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  1. Several billion times better than Arknoid DS anyway.
  2. The old dash barely paused at all. The NXE can't even bring up a friend list without advanced notice in writing.
  3. The fact the hardcore prefer PES (mostly fake) to Fifa 09 (real teams) suggests that may be bollocks.
  4. I don't mind the NXE at all except that it's so.....very.......slow.
  5. I'm an excellent person to have around the day after a crisis.
  6. No, they wiped ALL the times of EVERYONE who used manual transmission.
  7. The MS official wheel is the only remotely acceptable 360 one.
  8. Playing a sim game without damage does rather seem like using infinite lives in R-Type to me.
  9. Indeed, although how they managed to wreck the perfectly good camera they had in Legend.
  10. Because it's an iconic, different circuit that hosts probably the 2nd highest profile endurance race there is?
  11. Oblivion's shitty levelling system killed it for me.
  12. You're assuming the 360 won't have gone down in 12 months too. If the 360 is £99 for the HDD one (not entirely unlikely by any means, it'll be a 4 year old machine), a £199 PS3 still looks as bad as it does today.
  13. Jesus, I'm past 50 and I've only just been to the citadel on the main quest.
  14. More likely they'll run letterboxed and way too fast since they were mostly optimised to be playable at 50.
  15. No-one's saying it's not a good thing one of them is ugly as all hell. That doesn't change the fact it IS ugly as all hell!
  16. Play's release date is pure fiction.
  17. Dudley

    Moto GP

    Don't expect too much from Sete, it's still a customer bike run by a very small team.
  18. The BMW is worryingly unsponsored though, at least stick a big BMW logo in the space.
  19. Dudley


    Wii Sports is a tech demo dressed up as a game. Thankfully it's dressed up as a REALLY FUCKING GOOD game.
  20. I think the absolute bottom line we'll get is a decent time trial game, it'll be worth thirty sponds.
  21. The Renault looks like one of those cheap die-casts where they can't model it properly so they fudge things so it's vaguely recognisable.
  22. Yeah you'll never get the range with that. What you want is the scoped magnum.
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