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  1. I think it's being made by what used to be "Blimey", last seen making excellent PC racer "GTR2"
  2. RACE, TWAT. I may have made one of those up.
  3. It's not too bad but it's 6 weeks work, even if they started secretly (and there are rumours they did) they're doing absolutely zero testing before Melbourne.
  4. Last corner should have been left quicker really but that's about the only obvious fault. Your only good passing place is the Melbourne hairpin (possibly the 2nd hairpin) but plenty of scope for mistakes in the rest of the track.
  5. grandprix.com are the F1 equivalent of the National Inquirer, if they're ever right it's by sheer luck. They print any old crap they think of and when things don't happen they delete most of the stories where they were wrong. So while it may possibly be true, don't put any stock in them.
  6. Lack of demo only tells me THEY think they've made a stinker. Which is worrying. If it was anyone but Simbin (and thus I KNOW the PC stuff was good) I'd cancel a preorder over that.
  7. out of 5 in the latest edition of 360 magazine. Well worth a punt was the overall message from the review. That's high praise from 360, they HATE driving games that aren't post-lobotomy compatible.
  8. I think he's in the right place to take risks though. You've got a team whose only chance of winning is probably to do that, with excellent drivers (attitude wise as well as ability) and with the knowledge that completely fucking up a year isn't the end of the world because the only sponsor you can piss off is the boss anyway and has almost certainly specifically sanctioned this plan.
  9. In 07 I think 24 would cover a full, full time field (I can handle wildcards being missing).
  10. Indeed, where as I suspect I know the WTCC as well as you know F1... They made the PC versions of both previous RACE games. Both of which managed a field. GTR2 used the exact same engine as the other 2. Why this myth persists I'll never know. We've had fuller fields on much, MUCH worse machines, they've traded sim for eye candy and that's stamping on their single USP. You'd buy an F1 game with 8 cars on track? If it were just a racing game you'd have a point but it's supposed to be a sim of a real championship and it's failed in the single most simple fashion possible.
  11. It's a difficult call really. I think they probably have it right so long as you keep it to as few people as possible.
  12. Confirmed, only 16 cars on track. How the fuck can you write a simulation of a championship and not allow a full field? Especially when your own older games on worse hardware can do 50? Good thing they don't have the Fifa licence, it'd be 5 a side only.
  13. Not really, still no sign of a full field, that's possibly a deal breaker.
  14. Why the Daily Mail actually has a chance of getting 18 rated games banned right there.
  15. And that's because you're looking for your PS2, only smaller, rather than a handheld console. Nothing wrong with that of course I actually wish more agreed with you.
  16. so ive found if i keep doing this am i going to miss out on doing alot of the quests, or can i just go back to them later? Thanks Matt You can always go back right up until the point someone says to you something very like "I hope you've done everything because we're not coming back here again anytime soon". That said, once you've finished the quest you're on right now, don't start doing things for the next one but just go randomly wandering, it's as good a time as any.
  17. And yet they always forget to actually destroy Wales.
  18. I'd disagree with the 2nd half, all that's going to achieve is him learning to use the wheel twice. Plus if you're going to drive with the aids on, there's no point having a wheel in the first place.
  19. You should have gone to specsavers.
  20. Um, at the risk of being obvious, you do know your Pip Boy has a torch inbuilt right? Hold down the button you use to activate it normally.
  21. I think people are wondering why it's apparently taking a year for someone to do "copy *.smd e:\master\roms"
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