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  1. Evercade Vs, Analogue Mega SG and Super NT are all quieter
  2. Worth pointing out that if anyone is getting one now, theirs won't be black.
  3. The REU wasn't released until 1985 so it's 1985 hardware at best.
  4. As someone who started up a NES yesterday, I concur.
  5. No but it's also true as I mentioned upthread for me with the christmas trees. It possibly was with the candy canes too but there's so many of them and I don't think I had the counter up so who knows.
  6. That's not a rule, that's just basic race management and is true of every motorsport with a safety car. Watch any Nascar race if you can stand it, whoever in line is first to crack for a late safety car will be followed in by EVERYONE but the talk will all be about who is first to crack. Also it's not Mario Kart because Mario Kart has neither pit stop nor safety cars.
  7. Now up to 6 first team Chelsea players out with COVID but hey, no need to decide yet if we're postponing the match 4 hours travel away that starts in barely 4 hours!
  8. Yeah I did all 25 just in Mulege this evening. Although fuck knows what was going on because some didn't count and some counted double. It certainly doesn't work in the BMW on the current build, I counted them.
  9. It does but the drift and air skills in the rink on their own don't. I easily did 5 in the BMW X5 and it still said 0 for both.
  10. Oh interesting, I went in 20 minutes late to avoid the rush assuming I'd be in group C anyhow. Looks like I should make Group B at least.
  11. Oh totally, they're just doing it the shit way.
  12. Now there's a point, stable code written a near entire staff change ago is actively harmful at that point.
  13. No but presumably he's keeping the drive.
  14. Simply redefine the rules so lapped drivers can attend instead of him. CAS has no jurisdiction. It keeps getting brought up. CAS isn't some criminal or even civil court really, they are signed up to by sports. The FIA is only signed up for doping cases, the highest sporting court here IS the FIA Kangaroo court. Mercedes could sue in a "real" court of course but only for contractual reasons / loss of earnings etc, the result wouldn't be changed.
  15. Yep, and they're still pretending 3 of 4 are happening tomorrow, including Chelsea but not Everton. Just cancel the lot.
  16. Yeah, it's not bias, it's idiocy but letting Chelsea v Everton go ahead with Chelsea's entire forward line missing was just fucking stupid, especially as when you've got that many cases in a team the rest should clearly be isolating.
  17. And by this we mean a 30 hour game of which literally 10 hours are cutscenes. And probably another couple of hours of gameplay that is either literally just run down corridor between cut scenes or "Walking along while a conversation happens that might as well have been a cutscene". I enjoyed it like but it's tiny by FF standards.
  18. Horizon 4 and 5 are still available but it's an easy typo. Already has, I've played JSRF on PC. But JSRF is a frustrating one because it's one we KNOW is just music licencing. Because it works on a 360.
  19. Although with the right emulator that's a perfectly valid one for the game. I forget which one but someone did one that remembered what was last in the dead spaces either side on widescreen and drew those so it could be widescreen and not stretched. You got the odd enemy appearing in mid air of course but still impressive.
  20. Although that's a rare case of the C64 version being the colourful one.
  21. Although weirdly the ones they're auctioning off are the contents of a founders edition, minus the 2 in that sealed box.
  22. That's not a founders in the picture.
  23. Yeah, founders comes with the first 4 arcade, plus inteli and bitmap.
  24. I don't know if the individual cart has been released but there might be someone ebaying off their founders edition version?
  25. You may also find backup stock of the G920. They've recently replaced it but it's another perfectly fine option if you get lucky on stock clearing.
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