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  1. Yes, Tesco selling it cheaper makes the game cheaper for all, Tesco isn't a member only club, if you must assume the purchaser gives a crap about tax you could pay £13.97 on Tesco's main site too. Hosting a game "the size of Prologue" does not cost measurable money compared to paying a cut to three other companies and making a box and manual. Not to mention the risks of returns and retailer discounting, which costs Sony too. £9.99 for Prologue, £19.99 for full price new releases online would still make them more money than full price sales do. Yes of course it would piss off retailers but isn't the whole point of this to fuck retailers anyway?
  2. Hi presumably Rob! (Caught you as a profile browser)

  3. There are hidden challenges to find relating to the bingo thing in town, that'll make you search a bit. This. Use the test track from the full game in the workshop, a reasonably well stocked workshop and maybe that football challenge from the demo with more hints on ways to build a car for it. You can include the exposition bit as a separate menu option if you want it.
  4. 2100 points were 12.97 from Tesco at the time. An online convertor, that may well not have the cheapest price and certainly won't use the cheapest one some months ago is irrelevant. GT5P was £17.99 at Play on release. It can now be had for £12.73 from the Hut. So there. They could try not selling downloaded content for the same price as a retail release where 3 more companies need to make money on it (wholesaler, delivery, store) and a box, manual and disk needs to be paid for.
  5. Sarah's test was merely a demo run at Indy. These days she's running her own team in Indycar. She's a horrible road racer but a good oval one and is seriously one of the nicest, most enthusiastic people in motorsport. There's a pic attached showing her and Danica at a fan day, I believe it says it all. Katherine and Susie are both in DTM for Proteam Audi (owned by ex Force India boss Colin kolles) and Mucke Mercedes respectively. Both somewhat hamstrung by running in old cars. As for further good female drivers, Natacha Gachnang finished 3rd in Spanish F3 last year in a 2 year old car and anyone who saw the Valencia GP last year will know the significance of "She managed to pass people. On that track.". She'll be in the new F2 series in 2009. Ana Beatriz finished 3rd in the Indy Lights series last year on her debut, winning a race. Simona de Slvestro matched Katherine Legge by winning on her debut in the Atlantic championship, the same series Danica couldn't beat a 3rd place in during 2 years in the series. Customer cars would be the answer.
  6. They do take their sweet fucking time to get there.
  7. 1200 points is what XBLA games cost now. And if you bought braid or castle crashers on release, it's your fault.
  8. 1 race on an oval at a race only half the field turned up. There are many, MANY better female racers.
  9. And then after that is the secondary realisation that this isn't just pretty (It's M+S Pretty) that it's also YOURS. This isn't a painting or something, that's a living world down there and every direction will have something. Death usually.
  10. But it's certainly worth 66% of the price of Death Tank!
  11. There's a demo finally? Excellent.
  12. As a download? Yes. I am. I'd have paid that in a store maybe. But given it was, at the time, more expensive than ANYTHING on XBL, to use it as an illustration of sensible Sony pricing is pretty funny. Speaking of Sony, GT5 prologue is roughly twice the price online it is in stores and was 50% more online even when it launched. If you're going to say nice things about Sony pricing can I suggest Super rub-a-dub and Stardust HD?
  13. I've never seen a game that looks like Fallout 3. And, since I was lucky enough to never see it in trailers etc never seen anything in any game that's struck me as being as beautiful as the initial effect on exiting vault 101.
  14. This would be the Wipeout HD that on launch cost what you could get 2100 points for at the time right?
  15. http://ishisoft.remakes.org/index.php
  16. I find RPGs dull, therefore any mag that didn't give FF7 2/10 is a hack.
  17. You know reading that, PGR is almost exactly what the first few NFS games were
  18. It frequently is, compare the UK and US art for "Ico" for instance. We got They got The UK (and it's the same in Japan) art perfectly fits the game. The US one implies a Paedophile Playground Platformer.
  19. It doesn't even have guns and loop the loops.
  20. If you have a DS it was originally on that. It is indeed superb.
  21. The original GTR was Simbin itself I thought, before they went to do RACE. I don't know for sure because I ignored both GTR and GTR:L because they used starforce.
  22. Although that bonus story is being horribly misreported, a lot of it is money from paying commissions to retail sales staff. And few sane people would suggest they're not entitled to commissions on sales they've actually made and money they've made RBS. Director's bonuses on the other hand I'm right with you.
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