheaper as sub obv). Guess what'll happen folks! Hopefully they'll see sense before it's too late for TPCG as well and the days of bagging magazines and lying about "free" gifts you just paid £2 for will be over. Yeah right.
  21. It's been heading that way since GT1. Like they're still making a vanity game. A good game but still a vanity one. If they spent 10 minutes in a room with just about anyone from this thread and actually listened they could improve things a massive amount.
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